31 Magical Rope Lighting Ideas To Create A Fairytale In Your Home

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Are you looking for ideas that combine lighting and decor? Do you have some Christmas lights lying around and you want to use them? 

Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, rope lighting is one of the best ways to redecorate your property. It adds a lot of peaceful feeling to your home and it just looks nice!

There are tons of ideas for rope lighting that you can find on the internet. However, some of them are just pointless or impractical.

I’ve scoured the internet looking for the best rope lighting ideas that you shouldn’t miss. Let’s check them out!

What About Allen+Roth?

Allen+Roth specializes in all kinds of lighting-based products. They’ve created some of the most popular lighting collections on the market, for example, the Eastview one that inspired Vaxel to create its own Vine collection.

They have a lot of products that suit a rope lighting theme and you can make use of some of these items in your projects. This way, you can combine the beauty of these ideas below with the simplicity and quality of Allen+Roth products.

For example, you can use this glass jar pendant light  to achieve some of the staircase rope light ideas you’ll see below. 

Additionally, Allen+Roth has an aesthetically pleasing string light  that allows you to add a stylish lightbulb. They also offer different styles of string lights, such as this Light White Crackle Glass-Shade lights . This one is ideal for ceiling and wall rope light decorations.

You can even find different types of Allen and Roth lanterns:

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You can implement them in some of the ideas I’m mentioning below.

LED Ropes Lighting Ideas For Bordering

Border Your Backyard

LED lights used to for a border #ropeLights #lighting #lights #ledLights #stringLights #backyardLighting #outdoorLights #OutdoorLighting
Image credit: farmfoodfamily.com

One of the best ways to use rope lights is to use them to border your backyard. It’s a smart way to outline your pathways without using extensive lighting.

Additionally, they look fantastic and dreamy at night. As you can see here, the lights accent the stone beautifully. 

Reinvent Your Deck Railing

You can use LED light ropes to border your deck railing. When the sun goes down, it looks nothing like your usual boring railing!

You can also change the colors of the lights to give it the ideal glow. Moreover, you won’t need any lanterns to light your deck.

Tape It Under The Edge

LED lights used to for a border #ropeLights #lighting #lights #ledLights #stringLights #backyardLighting #outdoorLights #OutdoorLighting
Image credit: pinterest.com

If you aren’t a big fan of visible rope lights, you can tape them under the edges. This way, you can still enjoy the light without having the ropes themselves catch your eye.

This is a great way to light your front yard, backyard, and even the driveway.

Border Your Closet

LED lights used to for a border #ropeLights #lighting #lights #ledLights #stringLights #closet #homeDecor #interiorDesign
Image credit: katydidandkid.com

If you’re looking for a way to make your walk-in closet look more enticing, there’s nothing better than bordering it with LED lights!

You don’t need a flashy light rope though. These practical LED lights make it easier for you to see your clothes. It’ll give your closet a complete make-over.

Use LED String Lights To Write Words

Spell Out Words

A writing on a wall with LED string lights #ropeLights #lighting #lights #ledLights #stringLights #homeDecor #interiorDesign
Image credit: buzzfeed.com

Besides using string lights to make eye-catching patterns, you can also use them to write words. You can try out different fonts and styles to fit the length of the string lights you have. 

In this image, you can notice they used nails to make the word. However, it doesn’t affect the general ambiance of the room.

Use Them Outdoors, Too

A writing on a wall with LED string lights #ropeLights #lighting #lights #ledLights #stringLights #homeDecor #interiorDesign
Image credit: decorhit.com

Who said that LED string lights are for indoor use only? You can use them to write on outdoor walls, too!

In this image, the warm glow of the string lights accents the hot tub perfectly. You can write all sorts of words, like “welcome” — use your imagination! 

Using Adhesive Tape To Fix Words

A writing on a wall with LED string lights #ropeLights #lighting #lights #ledLights #stringLights #homeDecor #interiorDesign
Image credit: aacmm.com

This image shows a similar style to the above. The only difference is they’ve used adhesives instead of nails, which works quite well, too.

The rest of the string is organized in a clever way. Using smaller strings of lights to make a glowing waterfall is pure genius!

