Allen Roth Gazebo To Complete Your Backyard Paradise!

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Spring and summer in California are dazzling!

Our mild temperatures and loads of sunshine allow us to spend lots of time outside. The ability to spend time outside—especially in the spring and summer—is all about fun and freedom. We basically live outside, often swimming, cooking out, meditating, exercising, crafting, and playing outdoor games with our 5-year old.

Additionally, we really love to host garden parties and barbecues for our truckloads of family and friends. With all that outdoor fun, we do think about being around the elements.

Even though our weather is famously uneventful, we do sometimes have rain and storms.

Healthwise, we must be ever thinking about protecting our skin and always being careful about sun exposure. (Especially for our little one’s sensitive skin!) That’s so very true here in the Golden State, where it’s bright and sunny most of the year. Luckily, we have a solution to these concerns: our beautiful Allen Roth gazebo offers us plenty of safety and comfort.

I’m excited to share all that I know regarding these amazing gazebos with you. Hopefully, you’ll be inspired to add one to your backyard. The fun times are endless.

If you are not sure whether you need a gazebo or a pavilion, read this post “Gazebo vs Pavilion”

Malibu Patio Gazebo with Mosquito Netting

We have been lucky to enjoy a gazebo similar to this one (they’re alike in style) for the last four years. Having this pretty space as part of our outdoor entertaining area is awesome! It provides such a calm area in which to relax and entertain our guests.

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This gazebo includes:

  1. a fire-retardant coating on the 100% polyester canopy
  2. a center hook and two tracks for hanging lighting
  3. powder-coated steel frame resists rusting
  4. four-sided mosquito netting with zippers for closing
  5. vented dome roof with weather-resistant canopy

These features enhance the sheer enjoyment of using your gazebo. These properties also add to the sturdiness and longevity of the product. Again, this model is not specifically an Allen+Roth gazebo, but it very much shares alike style and form. Best of all: this comfort and sturdiness come at an excellent price. This means you’ll enjoy hours and hours of fun and relaxation in your beautiful gazebo without breaking the bank.

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Gazebo Replacement Parts

The greatest backyard mishap that could affect your fun in the sun is your gazebo breaking. Whether it’s the canopy or the mosquito netting, never fear! Your lovely gazebo can be fixed quite easily with a replacement part or even patch kits, depending upon your needs.

There’s an easy-peasy patch kit available that fixes any rips in your canopy and makes them good as new. They are so well-designed and effortless to use that you don’t need to be Mr. or Ms. Fix-it use them!

Allen+Roth also has replacement canopies for their beige dome canopy and their Regency II gazebo. Additionally, there is replacement netting for your Allen and Roth gazebo to keep out those pesky, annoying mosquitos. Whatever your repair needs, Allen+Roth has you covered.

Find them here: Gazebo replacement parts by Garden Winds and more.

On that page above, you can also find weight rods for pergola canopy.

Gazebo installation instructions

Got an Allen+Roth gazebo but lost the installation instructions? It really sucks but it happens.

Here’s where you can find them: Gazebo installation instructions.

Get Extra Accessories for your Gazebo

Of course, these beautiful Allen Roth gazebos are amazing already. They are not only lovely to look at, but they will also provide you with hours of backyard fun. Well, make sure you’re sitting, because you can make your gazebo even more splendid. Just purchase some of these readily available extra accessories.

Privacy Panel for 10′ and 12′ gazebos

Add Privacy to Your 10 x 12 Gazebo with This Easy to Install Privacy Panel Side Wall Including Snap-on Rings

Ever been outside in your lovely Allen+Roth gazebo and want just a little privacy?

Perhaps some of your neighbors are overly interested in your outdoor leisure time. Or just maybe you need a few moments of quiet while the kids are playing in the backyard. If this sounds familiar, then these amazing privacy panels are just what you need!

Made for both 10’ and 12’ gazebos, these panels come with plastic hooks for hanging. The panels provide up to 12’ feet of private bliss and can handle wind gusts of 20-30 miles an hour.

These panels are amazing! We’d once planned a family barbecue, and when the weather unexpectedly turned inclement, we just closed our 4 panels and kept on enjoying our family time! That’s right—you can buy four panels for your Allen+Roth gazebo to completely enclose it. Just remember that each set includes just one privacy panel.

