Allen Roth Steel Gazebo Assembly Instructions

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Who doesn’t love a good outdoor party? We certainly do! Entertaining is so easy thanks to Allen and Roth steel gazebos by Lowe’s. They lend a lot of beauty and functionality to your backyard—just like our Beige Dome Gazebo. So let’s take a closer look at the Allen and Roth steel gazebos by Lowe’s!

Aside from providing a shaded area for gatherings, they also make great “outdoor living spaces.” The family can relax outside and enjoy the beautiful spring weather.

You can also enjoy this enhancement to outdoor leisure. Simply choose the right gazebo for your space. There’s a good variety of Allen Roth gazebos at Lowe’s including:

  • Easy Up Gazebo
  • Beige Dome Gazebo
  • Wood Looking Semi-Gazebo
  • Pergola Gazebo
  • Hardtop Gazebo
  • Easy Up Gazebo

Better yet, the assembly instructions of these steel gazebos are simple enough to follow. So gather up your crew for a fun weekend project!

Easy Up Gazebo L-GZ47PST-I Assembly Instructions

To start off, let’s look at the Easy Up Gazebo. Its design is simple yet decorative. Its dimensions are 10 feet long, 12 feet wide, and 7.5 feet tall.

The sturdy, square polyester top gradually comes to a point. The sides are a neutral khaki and black that pair well with just about any color scheme. The curtains on all four sides can be tied back with fasteners. Or you can close them for coverage and protection from mosquitos.

Garden Winds Replacement Canopy for Allen Roth Finial Gazebo - Riplock 350 - Beige

Basically, this frame (Model # L-GZ47PST-I) is not too challenging. It takes approximately 30 minutes to assemble. You’ll need a crew of two people, possibly three and no extra tools. Most parts snap-in, and the screws are knarled-head. That means neither a screwdriver nor a wrench is necessary.

Assembly Instructions

So here are Allen Roth steel gazebo assembly instructions:

  1. Take out the crossbeams, unfold them and insert them into the slots at the top of each post.
  2. Next, you will take the corner connectors and insert them into each of the top corners where the posts meet.
  3. Then you will bolt each corner. Twist them to make sure they are secure.
  4. Next, you will secure both the short and long crossbeams by inserting the middle bar connectors.
  5. Like the previous step, insert and secure the bolts.
  6. To assemble the top, you will need to insert the long corner bars into the short corner bars.
  7. The short corner bars will then go into the corner connectors.
  8. The all long corner bars will be inserted into the top connector.
  9. Next, you will slide the long and the short middle bars into middle bar connectors.
  10. Finally, all middle bars will be placed in the top connector.

You can find the detailed instructions on Lowe’s website. The assembly instructions also include the instructions on how to install and remove the gazebo canopy.

Beige Dome Gazebo GF-12S004B Assembly Instructions

Exotic meets Down-to-Earth with this gazebo, which is why I love ours.

This 10’ x 12’ structure lends an almost other-worldly look to your garden. The beige tones fit in well with more brightly colored furniture. The curtains can also fasten to the posts or provide coverage and protection from UV rays and bugs.

APEX GARDEN Replacement Canopy Top for Lowe's Allen Roth 10X12 Gazebo #GF-12S004B-1

For this model GF-12S004B, you will a 2 or 4-person team and 4 hours. All hardware, including the wrench and the hex wrench, are in the box.

These assembly instructions are also suitable for the gazebo item #510327 model #TP GAZ 17-002 since both models share the same hardware frame.

Assembly Instructions

The main assembly instructions include the following steps:

  1. Connect the post plate with the support posts, using the hex wrench to secure the short bolts.
  2. Secondly, the crossbars are attached to each other using both wrenches to secure the long bolts and with the nuts.
  3. Once all 4 of these are assembled, then you will place them together. This is to prepare to secure them to the posts.
  4. One at a time, while your crew holds up posts, secure them with the hex wrench onto the posts using the medium bolts and nuts.
  5. Now you’re ready to assemble the frame for the canopy.
  6. You will now insert the roof poles into the roof connector.
  7. Secure the opposite ends of the poles into the support posts using the hex wrench, medium bolts, and nuts.
  8. The roof canopy pole is then connected to the roof connector.
  9. Then it’s secured into the crossbar with the medium bolts and nuts.