Ideas For Wrapping Rope Lights

Wrap Your Rope Lights

Wove in your LED light in ropes #ropeLights #lighting #lights #ledLights #stringLights #homeDecor #interiorDesign
Image credit: cientouno.co

Rope lights are great at bordering objects for decoration and lighting purposes. However, they can sometimes be a bit too bright for the eye.

To fix this, you can wrap something around them to make them less flashy and give an aesthetically pleasing appearance. In this picture, the light is wrapped in white crochet to add a cozy yet elegant feeling.

By using different types of wrapping material, you can control the amount of leaking light and adjust it according to your preferences.

Crochet LED Light Rope

Wove in your LED light in ropes #ropeLights #lighting #lights #ledLights #stringLights #homeDecor #interiorDesign
Image credit: metablasts.com

This is another beautiful example of pairing crochet with LED light ropes. Not only does it make the lighting softer, it also shows that decorating can be unique and fun!

This crochet rug looks amazing and makes a great night light for various settings. For example, it can be perfect for a nursery or kids’ rooms. You can also play with the colors to match the color scheme of any room!

Turn Rope Lights Into A Glowing Basket

Wove in your LED light in ropes #ropeLights #lighting #lights #ledLights #stringLights #homeDecor #interiorDesign
Image credit: metablasts.com

You can turn rope lights into a glowing basket. As you can see in this image, the basket is made of a single wrapped rope light that’s layered on top of itself.

You can also use regular rope and wrap thinner string lights around it. Both ideas will work as a cute lantern or a night light. It’s also a great way to utilize a rope light that you don’t need.

Ropes And Christmas Lights Do Mix

Put Them On The Floor

Combine a rope with Christmas lights #christmasLights #ropeLights #lighting #lights #ledLights #stringLights #homeDecor #interiorDesign
Image credit: anninspired.com

Christmas string lights are affordable, cozy, and simple to use and adjust. If you have a piece of rope lying around, you can combine the two for a piece of art.

You’ll be amazed by how versatile this combination can be! In this image, you can see how the dark combination contrasts and accents the colors in the room. 

At night, the powerful combo works as a brilliant source of dim light — perfectly suited for romantic nights.

Hang Them On A Wall

Combining old rope with Christmas string lights doesn’t have to be for the floor. In fact, you can hang this statement piece on the wall for a rustic and vintage vibe.

You won’t need more than one nail to hang this rope on. You can create different patterns to see which one fits your wall the best. For example, you can tie some knots or wrap the rope, like in the picture.

Use Christmas Lights To Redecorate Your House

Decorate Your Bedroom Walls

Indoor christmas lights for non-Chritmas time #christmasLights #ropeLights #lighting #lights #ledLights #stringLights #homeDecor #interiorDesign
Image credit: omahhome.com

If you have some perfectly fine Christmas lights lying around, why let them collect dust? After they serve their purpose during the holidays, you can use them in a variety of ways.

For example, you can use them to decorate your bedroom walls or as a substitute for regular lights.

Hang Them From The Ceiling

You can use these lights to give your room a complete makeover without spending a huge amount of money.

These tiny lights are great at creating an “among stars” ambiance. You can let them hang from the ceiling, especially if there are no ceiling lights. This idea is ideal for a teenage room to give them the hip style they love! For more ideas for rooms without ceiling lights, go to this post.

Create A Sparkling Lightscape

Indoor christmas lights for non-Chritmas time #christmasLights #ropeLights #lighting #lights #ledLights #stringLights #homeDecor #interiorDesign
Image credit: apartmenttherapy.com

Instead of using raw Christmas lights to light a room, you can incorporate them into something even better!

All you need is a white canvas and any type of adhesive. By sticking tiny string lights to the canvas, you can create a glittering lightscape that looks amazing in any room.

Make A DIY Wooden Chandelier

Indoor christmas lights for non-Chritmas time #christmasLights #ropeLights #lighting #lights #ledLights #stringLights #homeDecor #interiorDesign
Image credit: himisspuff.com

The most amazing and brilliant ideas are always the simplest. At first glance, this chandelier looks astonishing and heavenly. 

