5 Things You Can Do Immediately To Organize Your Bedroom

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Consider this scenario: You walk into your bedroom, and as you look around, you realize that even though you are a fully grown adult, it seems that you have ignored what your parents have told you when you were a child.

Your bedroom is a disorganized mess, and you haven’t had the time to clean or organize it.

You have a busy schedule. Perhaps you work overtime or work two jobs. Maybe you have children or pets that you need to look after. You might travel a lot.

In any case, you do not have the time to clean and organize your bedroom.

So what can you do?

Of course, you can set up a walk-in closet with an Allen Roth closet organizer inside. Whether your walk-in is small or big, Allen and Roth has good closet solutions for either kind.

The brand provides multiple components that can be combined together or used separately. You can buy a tower or two and extra shelves, or you can go with the shelves only and add a drawer kit.

Allen+Roth also gives a choice of solid or ventilated surfaces for shelving. As of the colors, the choice might be a bit limited but still, they fit well into a classic design Allen and Roth is famous for.

It all sounds good but… What if your walk-in might be already full (too full) or you may simply not have it at all?

What to do in this case?

Fortunately, it does not take a long time to organize your bedroom. If you do these five things, you’ll be able to do this in an hour at the longest.

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1 – Determine exactly what you need in the bedroom

One bad habit that people develop is that they will use their homes as-as storage space, particularly their bedrooms. This affects the way how you feel in your home.

This gets ignored over time and can result in a bedroom being very disorganized and messy. This is especially true for people who work from home and use their bedroom as an office.

To address this, you need to determine exactly what you need in your bedroom. Do you need a TV? Do you need a desk? Are you using the bedroom as a living room?

These are difficult questions that you need to be asking yourself if you find your bedroom disorganized. When asking these questions, be as objective as you can.

If you can do things that you could do in the bedroom in another room but are too lazy to do this, that could be a major cause of disorganization.

Determining exactly what you are using the bedroom for and what you need for the bedroom to “function” is the first step to organizing it.

Keep everything you do not consider to be bedroom essentials in your Allen and Roth closet.

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2 – Resist the temptation to eat or drink in the bedroom

Related to the first point, people who have the sloppiest bedrooms often eat in their bedroom. Like with most bad habits, the repercussions of this habit are very harmless at first, until it builds up to becoming a sole reason for a sloppy bedroom.

No matter what else you are using your bedroom for, the one thing that is completely off limits in the bedroom is eating and drinking. If you do this, you’ll run the risk of a number of things.

First, you’ll run the risk of developing pests. Pests enjoy small and enclosed spaces. Bedrooms (and especially bathrooms, if your bedroom is connected to one) are the perfect place for pests to build nests if they encounter food particles lying around.

No one who eats is perfectly spotless, and pests will become a problem if you are eating in the bedroom from food particles that drop from your utensils, plate, or bowl.

Also, you are likely to leave empty plates or bowls in the bedroom. This is especially true if you are extremely busy and are coming and going often. This will build up over time, and before you know it, you’ll be leaving more than a few dirty dishes in your bedroom.

Solve this by refusing the temptation to eat in your bedroom.

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3 – Place an “incentive” on yourself to keep everything organized by getting the best bed sheet for your bed

Your brain is a mysterious and tricky device. If it identifies certain things, it will motivate you to take certain actions.

Look at most sloppy bedrooms. In most cases, the entire bedroom is unkempt, the sheets and comforters on the bed included.

When you get something that looks as elegant as egyptian cotton sheets, it will trick your brain to motivate you to organize and clean your bedroom.

After all, if you are going to have elegant looking Egyptian cotton sheets on your bed, the rest of the bedroom may as well look just as elegant, right?

If you get Egyptian cotton sheets or something just as elegant, your brain will send you this message.

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4 – Go easy on the decorations

While having no decorations in a bedroom can make it look boring and can make it feel less of a bedroom and more of a hospital room, this does not mean that you should go all out and decorate the entire room.

Think of how most young people decorate their rooms. They have posters and pictures all over the wall, maybe they have some other decorations lying around, but the common thread is that they do not know when to stop.

This leads to a lot of disorganization, and like the other items on this list, it can build up to where decorations can lead to a cacophony of decorations that are just thrown together.

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5 – Designate where you want everything to belong, then keep track of it at all times

This final thing takes some concentration. It may be difficult to do if you are busy, but it is worth it.

It is also more relevant to those who use their bedroom for multiple purposes other than sleeping and relaxing.

If you are using the bedroom as a home office, you need to know exactly what goes on your desk and what does not.

If you read before bed, you need to always place the book you are reading on the nightstand and nowhere else.

The purpose of this is to have a system. If you have a reliable system, you will successfully organize your bedroom and keep it organized.

And, of course, Allen+Roth closet system can help you with that.

Sebastian Morales is Founder and CEO of Good & Bed. Prior to Starting Good & Bed, Sebastian was an investment banker based in New York City.

5 Things to Organize Your Bedroom #bedroom #organization #homeDecor #interiorDesign #interiordesigninspirations #bedroomdecor #bedroomideas

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