Now, you have this frame constructed. You’ll find more detailed instructions on the Lowe’s website. The assembly instructions also include the instructions for installing and removing the gazebo canopy.

Wood Looking Semi-Gazebo GF-18S112B Assembly Video

Bought a wood looking hand paint metal square semi-gazebo from Allen+Roth and lost the assembling instructions? No worries!
Here’s the video of how to assembly this gazebo model GF-18S112B (item #875051):

Pergola Gazebo GF-12S039B Assembly Instructions

If you prefer a little less coverage but still a good amount of shade, then you can opt for the Pergola Gazebo, a simpler style of Allen and Roth steel gazebo by Lowe’s.

This model GF-12S039B consists of extra-thick posts and a very sophisticated look. Again, the neutral color is quite versatile.

Replacement Canopy Top Cover for Garden Treasures 10' x 10' Pergola Gazebo - RipLock 500

So gather a 4-person crew together for the next 4 hours of assembly. Keep a 5’ ladder  on hand, but the rest of the tools (wrench, hex wrench) are included.

Assembly Instructions

Here are the necessary steps for putting this 10’ x 10’ gazebo together:

  1. First, you and each crew member will need to construct the base for the posts. This is done by securing the brackets to plate covers on the posts with the short bolts. You’ll use the hex wrench.
  2. Next, you’ll place the side panels on the basis. These are secured with short bolts using the hex wrench.
  3. After that, you’ll insert the support posts into the upper part of each base. The bottom plate can be attached as well. To secure these, you’ll need the hex wrench and more short bolts.
  4. Now, you will attach the left and right crossbars together. These require the long bolts, washers, and nuts. Both the hex and regular wrenches are utilized for tightening.
  5. Then, attach the “U” plates to the crossbars at the base of each triangle. You will use the hex wrench to secure.
  6. Afterward, you’ll need to insert the long bolts, along with nuts and washers, into the middle of the crossbars. You’ll use both types of wrenches.
  7. The next step is to connect and secure the four canopy roof staffs with the fixation. Short bolts are necessary for fastening together.
  8. The next part consists of finishing off the posts by attaching the upper moldings to the support posts.
  9. Position these posts in four corners in a square formation.
  10. Then you’ll take the crossbars and place them on top of the support posts. Medium bolts and washers will be necessary for securing these together. You’ll also need the hex wrench and remember to have the bolt holes facing toward the inside of the gazebo.
  11. Next insert the upper crossbars downward into and under the crossbars. Again, you’ll need to make sure the bolt holes are facing inward.
  12. Medium bolts, washers, and the hex wrench are necessary for this step. Then you’ll secure the tops to the crossbars with the short bolts.
  13. You will then attach the fabric cover to the top of the roof connector. The final will be screwed in until it’s fastened tightly.

For more detailed instructions on this gazebo, refer to Lowe’s site. You will also find directions on the installation and removal of the canopy for this and other Allen and Roth steel gazebos by Lowe’s.

Hard Top Gazebo L-GZ340PCO-5 Assembly Instructions

If you desire a very distinct ornate look, then the Hard Top is definitely for you.

This gazebo is a slick black and provides enough shade. The sides are also open which makes it easy to place the gazebo on the patio or even in the middle of the backyard. The hardtop is quite sturdy for year-round use.

It’s one of the most distinct selections from Allen and Roth steel gazebos by Lowe’s.

To put this together, you’ll need a Phillips screwdriver  and a wrench  . You’ll also need to set aside 90 minutes for you and your team of 5 or more to get the job done.

Assembly Instructions

Here are the main steps for assembling this model #L-GZ340PCO-5:

