Allen and Roth Solar Landscape Lights: Is There Alternative?

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My family and I often enjoy relaxing on the patio on a summer evening or
hosting a cookout to entertain friends. Even my five-year-old prefers to
dine al fresco when the weather allows. So naturally, we require some extra
lighting in the backyard. As you well know, I often turn to Allen+Roth
products which are of high quality, affordable, and eco-friendly. However,
they don’t make solar path lights. Allen and Roth solar landscape lights simply do not exist.

While surfing on Amazon though, I came across Enchanted Spaces Solar Path
Lights. Right away, I was intrigued by their unique design and the fact
that they come in packs of six.

These perfect additions greatly enhance our front yard or backyard landscape
and décor. They add to both the beauty and safety factors of our outdoor
living space. Plus, they are eco-friendly, which is a popular trend out
here in California. They’re a great alternative to Allen and Roth by

What’s enchanting about Enchanted Spaces Solar Path Lights?

When you combine beauty and functionality together, you get a great
product. The Enchanted Spaces Solar Path Lights possess a lovely bronze
finish. The plastic lenses look so much like actual glass that you won’t
tell the difference. The curvy design of the lens causes the light to emit
rays in a spiral pattern. This lends a very ethereal quality to our outdoor

Enchanted Spaces Bronze Solar Path Light, Set of 6, with Glass Lens, Metal Ground Stake, and Extra-Bright LED for Garden, Lawn, Patio, Yard, Walkway, Driveway
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Also, I like the fact that this set includes a rechargeable lithium
battery. Each light also has its own LED bulb. Without wiring to worry
about, this looks like installation will be a breeze. You can simply place
each 16″ x 4.5″ unit straight into the ground like a stake. Plus, there’s
an on/off switch to save on battery power.

Moreover, these lights are quite the eco-friendly product. They shine for a
good amount of time, but even that can be regulated. And with the solar
power option, I feel better knowing I’m doing my part to help the
environment. Likewise, this will also save on my electric bill.

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Pros of the Solar Path Lights

So the Enchanted Space Solar Path Lights have a lot of advantages. Here are
just a few of the benefits that you’d enjoy:

  • Replacement warranty if anything breaks
  • Long-lasting LED bulb in each unit
  • Solar power panels, which makes this an eco-friendly product
  • An on/off switch for more control
  • Very durable bronze finish with plastic domes-no glass to worry
  • Really cool spiral design created by the lights when turned on
  • Automatic luminescence when the sun goes down

So, not bad at all for not being an Allen + Roth product!

Cons of the solar panel lights

Just like anything else, this product has a few drawbacks. These include:

  • Having to send the light back to the company for a replacement bulb
    when it goes out
  • A requirement of full sun exposure during the day for an optimum
    charge; otherwise, they won’t stay on as long
  • Extra caution that still has to be taken; you would need to make
    sure nobody accidentally kicks one. And watch out for those soccer balls!

However, you can more than likely get around some of these disadvantages.
For instance, my five-year-old likes to skip around the yard to “feed” the
lights with his little pink flashlight on cloudy days (meaning, he shines
her light directly on the panels). Talk about imagination!

Final Thoughts and Tips

Too bad Allen and Roth solar landscape lights do not exist.

But it’s good I found an alternative to them! Although these solar lights are not my usual
products from Allen + Roth, I am still quite satisfied with the look and
performance of the Enchanted Spaces Solar Path Lights.

And here are a few tips to remember before installing:

  • Measure the area where you plan to install lights
  • Assess whether or not the area has enough exposure to the sun to
    ensure an adequate charge
  • Determine how long you would need to illuminate the area
  • Take a picture of the area with you or a paint chip that has the
    main color scheme to hold up against the package to see if they

Also, here some ideas for incorporating solar path lights:

  • Line them up along a stone path walkway that leads to your home’s
  • Place them along the parameter of your front yard
  • Position alongside flower beds to give an other-worldly glow on
    bushes and shrubs
  • Line them up along the backyard fence for additional lighting in
    the evening
  • Wrap around a small goldfish pond

With their versatile design and the bronze finish that goes with just about
anything, you can’t go wrong with the Enchanted Spaces Solar Path Lights.

Get these solar path lights on Amazon! 

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15 thoughts on “Allen and Roth Solar Landscape Lights: Is There Alternative?”

  1. I bought the mushroom lights one of them is not lighting up. No information o. How to change bulbs ect. So any information to get the one mushroom to light up.

  2. Returned the second set of the three solar powered mushroom lights to Lowe’s. The gal at the return deck suggested I might want to look for something else, as she sees a LOT of these returned. This item should be discontinued as it is junk!

  3. I bought two sets of the solar path mushrooms from Lowes! The one set I had to replace one of the bulbs the second set only works when it rains and we have them less than a year! I’m very disappointed with the performance of the product, and from the look of the comments this is not an isolated issue, just a poor product

  4. Got the 3 mushroom solar lights # 0484699 worked for one week. Believe its something to do with the solar panel it self because one mushroom will flicker every now and then. Been calling the phone number to hear call back at another time. Did sit on hold for over 2 hours and got hung up on.

  5. I purchased 3 sets of the solar mushroom lights, 2 out of the 3 sets don’t work after only 1 week of having them set up. We feel it is the solar panel, can we get a replacement for them? I have tried calling the number only to be told to call back at another time.

  6. I purchased an outdoor solar light #069759732017574 from Lowe’s. It only lasted one summer. I paid $79.00 for this solar lamp and it only lasted one summer. I went to Lowe’s and they can’t help me. I have been looking for a contact number to talk to someone and can’t find one. I would like something to be done to help me with this problem.

  7. I purchased a Solar Post lamps for outside item number – 1085667, model number – PLQ9Ca-F100C-BK-1. This lamp only lasted 6 months and will not work. I bought new batteries, cleaned panel and still does not work. Lowe’s is the retailer and does not support this light. I called Allen Roth customer service department and stayed on hold for more than one hour but no one answered. I called back and left a call back number and is still waiting on a return call. They make bad lights and does not stand behind them, the only thing worst than the bad light is the customer service after the sale.

  8. I purchased 2 patio lamps for outside item #069759732017574
    Terrible…. cost $79.00 each and the solar panel area is not working. Tried to call and get support Lowe’s who is there retailer is not supporting and can’t locate anyone at Allen Roth!!!!!
    After spending this money they should stand behind their products!
    If this is not resolved I would not rely on Allen Roth as a good product

  9. Hey There,
    I purchased 2, 30 inch solar LED laterns within the past 2 years for my back patio. Unfortunately one of them blew out yesterday evening, is there anyway that we can purchase a replacement light versus spending another $80 for the entire lantern and tube which are 100% perfect.
    Kindly advise.

  10. I purchased a set of Allen& Roth solar bollards for my backyard, I enjoy them very much but noticed one of the solar units is not working properly, it seems to be the on off button and it works intermittently. I would like to replace this as I am very happy with the bollards. How do I do this

  11. I am looking for a replacement shade for outdoor table lamp, #0503014. I purchased the lamp, at Lowes, a few years ago.

  12. Hello I’m looking for Allen + roth Genuine stone White Marble Floor Tile (Common:; Actual: 10.8-in x 12.4-in) It’s not at lowes. How can I get more? I just need 6 pack to finish my kitchen.

  13. I am looking for another 8 pack set of Model #00955 Item #0378391

    Lowes does not carry them any longer. Does allen + roth still have them in stock or discontinued? I would like to purchase an 8-pack



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