Best Allen and Roth Rugs For You And Your Home

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Let’s face it, rugs can make or break an entire room if they are not used properly. And it’s not just about how a rug might fit in with your décor, but also how comfortable you feel walking barefoot in the comfort of your own sanctuary.

When I first set eyes on Allen Roth rugs, they seemed pretentious and expensive. But the deeper I dug into the brand’s offerings, the more the price became justified. You see, Allen & Roth rugs aren’t for every home: they are for houses that want to make a statement – for homeowners that want to say, “See? I know how to spend my money!”

Allen and Roth Rugs: A Statement for Your Home

Allen and Roth products have always been about quality and design.

They aren’t budget items and they surely aren’t for people who don’t want to spend too much time thinking about their home décor. Instead, Allen & Roth is a brand that makes you think about what your ideal home would look like.

Think of a rug as something that’s meant to bring the whole room together.

Despite being considered trivial, by many, a rug should be chosen to match the style of the room where it’s going to be placed. It should have neutral tones if you’re going for a more simplistic look and vibrant colors if you’re all about being bold.

Rugs with patterns will add personality to your home, while fringed edges make for a nice detail that’s aesthetically pleasing.

Then, there’s the rug material to consider.

Wool is a great option for people who love to walk barefoot in their home, as its soft texture can tantalize the senses. Rugs made of synthetic fibers, on the other hand, are perfect for a room with high traffic and are also great for outdoor use, since they are durable.

Allen + Roth rugs are products that look to solve many dilemmas, in terms of what a rug should look and feel like. They are available in different colors and patterns and can suit both traditional and modern homes.

They are made from different types of fibers and material, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs, taking into account that each type of fiber has a different set of benefits.

Because they are not the cheapest rugs you can find, there is a better chance you might be the only one of your friends with an Allen and Roth rug, thus deepening the personality and unique style of your home.

What Are The Features Of These Rugs?

Allen & Roth rugs provide literally hundreds of options, so choosing one that compliments your home won’t be an easy purchase.

But, when the end result brings out the best in a particular room in your home, the time you spent finding the best model is totally worth it.


Allen and Roth make both indoor and outdoor rugs and some of their rugs can be used in either environment.

The brand divides its products into:

  • area rugs
  • throw rugs
  • Runners

Throw rugs are the best option for those looking for a smaller rug to cover a specific area inside a room.

Area rugs can successfully cover larger spaces and bring the furniture pieces inside the room together.

Runner rugs are narrow and long, perfect for hallways, but also for rooms where you want to cover a narrower portion of the floor.

Room Style

Naturally, you want a rug that matches the existing furniture and style of the room. It’s true that style is a very subjective matter and nonconformist interior designers will never be afraid to throw a fluffy pink rug in the middle of a studio apartment living room with a minimalistic design.

Allen and Roth rugs are carefully divided into different room style categories, to make your online shopping experience a whole lot easier. Therefore, you can choose from bohemian or eclectic models, vintage rugs, items that go well in rustic settings (such as cabins and cottages), oriental-style rugs, and even coastal-style products.


Different materials will give a rug different features and benefits. Allen and Roth rugs are made with either synthetic materials, like polypropylene and polyester, or wool. There is no absolute best here material here. The important thing is to know what each type of material offers and how it might suit your needs and the choice you make will be a whole lot easier.

Allen and Roth Area Rugs

With their area rugs, Allen and Roth provide a number of versatile options to suit your room, depending on your existing style. From simple and minimalistic designs to intricate and bold damask patterns, these rugs are meant to cover large areas, tying your entire room together and making it look whole and consistent.

Coralyn Brown Geometric Area Rug

The geometric patterns on this indoor rug are absolutely bonkers. While asymmetrical, the shapes are visually pleasing, with neutral tones that are easy to mix and match with a lot of existing interior décor items and furniture.