  1. For this one, you’ll construct the top first. Start with inserting the left screens into the right screens securing them with bolts and washers.
  2. The beam connectors will then be connected to the screens with bolts and washers.
  3. Then, secure the screens to post connectors with bolts and washers.
  4. Next, take the 4 slanting bar connectors and connect to the post connectors.
  5. In the following step, you’ll attach the big top connectors to the big top bars. Screws and washers secure them snugly at each corner.
  6. Now attach the top slanting bars to the big top connectors, using the bolts and washers.
  7. Attach the other end of the top slanting bars to the slanting bar connectors. Secure with screws, nuts, and flat washers on the corners.
  8. Then secure the top beams to the big top bars.
  9. You’ll then attach the opposite end of the top beams to the beam connectors.
  10. Now take the U-shaped hook and attach it to the small top connector.
  11. Then attach the small top support beams to the small top connector.
  12. Next, attach the completed small top to the big top frames
  13. You’ll then attach the 4 small top panels.
  14. In the next part, you’ll connect the long sides of the big rooftop beams to the top slanting bars. Use the bolts and washers to secure them.
  15. Next, you’ll join the big top beams to the top beams and secure them with screws.
  16. Now connect the middle part of the big top beams to the top slanting bars.
  17. Repeat this step and secure with screws and washers.
  18. Finally, attach the small top to the big top.
  19. Next, you’ll start attaching the roof panels with screws and washers.
  20. To start constructing the posts, you’ll need to attach base covers. Then secure with screws.
  21. Now your team will lift the roof while others insert the posts into the connectors.
  22. Secure each post with bolts and washers.
  23. Attach support bars to the posts to the screens
  24. Secure these parts with bolts and washers.
  25. Finally, you and your team will need to lift the posts while somebody drives stakes through them.

For more information, find the detailed assembly instructions on Lowe’s website.

Allen + Roth Metal Square Gazebo L-GZ1150PST-A Assembly Instructions

For this hardtop gazebo model L-GZ1150PST-A (SKU 878762), we do not have PDF instructions but instead, here’s a video by Sunjoy that shows the assembly process.

Bought A Gazebo And Now Need To Install It?

Check out this great service by Amazon: Gazebo Assembly .

This service includes:

  • You can order an installation on either a lawn or patio
  • It includes an assembly of 1 customer-provided gazebo
  • Usually, it takes 10 hours to assemble a gazebo
  • Keep in mind that longer assembly times may result in extra service fees
Gazebo installation service by Amazon

Myself, I did not try it but it seems that the majority of the customers who bought it loved it. They loved how professional service was as well as the fact that the assemblers were very detailed oriented, made sure the gazebo was set up correctly and were fast to accomplish the project.

As of the complains, it seems that sometimes, the assembly may take longer than usual and thus, it may come with additional charges. Also, some assembly teams were not as good as othersDifficulties with scheduling a visit is another common complaint.

Final Words

So these are the Allen Roth steel gazebo assembly instructions. Any of these four options would provide comfort and enjoyment during the warm weather months. Thus, feel free to check out these links for a closer look at Allen and Roth steel gazebos by Lowe’s.

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  5. I purchased the floor model #L-PG152PST-B from Lowes (#878763).
    Unfortunately whoever took it down didn’t save a lot of the hardware. When we pull up the parts list for this model on-line to determine what needs to be ordered we’ve noticed that the list doesn’t include the small part that’s labeled with an “R”…it’s the small bracket that holds the short corner piece to the column. I’ve searched the website until I’m brain dead and connect find this price in ANY model Allen+Roth pergola. PLEASE HELP!!!!

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  8. I recently bought and installed the 10′ x 12′ sunshelter, with sliding roof panels. So far it has been great, but I can’t get the panels to stay open. This is a concern if I get significant snow fall. Is there a trick to this that I am missing?

  9. Hi Michelle! So the Allen+Roth GF-12S039B has been discontinued. (Booo.) I would like very much to find one, or to build a replica out of wood. You’re the manufacturer… if the unit is truly at its end-of-life, can you share the technical specifications for the sections so us weekend-warriors can take a stab at making one?
    (Feel free to remove this post and email me directly. Either way, thank you in advance for your time and attention to this inquiry.)

    • I purchased a free standing pergola gazebo from Lowe’s made by Allen+Roth. The item number is 878763. The model number is L-PG152PST-B. However, the package did not contain instructions. Can you email me a copy of the instructions.

      Thank you.

  10. Hello I am looking for mosquito screening for 12 x12 wood looking gazebo sold at Lowes. I saw question on Lowes site that stated they might have this year. Any further updates or suggestions ? Looking forward to purchasing .Thanks

  11. I am about to purchase a wood tone gabled steel gazebo # 875051. It will be mounted on a concrete slab. Unfortunately one end is about 2” lower than the other end. What do you suggest I do to allow for this shortcoming? Can the height of the corner posts be adjusted during assembly? Thank you

  12. I installed via Lowes the A &R 10×10 metal gazebo. Over the winter a wind storm has destroyed three of the metal panels from the top.
    I need replacement panels – but do not feel I should pay. A&R has NO customer support number or process to follow. This will be my LAST A&R – and LOWES purchase unless this is rectified. Can you assist?

