Allen and Roth Winsbrell Vanity Lights For Your Bathroom

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Thinking about adding new light fixtures to your bathroom? Adding the right vanity lights to your bathroom is crucial for safety, as well as for aesthetics. 

The Allen and Roth Winsbrell Vanity Light collection offers a variety of choices for every taste, so you will definitely find something that matches the rest of your décor. 

Add elegance and style to your bathroom using the stylish creations from the Winbrell line. 

Winsbrell 5-Light Vanity Light – Simple Yet Elegant

Winsbrell 5-Light Vanity Light- Nickel Finish
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Struggling with choosing the right vanity light for a bigger bathroom? Having a simple yet functional vanity light in your bathroom to add style and elegance without being too overwhelming is possible, and this 5-light vanity light is here to prove it. 

With five 60-watt medium-base light bulbs, you’ll have enough light for your morning grooming routine. You can also dim the lights for the perfect ambiance while enjoying a relaxing bath

This vanity light is versatile because the bulbs can be installed facing up or down, depending on your preferences. It comes with all the necessary hardware, so you’ll be able to install it in no time. 

allen + roth Winsbrell 3-Light Nickel Traditional Vanity Light B10077
  • This refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The refurbishing process includes...

The brushed nickel light is an excellent addition to a modern bathroom, adding a clean yet eye-catching aesthetic, especially when combined with bolder tiles. 

To enhance the colder hues in your bathroom, you can go for a light with a chrome finish. Colder colors like green and blue will make your bathroom more relaxing and can also be combined with warmer hues for a stylish look. 

Winsbrell 5-Light Vanity Light- black finish
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If you’re a bolder homeowner, adding this black finish light from Allen and Roth will be what you need to enhance the look of a statement bathroom. Making other colors stand out, black pairs well with almost every color but will make your bathroom look like no other.

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Winsbrell 3-Light Vanity Light – Less Is More

Winsbrell 3-Light Vanity Light Nickel Finish
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What if you have a medium-sized bathroom? The 3-light fixture from Allen+Roth is designed to brighten up small and medium-sized bathrooms. Even if you have a bigger bathroom, you can strategically place more than one fixture to light up your area. 

Instead of having one prominent light fixture above the mirror, you can create multiple focal points to enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom, as well as prevent the overhead shadow that can be problematic while getting ready in the morning. 

Each light fixture features three 60-watt bulbs and comes with all the tools needed to install the vanity light. You’ll have the ability to install the bulbs facing up or down, creating the effect you prefer in your bathroom. 

Winsbrell 3-Light Vanity nickel finish
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This nickel finish light will brighten the mood in a smaller bathroom, as the whitish finish enhances every other color. 

To create a more neutral atmosphere, you should consider the chrome-finished light, as the bluish hue will make your bathroom calmer and more serene. 

Winsbrell 3-Light Vanity Light black finish
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The black finish light adds contrast and mystery to an elegant bathroom regardless of its size. Would you dare to go for an all-black bathroom? The results can be outstanding. 

You can check out how Home Mender installs a 3-light vanity light fixture to transform the look of a bathroom in this video. 

Winsbrell 1-Light Vanity Light – Quality Over Quantity

Winsbrell 1-Light Vanity Light Nickel Finish
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Do you think that a 1-bulb vanity light will make your bathroom too dark or dull? Think again. 

This is a customizable light fixture that you can use to enhance your bathroom’s style and ambiance, regardless of its size. With a single 60-watt bulb and a nickel finish, this functional yet straightforward light will be the right choice for every bathroom. 

Think of all the customization you could experiment with here. You can add several light fixtures, install them on opposite corners, or hang one above your mirror for more clarity. The sky is the limit when a reputable name like Lowes backs up these products and offers good service in case you need a replacement

Watch this video by Lamps Plus to check out their vanity light styling tips. 

How To Buy And Style The Best Allen and Roth Winsbrell Vanity Lights By Lowe’s

Choosing the right vanity lights is crucial, as you need the right amount of light for grooming and getting ready in the morning, as well as adequately illuminating your bathroom. Here are a few things to consider before choosing your vanity light fixture. 


Make sure that the finish blends well and enhances the colors of your tiles, bathroom fixtures, and rugs. 


A vanity light with more bulbs will work for you if you have a bigger bathroom or prefer stronger illumination. It will also work if you don’t have another light source. 

You can also pick a vanity light with a fewer number of bulbs and add two or more light fixtures, depending on the design of your bathroom. The same-wattage bulbs are available in several lumens for more versatility. The higher the lumens, the brighter the bulbs

Installation Options

Vanity lights provide illumination and create balance in your bathroom. Smaller fixtures can be more versatile, especially if you have a small or medium-sized bathroom. 

A light fixture with bulbs that are downcast, like those found in the Winsbrell collection, should be placed above your mirror to provide maximum illumination. If your bathroom is quite large, you can always install other lights or chandeliers in other areas. 

Some Styling Tips

  • Nickel and chrome finishes are close to one another, but nickel has a slightly whitish hue, while chrome is bluish. If you’re using warmer shades in your bathroom, you can go for a gold or nickel finish, while a chrome finish will enhance the look of colder colors. 
  • Black light fixtures will add needed contrast to any bathroom. It’s an elegant color that people don’t use much, so it will make your bathroom look unique. 
  • Check if you can install the bulbs facing up or down, as it allows for more versatility. You should also look for a model that allows you to dim the light for when you’re in the mood for a relaxing bath with your favorite scented candles and music. 
  • Placing smaller fixtures on both sides of your vanity will make it the perfect station for your morning routine and will help create balance, as it draws attention to the mirror as the main focal point. 

Add Functional Yet Stylish Vanity Light To Your Bathroom

Research shows that an average person spends between 3 and 5 hours per week grooming themselves in front of a mirror. Although this is equal to several minutes every day, these minutes count, as they help you make a good impression and feel good about yourself. 

The impressive Lowe’s collection by Allen and Roth Winbrell adds the perfect ambiance to any bathroom, regardless of its size. With multiple models and finishes to choose from, finding the right one will enable you to have a functional vanity with simple yet chic illumination.

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