Allen + Roth Latchbury Light Fixtures: Add Style To Your Home

Allen + Roth Latchbury Light Fixtures

Would you like to upgrade the lighting in your home? Not sure which lights to buy? All you need to do is take one look at the Allen + Roth Latchbury lighting collection. You’ll fall in love with it, just as I did!  The Latchbury lights are simply gorgeous. They will add a touch of … Read more

31 Magical Rope Lighting Ideas To Create A Fairytale In Your Home

Are you looking for ideas that combine lighting and decor? Do you have some Christmas lights lying around and you want to use them?  Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, rope lighting is one of the best ways to redecorate your property. It adds a lot of peaceful feeling to your home and it just looks … Read more

21 Impressive Yet Elegant Walk-In Closet Ideas For Your Home

Do you dream of having a large closet where all your clothes, jewelry, and shoes fit? Well, you’re not alone.  Before I invested in a walk-in closet, it always seemed like I had too many clothes and not enough space. The things inside my closet were jammed together and my clothes kept getting wrinkled.  Thanks … Read more

21 Lighting Ideas for Rooms Without Ceiling Lights

How can you add a light to a room that doesn’t have a ceiling light? If your house was built a long time ago, there might be no overhead light fixtures.  I recently moved into a house and found it had no ceiling lights, but I decided not to worry much about it. As a … Read more

Why ceiling fans have candelabra bulbs?

Why ceiling fans have candelabra bulbs? #ceilingFan #homeDecor #bulb #fans

Keeping cool in hot weather has been a struggle for mankind since the dawning of time. Thousands of years ago, our only option was to sit in the cool of a cave or under the shade of a tree. Later, in hotter parts of the world, you might have a slave fan you with some … Read more

Best Allen and Roth Rugs For You And Your Home

Let’s face it, rugs can make or break an entire room if they are not used properly. And it’s not just about how a rug might fit in with your décor, but also how comfortable you feel walking barefoot in the comfort of your own sanctuary. When I first set eyes on Allen Roth rugs, … Read more

Get The Look: Your Guide To Hamptons-Style Interior Decoration

How often do we look for the contemporary options for decorating the interiors of our homes? Yes, that’s something on the mind of everyone who loves their home and wants to keep it their luxurious and relaxing hideaway. Lately, the Hamptons style homes are inspiring most homeowners with their refined and relaxed vibe as they … Read more

5 Things You Can Do Immediately To Organize Your Bedroom

5 Things to Organize Your Bedroom #bedroom #organization #homeDecor #interiorDesign #interiordesigninspirations #bedroomdecor #bedroomideas

Consider this scenario: You walk into your bedroom, and as you look around, you realize that even though you are a fully grown adult, it seems that you have ignored what your parents have told you when you were a child. Your bedroom is a disorganized mess, and you haven’t had the time to clean … Read more