  13. I recently purchased a pergola from lowes and assembled same. came up short 6 bolts JJ and thought you should know pack was wrong model PG152PST-1. Do you sell the canopy for same model and how much is it?

  14. We have had the Allen Roth beige Dome Gazebo GF-12S004B for some time now. We have to replace the canopy, which we have done before. Before replacing the canopy we need to get a replacement part that has rusted and broken off at the end. Can you tell us how we can get the following replacement part?

    Replacement canopy roof pole 4. Letter L on the instruction diagram

    Thank you

  15. Please provide corner post/column base plate footprint dimensions for Hard top Gazebo model number L-GZ1150PST-A. I plan to precast concrete piers with 4 anchor bolts embedded in each corner location to attach column base plates. Also please provide anchor bolt diameter.

  16. I am trying to plan the patio layout for Model # GF-18S112B. I need to know the center to center distance on the foundation post. I prefer to set concrete footers instead of mounting to the pavers. The Lowe’s website gives one foundation dimension in the description and a different foundation dimension in the specs. I do not believe either dimension is center to center. Can you please help or provide layout drawings? Thanks

  17. Hi
    I need help on getting these parts for MODEL# L-GZ340PCO-5
    G1 – Big Top Connector
    G2 – Big Top Bar
    C – Slanting Bar Connector

    Thanks a lot!

  18. I bought the Allen + roth Brown Metal Rectangle Screened Gazebo (#510327, Model TPGAZ17-002) in May, 2018. Last week I noticed a huge tear in the canopy. I know that there is a 1 year warrenty. How do I contact?

  19. Sir/Madam,

    Please tell us the GF-18S112B is still available… somewhere! We finally found a gazebo kit we both REALLY like but Lowe’s & BHG both say “Nope” (unhappy face). Say it ain’t so!

    Thank you in advance,


  20. Purchased hardtop gazebo l-gz1150pst-a this spring Can you recommend side curtains or side enclosures to keep snow out

  21. Hi, I’m missing some parts, I would like to know where can I buy them
    My model is: l-gz472pst-i
    I need:
    4 Middle Bar Connector #0493712-C
    2Corner Bar Connector #0493712-D

    Thank you

  22. We purchased the 10 x 10 hard top Gazebo. Was wondering what the over hang measures from the outside of legs to edge of roof. We are installing in the corner of our house and existing cement porch (that is covered) and don’t want to be right up against either one.

    • Hi Tom,
      Allen+Roth does not have bigger gazebos but it is possible to find other items that have a similar design and are bigger.
      What size are you looking for?

  23. We purchased the L-GZ115oPST-A My hubby is concerned about the water run off. Is there a way to install a gutter to this unit. Or any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also is a 10 x 10 wood deck wide enough to accommodate this Gazebo?

    • Hi Karen,
      Sure it is possible to install rain gutters on a hardtop gazebo.
      We never did it ourselves though
      Check out this video for some tips:

      I am not so sure about the deck… The base of the gazebo is exactly 10×10 so it might be hard to secure it properly on the deck.
      Hope it helps!

  24. We purchased the 10 X 10 hard top. My hubby is worried about the water run off…uggg Would it be possible to attach a gutter to the roof edge ? Or any suggestion would be greatly appreciated Thanks Karen

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  26. I was in lowes recently and saw this ——-allen + roth 116.14-in W x 116.14-in L x 94.3-in H Tan/Black Freestanding Pergola with Canopy.
    do you ship internationally to the united kingdom?

  27. Part J was broken when we were assembling our Allen & Roth Gazezo and we do not want Lowe’s to replace the entire gazebo when we already have it half assembled. We bought your Model# GF-18S112B, Item # 875051…12’x12′ Wood Looking Hand Paint Metal Square Semi- Gazebo. There are 4 parts marked “J” we would like all 4 replaced.

  28. Where can I get replacement parts for the allen + roth 116.14-in W x 116.14-in L x 94.3-in H Tan/Black Freestanding Pergola with Canopy. I am looking for the canopy guides. Thank You.

  29. The Pergola I purchased at Lowes does not have instructions in the box and none of the above products match what I bought. The one I purchased has a flat top with the slats on the top across running front to back. the cover is a semi-transparent mesh-type cover that slides side to side. There is no pointed roof. Can I get the instructions for assembly?


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