Get this privacy panel for 10' and 12' gazebos on Amazon 

Privacy Curtains for a 10’x10′ and 10’x12′ Gazebo

These rad privacy curtains come in a set of two to cover one wall. So, in order to cover all four walls of your gazebo for complete solitude, you would need to order two sets.

Add Privacy to Your 10 x 12 Gazebo with This Easy to Install Privacy Panel Side Wall Including Snap-on Rings
  • Panel dimensions: 11' 10" x 6' 6", with zipper in the middle
  • Provides privacy, protection from the sun and wind; fire retardant polyester
  • Deal includes one wall panel; gazebo frame not included

Coming in a 11′ 10″ x 6′ 6″ size, these curtains work more like a privacy wall  and fit both 10’x10’ and 10’x12′ gazebos and are another great option for creating some privacy for your Allen Roth gazebo.

One set contains two panels that are designed to be zipped in the middle.

The panels are attached to the gazebo legs with straps and can actually protect your gazebo in winter from snow.

Get this privacy panel side wall on Amazon 

Universal Sunshade for 12′ Gazebos

Are you looking for an item that will help in blocking sunlight when the sun is lower in the sky?

Get this sunshade for 12' gazebos on Amazon
  • This is a Universal Side Sunshade. The dimensions are 140"L x 59"W.
  • Velcro and tie attachments allow this sunshade to fit all 12' x 10' or 12' x 12' gazebos or pergolas.
  • Replacement canopy ONLY. Metal structure NOT included.

Then you’ll love the universal sunshade! They easily fit both 10’ x 12’ and 12’ x 12’ gazebos. Additionally, these sunshades attach to the top of your gazebo with Velcro ties. Coming in beige and sage green, the one con about these sunshades is that they are not water-resistant.

You could fix that by spraying them with a water repellent spray. Or just keep the kids and their super soakers away.

Get this sunshade for 12' gazebos on Amazon 

Gazebo Winter Cover for 10’x10′ and 10’x12′ Gazebo

What about protecting your gazebo in winter while also getting some extra storage space outdoors?

The gazebo winter cover can do both!

Here’s a cover for a 10’x12′ gazebo.

Sojag 135-6157000 Universal Winter Cover for Outdoor Sun Shelters and Gazebos, 10' x 12', Brown
  • One door and two windows
  • Color: Brown
  • Fabric: Polyethylene 200 g/ m2

Here’s a cover for a 10’x10′ gazebo.

While it is not advertised directly as 10’x10′, it still seems to fit gazebos of this size. Before ordering, I strongly advise you to measure your gazebo and make sure the cover will fit.

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Weight Bags for Gazebo Legs

Has windy weather ever ruined your lovely backyard activity?

Yes, having your Allen Roth gazebo blow away is not a fun way to spend your leisure time. We actually had this happen to us during a pop-up shower—which is so rare here in SoCal!

The wind just swooped in and picked up our gazebo! Luckily, our fencing kept it from going too far. These weight bags are an excellent way to prevent this from happening to you.

King Canopy Weight Bags for Instant Pop Up Canopy, Shelter, Sand Bags, Leg Weight, Patio, 4 Pack, Black, INAWB400
  • Fit: Bags are designed to be wrapped around and fasten to legs for a secure fit with no worry of them coming lose.
  • Max Weight: Each tube is capable of hold 15LBS making the make weight capacity 30LBS per leg.
  • Stability: Stabilize any Instant leg Canopy, Pop Up tent, gazebo structures, camping sun shelters or sports umbrella...

One set contains four weight bags.

After buying some sand or gravel, put it in the bags to weigh them down. Are you concerned about keeping the inside of the weight bags clean? If so, simply put the gravel or sand inside some plastic zipper bags. Then place those zipper bags into the weight bags. Each full weight bag will weigh about 20lbs, for a potential total of 80 lbs. to hold your gazebo in place. It’s as easy as that to anchor your gazebo to the ground. (Hint: these also work well for trampolines, too!)

Get these weights from Amazon! 

What do you think of Allen+Roth gazebo?

There is nothing like outdoor living! Spending time outside in our beautiful backyard is all about a lifestyle that is active, lively, and in touch with the natural world around us.

While we love being outside, we don’t always want to be in the direct sun or view of others; that’s why these Allen Roth gazebos are so awesome.

They give us all the outside time we can possibly stand, without having to be at the whim of the sun and its damaging rays. Or without the neighbors spying our every move. And these wonderful accessories just make spending time in your gazebo even more comfortable and splendid.

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