Allen and Roth Curtains: New Look of My Home

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Hello, New Year! Hello, Allen and Roth Curtains! Hello, New Look of My Home!

Now that the holidays are over and the new year has begun, I’ve been busily packing away all our holiday decorations and paraphernalia. This time of year always brings home décor to mind because it’s such a natural time to reevaluate our home design choices.

Lately, I’ve been examining our old window treatments and perused online to find some fresh ideas. Allen and Roth curtains especially caught my attention. I found myself intrigued by their various designs, which ooze cozy comfort and offer lots of elegant, complementary options for various rooms in our home.

I was so enamored, that I did indeed add some Allen and Roth window treatments to our décor.

Allen and Roth Curtains For My Dining Room?

The curtains around our home were feeling stale. When I shopped Allen + Roth window treatments, I was a surprise at all the options, styles, and patterns available.

The bold and classy interlocking pattern of the Oberlin panels caught my eye first. It’s available in navy, red, and cream. Any of the Oberlin color choices would great in our dining room! I love the Oberlin panels, too, because they are 50” x 95”, which is a great floor-to-curtain rod height. Plus, they’re made of very durable 100% cotton.

The only con I found was that some reviewers noted that the actual colors differed from the photos, so I highly recommend seeing the product(s) in person at your local Lowe’s store before purchasing, which is exactly what I did. I found the color variation to be minimal and still in keeping with our color scheme.

I was equally drawn to the more fibrous and organic look of the Grommet Light panels, which are available in a host of colors, including gray, mineral, cream, and natural. The Grommet line also has a room darkening, thermal-lined version of curtain panels, which come in colors like sand, mineral, ocean, and gray.

Unlike the Oberlin panels, both types of Grommet panels come in various lengths, including 95, 84, and 63-inch options.

Choice in length provided options for where I could use panels like these—while I’d prefer floor length, Oberlin style curtains in my dining room, living room, and study, there are rooms in which shorter length curtains are preferable.

New Curtains Rods

Of course, in our house, when we get our new Allen Roth curtains, new curtain rods are also a must!

I don’t know about you, but I cannot just reuse the same curtain rods with whatever curtains I happen to pick–they must somehow coordinate. Fortunately, for home décor enthusiasts like me, there are plenty of Allen Roth curtain rods from which to choose. With finishes like black steel, oil-rubbed bronze, satin nickel, brushed nickel, specialty bronze, and antique pewter, I had no trouble picking a finish that complemented the Oberlin and the Grommet panels I’d chosen.

Styles included everything including the classic knob-ended curtain rod, the tapered round ends, tapered square ends, and stylized rod ends that were the equivalent of ultra-modern pieces of art.

All the rods I shopped were strong and sturdy. Some came with clips to attach the curtains and others did not; some required separate brackets to hang the rod, others did not—so be sure to pay special attention to what hardware is required and which comes with the rod you choose.

While there are curtain rods to fit every size window, if you have an especially wide window, then pay special attention to of the middle of your rod, as you may need to add an extra bracket to provide support so it doesn’t eventually buckle.

You can imagine the weekend project that this became as my hubby removed, replaced, and hung the new curtains and rods I’d bought for our dining room, living room, and study! And I wasn’t done yet.

Read more about Allen and Roth curtain rods – coming soon!

Allen + Roth Blinds For a Kid’s Room? Why Not!

We just have no need for floor length curtain panels in our 5-year-old’s room. You moms will understand—long panels just become something for our little tyke to pull on or try to swing from like Tarzan. No, thank you.

In our child’s room, I’ve switched from curtains to blinds, with a small valance that matches our child’s room décor and softens the lines of the window. (Two items to hang—my hubby was so pleased!)

So, naturally, after finding lovely curtains in the Allen Roth line for our home, I decided to check out the Allen Roth blinds.

I found many sizes and choices, including blinds that are faux wood, faux white wood, white vinyl, room darkening, corded, cordless, and slat sizes of 2 inches and 2.5 inches. That half inch may not seem significant, but trust me—there’s a big style difference in that little half inch!

Luckily, many of the blinds came in practically every length imaginable, so that wasn’t a consideration when choosing. In debating between faux wood and faux white wood colors, I opted for the white because it will go better with my child’s décor. These blinds sport clean lines, a fresh look, and are easy to maintain. However, I found that the “room darkening” aspect of some blinds isn’t noticeably effective; unless you go with a virtually black blind, the room darkening effects of most blinds are about the same.

Really, what I wanted with these blinds is a clean, crisp look that allows for plenty of light coming in during the day and complete privacy once they are closed at night. These delivered on all counts.

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Allen and Roth Roman Shades For Our Den

Another option that provides relative privacy at night is the roman shade, which is a stylish, solid piece of material that moves up and down your window (as the old, unattractive vinyl shades did, but much prettier). I looked at some Allen Roth roman shades for our den; in my opinion, roman shades tend to set a more informal tone, so I only considered them for our den.

I was, once again, quite pleased with the choices in styles and colors.

They make roman shades in the classic, cassette, and cellular styles; and a variety of fabrics and colors. All the styles seemed durable, smoothly operating, and easy to clean.

However, the cassette and cellular styles look more like blinds to my eye, with their ridges ever couple of inches; and those ridges mean that it’s more challenging to clean and dust the shades. In the end, I chose the classic style for their crisp look and ease of cleaning.

How About Allen+Roth Blinds?

We also have a few Allen and Roth blinds in our home. They are irreplaceable when it comes to creating a certain style in a room. Not mentioning their great capability of blocking the light!

Read more about the blinds here.

New Year, New Look

So, out with the old, in with the new! Many of the windows in our house received a makeover as we got rid of our stayed, tired curtains and shades in favor of some new, fresh and elegant Allen Roth window treatments. They’ve provided a breath of fresh air to our house in this new year.

A new, fresh start.

A new, clean outlook.

Isn’t that what a new year is all about? 😉

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