Up close, it’s just a wooden pallet with a bunch of tiny Christmas lights hanging from it. As simple as that, you can have a wonderful lighting decoration in your house!

Design A DIY Mason Jar Lantern 

Indoor christmas lights for non-Chritmas time #christmasLights #ropeLights #lighting #lights #ledLights #stringLights #homeDecor #interiorDesign
Image credit: thesolarhouse.net

You’ve probably seen many DIY hacks on how to make a lantern with a mason jar. However, they’re usually made with candles, which doesn’t last long and isn’t great for indoor use.

By throwing some Christmas lights inside an old mason jar, you can create an amazing lantern that can last for years. Moreover, you can keep it in your room without worrying about safety issues.

Christmas Light Ideas for Year-Round Outdoor Decor

Wrap Christmas Lights Around Trees

Outdoor Christmas lights for non-Chritmas time #christmasLights #ropeLights #lighting #lights #ledLights #stringLights #backyardLighting #outdoorLights #OutdoorLighting
Image credit: gardenoholic.com

Whether you need basic lighting or to illuminate an outdoor party, Christmas lights do the trick just fine!

If you have large trees in your garden, you might want to wrap some Christmas lights around them. This way, you won’t need lanterns everywhere.

Create A Waterfall Effect

Outdoor Christmas lights for non-Chritmas time #christmasLights #ropeLights #lighting #lights #ledLights #stringLights #backyardLighting #outdoorLights #OutdoorLighting
Image credit: bloglovin.com

If you have tall trees with long branches in your garden, you’re in luck! Nothing looks more dreamy and heartwarming like a drape of Christmas lights on the trees.

As you can see from this image, Christmas lights can be highly functional for outdoor picnics and gatherings. Additionally, they’re harmless to the trees and don’t consume a lot of electricity, compared to other outdoor lighting options.

Mix Them With Outdoor Lighting 

Outdoor Christmas lights for non-Chritmas time #christmasLights #ropeLights #lighting #lights #ledLights #stringLights #backyardLighting #outdoorLights #OutdoorLighting
Image credit: petrolhat.com

When the sun goes down, dimmer lights might not be enough to keep the party going. In this case, you need an efficient lighting system in your backyard.

If the lanterns you have aren’t doing the job on their own, try mixing them with some Christmas lights. The results will be even better if they’re large or extra bright.

This way, you can enjoy a decorative touch to your outdoor haven without spending too much on additional task lighting.

Use String Bulb Lights To Style A Garden

Cover Trees With String Bulb Lights

Bulb String Lights wrapped around trees #stringLights #ropeLights #lighting #lights #ledLights #stringLights #backyardLighting #outdoorLights #OutdoorLighting
Image credit: walmart.com

When you’re inside, having bright string lights to see by aren’t as important, as you always have your main lighting to do the job. However, things are different outdoors.

You need to make sure that your garden lighting is both pretty and efficient. That’s why string bulb lights are a great way to decorate your trees. 

If you like bulb lights that are dimmer, you can use them to entirely cover a tree. As you can see in this picture, this maxes out both the look and the efficiency of the string lights.

Make Your Own Garden Of Eden

Bulb String Lights wrapped around trees #stringLights #ropeLights #lighting #lights #ledLights #stringLights #backyardLighting #outdoorLights #OutdoorLighting
Image credit: outsidemodern.com

Instead of wrapping string lights on trees, you can use the branches to hold the string lights.

This makes the light bulbs hang from the trees like glowing fruit. By doing this, your small garden will look like a piece of heaven, all the while staying functional and effective.

Ideas For Combining Leftover Ropes And Light Bulbs

Use Ropes And Light Bulbs To Decorate Trees

Bulb lights combined with ropes #ropeLights #lighting #lights #ledLights #stringLights #backyardLighting #outdoorLights #OutdoorLighting
Image credit: sm1ttysm1t.com

Recently, exposed light bulbs have become a huge trend. They’re minimalistic and contemporary. However, they don’t endure harsh outdoor conditions very well. 

Instead, you can use ropes with a light bulb to create a similar style in your garden. Sailor’s rope gives your garden a rustic and cozy look.