The overall design of the Coralyn Brown is trendy, yet timeless, perfect for every homeowner that’s interested in interior decorating.

Allen and Roth customers will adore both the look and the construction of this item. Made entirely from polyester microfiber, the rug itself is made to last for many years to come and features a surface that’s easy to clean. Since this rug is not machine washable, spot cleaning is the best option for keeping it in good shape for as long as possible.

Measuring 5.2 x 7.2 feet, this rug generously covers a wider surface, while giving a room a very contemporary feel.

This rug feels unbelievably soft to the touch (considering that it’s made from polyester) and its high-density weave adds durability to the product. This area rug provides a well-balanced combination of low maintenance, durability, and a convenient price.


  •       Modern design.
  •       Pleasant neutral tones.
  •       Soft microfiber construction.
  •       Low maintenance.


  •       Not machine washable.
  •       Not suitable for outdoor use.
  •       No UV protection.

Mowhak Atlis Oat Area Rug

Mohawk Home Pembrook Oat Rectangular Indoor Machine-Made Mid-Century Modern Area Rug
Image credit:

If you’re more into that vintage/traditional look, the Mohawk Atlis Oat Area Rug is one of those Allen + Roth rugs that will truly give your home a personal and unique vibe. Its woven construction makes it perfect for a country-style home, or maybe even a cabin up in the woods.

This rug has some very interesting features, but let’s start with how it’s made – with material made from recycled plastic bottles! So, aside from being good looking, it’s also an eco-friendly piece, perfect for every home that takes pride in loving the environment.

This rectangular rug measures 8 by 10 feet in size and features an abstract pattern that pairs well with homes that are looking to get somewhat of an artsy look. The rug’s neutral, off-white base color and contemporary pattern make it easy to match with a lot of different types of furniture.


  •       Eco-friendly.
  •       Mid-century modern look.
  •       Made with premium polypropylene fiber.


  •       Not suitable for outdoor use.
  •       No UV protection.
  •       Requires spot-cleaning.

Ellesmore Area Rug

allen + roth Ellesmore Gray Rectangular Indoor Woven Area Rug
Image credit:

The Ellesmore rug doesn’t leave much room for interpretation, but it is definitely one of the most stylish Roth and Allen rugs I’ve seen so far. Its damask pattern is sure to bring Victorian elegance to every home. But, while astonishing, it is a bit pretentious in terms of style and not that easy to match with just any interior décor.

With a total size of 9 x 12 feet, you have plenty of surface area to work with here, allowing you to use the rug in most major rooms of your house. This rug is the perfect addition to any home with personality, especially if you match it with a set of damask-print curtains, or maybe similar upholstery, in terms of either color or pattern.


  •       Beautiful damask pattern.
  •       Delicate weave.
  •       Durable and stain resistant.


  •       Pretentious design.
  •       Not suitable for outdoor use.
  •       Discontinued on the Lowe’s website.

Allen Roth Outdoor Rugs

Allen Roth outdoor rugs are built to last and are extremely good choices for patios, porches, and gazebos. They are made with quality, durable materials and the brand doesn’t fail to deliver in terms of ease of maintenance, either.

Their outdoor rugs are made to be easy to clean, giving owners a hassle-free experience, which isn’t that common with rugs.

Oh, and the best part of it all is that all outdoor Roth & Allen rugs can be used indoors, as well. Most of them are UV resistant, which means that their colors won’t fade, even after being exposed to the sun’s rays over longer periods of time.

They are also stain resistant, which is an important feature to have, especially in a rug that’s exposed both to the outdoor elements and man-made damage. These rugs are machine made, making them highly durable with tight weaves.

Bredina Outdoor Rug

BRedINA Navy/MULTI Rectangular Indoor/Outdoor Handcrafted Area Rug
Image credit:

Elegance at its finest: that’s one way to describe the Brendina rug.

