10 Of the Best Expert-Approved Touches That Add Elegance To Your Bedroom

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Follow these simple tips from decorators and interior designers to make your bedroom the elegant space you want it to be.

To get a luxury room, you don’t have to break the piggy bank. The key is to find the right formula so that our bedroom conveys a luxurious space, like the one we fall in love with every production of our favorite decoration magazines, but without having to do figures to give an economic facial wash.

We’ve spoken to 7 experts in decoration and interior design to give you the keys you need to give your bedroom the elegant touch you want so badly without making any changes. 

Some bet more on the combination of colors, others of materials or among all discover the trend of wallpaper and do not hesitate to use it to bring luxury to the main room in the house. 

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To get that elegant touch we want so much, all we have to do is “put wallpaper or a mural in the wall of the headboard, creating a protagonist and a special wall in the bedroom”. 

In addition, there are also designs by artists and it is another way to introduce art into this space”, share Leal Interiorismo & Diseño with us. 

Meritxell Ribé also follows the trend: “The use of wallpaper on the headboard wall gives it all the attention it deserves, and the use of a sober and elegant design” and Vgliving has also made it clear: “a trend that we like to see in the bedrooms are the landscape paintings, such as those in the Chinese Coordinating or Degournay series, which bring elegance and depth, while at the same time inviting you to relax and unwind and calm down”.


We all know that the sensation of entering a space where wood, stone, and marble are perfectly combined is not the same as in a space where they have put everything on the same material.  

“The key is chromatic harmony.  Wood, natural materials and in this case white as the basis” is the formula recommended by the KELE interior design agency.  Mimouca shares with us: “In some elements, such as a frame or lamp, you can add materials such as gold, bronze or iron and even change the mechanisms.”

Mixing natural textures is one of the best 10 touches that add elegance to your bedroom #bedroom #elegance #decortips #interiordesign #bedroomideas
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They seem to be the key to any expert. 

Vgliving recommends the use of “upholstered frames, wallpaper frames, murals, mirrors, paintings… The most important thing is to make a balanced composition that tells a story”. KELE tells us that “the classic accents of the wallpaper next to the capitoné headboard give this bedroom a refined touch and make it an elegant and simple space”. We take note of it!


A very important change that brings a much more elegant style is to install “good curtains that also drag a few centimeters onto the floor to rest on the floor”, says Leal Interiorismo & Diseño, with which Cristina Vilches joins, adding to that the importance of materials to work well with some curtains in the event of a fall.

Curtains up to the floor is one of the best 10 touches that add elegance to your bedroom #bedroom #elegance #decortips #interiordesign #bedroomideas
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Cristina Vilches advises us to choose natural products (e.g. 100% linen or cotton curtains), which The Room Studio also supports: “We love the thickest and thinnest linen, mixed with raw and more ethnic linen”.


We may be betting on black rather than any other color when it comes to dressing, but you don’t have to do that in the decoration. 

“The colors we usually work with range from the softest shades of white, grey and green, with stronger colors such as tiles, dark green, ultramarine blue or margarine,” says The Room Studio. However, for those who want to give more color to the bedroom, the creative interior designer and feng shui expert Cristina Vilches advises us to bet on “colors like lime green or orange that bring so much light get a timeless style.”


Natural light is essential in every room of the house, and we must do everything we can to make the most of it. 

Cristina Vilches knows how important it is and recommends that “the more transparent the room, the better. We need to unlock the space by creating a minimalist atmosphere, where we attach great importance to natural light” and Vgliving does not hesitate to give us the same advice: “The distribution of furniture in the bedroom is all about the bed, which is why we always look for the best position of the bed in relation to the space and the natural light”.


“We love suspended lamps or wall lights because they add nuances and liberate the space of the bedside tables. One of our favorites is the Olivier model by Eichholtz,” advises Vgliving, and Meritxell Ribé shares with us that “we must bring warm light to the atmosphere and create a relaxed atmosphere”. 

If there are wardrobes or closets and they need to be lit, “we will do it but inside the same wardrobe with LED strips that will light up when the wardrobe doors are opened” comments The Room Studio.


In Leal Interiorismo & Diseño, they have it very clear: “Use carpets and rugs in the room to give a more comfortable touch. You will get up like in a palace. Also, if you add a carpet on top of the carpet, you will give it a contemporary look”.


We love clear spaces, but some of the other elements we use every day can also be part of the decoration and bring life to the rooms. “On the bedside tables, we like to place books, some candles and natural flowers such as peonies, a bouquet of roses or branches of eucalyptus”. Mimouca recommends adding decorative touches that stand out and give it personality: a vase, a jewelry box, a picture, or flowers. “The bedside tables give a lot of personality, depending on the style, shape, and materials can be the final touch to your room”.

I hope you enjoyed reading the tips the interior design experts gave about adding a touch of elegance to your bedroom. As of Allen and Roth, our favorite brand has a lot to offer when it comes to an elegant bedroom.

Did you like the tips? Do you plan to incorporate any of them into your interior design? Let us know what you think in the comments!

10 Touches That Add Elegance To Your Bedroom #bedroom #elegance #decorTips #interiorDesign #bedroomIdeas

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