Hang Ropes With Light Bulbs From A Wooden Log

Bulb lights combined with ropes #ropeLights #lighting #lights #ledLights #stringLights #homeDecor #interiorDesign
Image credit: divesanddollar.com

This is one of the best rope lighting designs you can do in your house. You can use different styles of light bulbs and different logs to recreate this idea in your own way.

You can also paint the log and even get colored light bulbs to match the colors in the room.

Create A Handmade Pendant Light For Your Staircase

Bulb lights combined with ropes #ropeLights #lighting #lights #ledLights #stringLights #homeDecor #interiorDesign
Image credit: decorilo.com

This one is one of the best ideas for rope lights. If you have a round staircase, you can use ropes instead of modern pendant lights to create a vintage look.

As you can see in the picture, the ropes compliment the wooden staircase nicely. It’s also a clever idea that’ll save a lot of money!

Use Ropes To Create A DIY Pulley Light

Bulb lights combined with ropes #ropeLights #lighting #lights #ledLights #stringLights #homeDecor #interiorDesign
Image credit: hometalk.com

This top-notch DIY project redefines the use of ropes and lightbulbs to create a magnificent pulley light. In addition to the ropes and lightbulbs, you only need optional lightbulb cages and some wood. 

The wine rack also adds to the rustic atmosphere and makes for a great accessory next to a dining table.

Ropes And Vintage Lanterns

Bulb lights combined with ropes #ropeLights #lighting #lights #ledLights #stringLights #homeDecor #interiorDesign
Image credit: spenceronthego.com

If you want to give your staircase some wow factor with simple resources, you need to check this one out!

Look for older lanterns that you don’t have a use for and tie them to some medium-sized ropes. After that, hang them from a rack to light up the stairs in an elegant way.

Utilize The Height Of Your Staircase

Bulb lights combined with ropes #ropeLights #lighting #lights #ledLights #stringLights #homeDecor #interiorDesign
Image credit: houseandhome.com

When you don’t have enough square footage, try to make use of the height of your staircase instead. In this image, you can see how the pendant light neatly fits the modern style of the staircase. 

The glass also reflects the light to keep the stairs clear and visible, which adds to the functionality of this idea. You can use different ropes of various lengths to maximize this design and its efficiency. 

Recycled Jack Daniels Bottles To Create Cool Wall Lights

Track lights made of recycled Jack Daniels wiskey bottles #upcycling #wiskey #bottle #ropeLights #lighting #lights #homeDecor #interiorDesign
Image credit: mancavehomebar.com

There are tons of DIY projects that start with a Jack Daniels bottle. In this picture, you can see how a man cave can benefit from all the empty bottles lying around.

The label on the bottles helps you dim the lights and gives the room a warmer look. You can also use this smart idea in your business, like in a bar or a casino.

Hang It Off The Ceiling For A Bedside Lamp

Bulb lights combined with ropes #ropeLights #lighting #lights #ledLights #stringLights #homeDecor #interiorDesign
Image credit: planete-deco

Once again, if you use your imagination, you can turn anything into something brilliant. You can even craft a full nightstand with lighting using the rope+lightbulb idea.

I love how minimalistic and yet clever this idea is. It’s also clutter-free and highly adjustable to your style preference. 

For example, you can paint the rope beforehand if you think other colors will better match the tone of your room.

Create A Wonderful DIY Rope Lamp

Bulb lights combined with ropes #ropeLights #lighting #lights #ledLights #stringLights #homeDecor #interiorDesign
Image credit: momooze.com

Last but not least, this DIY project creates a state of the art lamp with affordable and simple elements. You can use this artsy lamb in a wide variety of places, including farm houses and cabins!

All you need is a piece of driftwood, thick rope, and a lamp to create this masterpiece. If you’re into rustic decor, this idea is a must-have.

Final Thoughts On My Rope Lighting Ideas

There you have it — a list with some of the most brilliant LED rope lighting ideas you can find out there!

I hope you enjoyed the ideas I’ve included on this list as much as I did when finding them! I really enjoyed putting these ideas together and learning some cool DIY tricks!

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to share the article with your friends if you liked it.

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