Its oriental style blends colors that are both pleasing to the eyes, as well as heartwarming. Needless to say, this rug can add a drop of color to even the dullest of room, with a rich and playful pattern scattered over its entire surface.

This product falls into the category of Allen Roth outdoor rugs which can be used indoors, as well, so there’s always that versatility to take advantage of. Thanks to its mesh backing, this rug can comfortably sit on your porch or patio, but also in the comfort of your home.

It measures 8 by 10 feet in size and is made with polypropylene fiber, which makes it durable and easy to clean, despite its outdoor usability. By simply running a garden hose over its surface, you can remove any dust, mud, or debris that may sully the exquisite colors of this rug.

The Bredina rug is both stain and fade resistant, which means that its vibrant colors are here to stay, much to my delight. Just make sure to use mild soap/detergent and water when cleaning it, while avoiding any harsh chemicals.

Oh, and did I mention that the blue Brendina is actually available in a red version, as well?


  •       Beautiful damask pattern.
  •       Vibrant color combination.
  •       Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  •       Resistant mesh backing.
  •       Easy to clean.


  •       No UV coating.
  •       Not machine washable.

Curacoa Outdoor Throw Rug

If it’s floral prints you’re after, Allen & Roth rugs are here to deliver, once again. This time, I present you with this indoor/outdoor rug, which features different shades of blue, opening up a world of possibilities in terms of interior décor.

But, this is not just a living room rug: it can also add elegance to your porch, so you can enjoy a cup of coffee in your slippers.

The 2 x 3-foot rug is pretty small, so it’s best suited for smaller areas, unlike some of the other models I’ve shown you above. Since its made with PET polyester, you know it’s a durable product. The synthetic backing is a nice touch, adding to the overall durability of the product.

Since this rug is for use both inside and outside the house, it can easily be cleaned with water and mild soap/detergent. Throwing it in the washing machine isn’t recommended. This isn’t because you will necessarily ruin the rug, but because washing an outdoor rug in a washing machine may damage the machine (because of the accumulation of dirt and debris).


  •       Easy to clean.
  •       Interesting floral pattern.
  •       Good for indoor and outdoor use.
  •       Durable material and fiber.


  •       No UV protection.
  •       Is not stain resistant.
  •       Small.

Allen + Roth Wool Rugs

Allen and Roth wool rugs are much more than just pieces of material meant to protect the floor. They are made with beautiful patterns and can act as centerpieces for a room in which every detail is important.

The brand’s line offers a multitude of floral patterns, but also oriental-style rugs, for those who are fans of Eastern cultural influences and décor.

Monteith Wool Rug

Monteith Oatmeal Rectangular Indoor Handcrafted Area Rug
Image credit:

Wool is an amazing fiber. It makes some of the warmest winter clothes, some of the coziest fall blankets, and it’s one of the best moisture-wicking materials known to man. But who knew that Allen + Roth rugs would “exploit” the benefits of wool to such an extent?

The Monteith offers a timeless look in a simple, yet elegant rug that’s best suited for indoor use. This rug comes in multiple colors, including oatmeal, blue, and brown. With 7.5 x 5 feet in area, you get a big chunk of rug that really gives you a lot of options, in terms of where you can place it.

Whether you cover it up with furniture or not, it’s a great piece to have in a traditional-style home.

Because this rug is made from wool, cleaning it can be a tricky process, so opt for professional cleaning services if and when you need to do so. Also, it might not be a good idea to use this rug in the kitchen, as it is not stain resistant, despite the fact that it handles humid environments pretty well.


  •       Durable wool surface.
  •       Timeless look.
  •       Three color options.


  •       Not for outdoor use.
  •       Not recommended for kitchens.
  •       Tricky to clean.

CATLEY Handcrafted Area Wool Rug

There is something about this rug that absolutely mesmerizing. It must be its hypnotizing pattern, optimal for both contemporary and traditional-style homes.

