Allen and Roth Lighting Customer Service: How to Get Support (And Not Only For Lighting)

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Have you ever tried to contact Allen and Roth lighting customer service? How did you try to find their number?

I recently needed to contact them to get a replacement globe for one of our Eastview lights. What I found is that it was surprisingly hard to locate the correct contact number!

When trying to find Allen and Roth lighting customer service online, I found A LOT of conflicting information.

The top few search results are from the Allen Roth window treatments website. Unfortunately, this has nothing to do with the lighting.

Then, there was an Allen Roth Lighting website that looked promising – and it even had a contact form! But it turned out the site was about Allen Roth lighting in general and not connected with the A+R representatives.

After going through this quest, I decided to write this post. I hope it will help others who are experiencing the same issue.

Where To Find Allen and Roth Lighting Customer Service Number?

In my search quest, I found several places where people mention getting replacement parts for their Allen Roth lighting fixtures. Here are a few places where I found info that might be helpful.  

The Allen + Roth Website

The Allen + Roth website (the official one) has almost no information about support or customer service.

The only information I was able to spot is a Customer Care number being 1.800.445.6937. It’s mentioned in a tiny font at the bottom of the website. In fact, this number is the same as the Lowe’s customer service number.

Lowe’s Website

While the Lowe’s website has instructions for returning an item with an email and phone number for Customer Service, I read a few comments that claim Lowe’s does not reply to the emails.

Another option is to text Lowe’s customer service at 1-704-313-1818. Seems like this option is viable and might be ideal for someone who’s not a fan of waiting on the phone and long phone calls.

Lowe’s Customers’ Comments And Reviews

In the reviews for lighting on the Lowe’s website, I read multiple comments that say the above 1-800 number did work in order to obtain replacement parts. The commenters claimed that the customer service was helpful.

While it may seem like a great answer, you should be careful when taking numbers from the comments and reviews. I read that someone gave the customer support number for a wrong company that was not Allen+Roth.

Apparently, sometimes, you can find the customer support number in the instruction manual that comes with your lights. This is what happened with one of the commenters. They found the number in Vallymede pendant lights manual. However, it seems it did not work that well since they said that they were transferred back to Lowe’s customer service.

Customer Reviews From Other Websites

I also found helpful comments from people on other websites.

One commenter mentioned that the box with the lights came with an instructions sheet with info for getting replacement parts. However, the number on his sheet (1-800-439-9800) was different than the one on the Allen and Roth website. Since this number came directly with the lights, it may be the best one to try.

However, there were also some conflicting comments. Some were saying they were unable to get new shades from either Lowe’s or Allen+Roth using this number.

Order Replacement Parts Directly

What I realized during my quest is that In some cases, you can order replacement parts for your Allen+Roth lighting yourself! As an example, look at this page for cords and shades available on the Lowe’s website

Final Verdict

After all my finishing my research quest, I did not find a consensus on what’s the best way to contact Allen and Roth lighting customer service.

The ways I listed above seem to be the most common approaches people managed to get replacement parts. Hopefully one of these ways will help you in your own quest for parts for Allen+Roth lighting.

Here’s the summary of all the contact numbers I found:

  • 1-800-445-6937 – Allen + Roth Customer Care, the same as well as Lowe’s Customer Service
  • 1-800-439-9800 – Supplied with Allen + Roth Vallymede Lights
  • 1-704-313-1818 – If you want to text Lowe’s Customer Service

If you have any questions about Allen Roth lighting customer service, do not hesitate let us know in the comments below!

Customer Service Phone Number For Other Inquiries

By the way, the phone numbers above are good not only for the A+R lighting customer service.

It seems these are generic numbers for Allen+Roth support. If you have any other questions to Allen+Roth, for example, about a gazebo warranty, you can call the numbers and ask them your questions.

Good luck!

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