Made from high-quality felted wool, you know this is a product made to last. Just by brushing your hand across the surface of the rug, you can tell that you’re dealing with craftsmanship.

Its 8 by 10-foot dimension gives you a generous surface area, in terms of room coverage, while its cotton backing is meant to add durability to the rug. Its elegant design makes this rug a suitable choice for a living room or bedroom, or pretty much any room where you can showcase its beauty.

This rug’s neutral tones of charcoal and grey are easy to combine, even with massive traditional wooden furniture, but feel free to pair it with a more minimalist modern setup, as well.


  •       Neutral colors, easy to match.
  •       Made with high-quality felted wool.
  •       Durable cotton backing.
  •       Good for modern and traditional homes.


  •       Difficult to clean.
  •       Needs a rug pad.

Allen and Roth Throw Rugs

The beauty of Allen and Roth throw rugs is that you don’t have to limit yourself to just one in each room. Their compact dimensions and wide array of patterns are a blessing for those looking to divide their room into personalized corners for different activities, or for those who need a quality throw rug to complement their room’s décor.

Tonal Throw Rug

Allen + Roth rugs always surprise me with their design and construction and this throw rug is no exception. It is a handcrafted product that blends natural fibers and is made with jute.

This makes this rug a sustainable and eco-friendly product, for those who are interested in a greener lifestyle.

Measuring a mere 2.25 x 3.75 feet, this isn’t a “cover up my entire floor” kind of rug, but rather a soft and discreet addition that would fit in a specific part of a larger room. The solid pattern is easy to combine with a modern and contemporary room setup.

Due to its jute construction, this rug isn’t that great for outdoor use, but it goes great in a bedroom, living room, or dining room. Its fringed edges complement the charcoal and grey tones of the rug itself, to deliver a rug that’s not just a décor piece, but also a fashion statement.


  •       Made with sustainable jute fibers.
  •       Neutral tones for ease of placement.
  •       Fringed edges.


  •       Not machine washable.
  •       Not suited for outdoor use.
  •       Not stain resistant.

Alvida Off White Distressed Throw Rug

To end these Allen and Roth rug reviews in style, I wanted to showcase an item that’s a little bit different from the others. The Alvida rug features a chevron pattern that rests on an off-white surface made from synthetic fibers.

Allen and Roth rugs are no stranger to neutral tones, it seems, and you won’t have too much trouble with this particular model when considering if it matches your existing home décor. However, the ideal placement for the Alvida would be a country cottage or a farmhouse, as it has a very rustic vibe to it.

It only measures 3.3 by 1.1 feet, making it one of the smallest Allen & Roth rugs you’ve seen today. Its plush look and feel give a sense of coziness, adding a lot of personality to any room it’s placed in.

Just imagine resting your feet on the gentle surface of this rug, while sitting on your favorite armchair, devouring your favorite book!


  •       Beautiful chevron pattern.
  •       Easy to match with décor.
  •       Great for cottages and farmhouses.
  •       Features UV protection.


  •       Only for indoor use.
  •       Hard to clean.
  •       Not machine washable.

Runner rugs

If you are looking for a runner rug that

It comes in 29 colors and patterns and 33 different lengths.

Its width is 26 inches and the length varies from 2 feet to 35 feet. If you need a longer size, you can contact the manufacturer and they will try to fulfill your need.

I think you can find the length you are looking for!

The rug had a low pile (the pile height is 0.30 inches) and is machine washable (in cold water).

The product has great reviews on Amazon and from my point of view, it’s a good deal!

Allen and Roth rugs: Conclusion

Allen and Roth rugs will always be the products to go to when the market fails to offer something at a good quality for a better price. Their wide range of rugs satisfies not just all customer’s tastes, but also different home styles.

From rugs suited for indoor and outdoor use to durable polyester fiber and delicate wool, there’s an Allen and Roth rug out there for you. People buy their products because of the peace of mind they get from spending money on something elegant, durable, and made from the finest materials.

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