How the Tear-Aid patch helped us repair Allen+Roth gazebo canopy

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We adore spending time outside. Casual dinners, meditating, relaxing with a glass of wine after a long day, entertaining family and friends—we do so much of our living outside.

Here in southern California, we generally have pleasant, mild weather much of the year. This wonderful weather means we are extremely fortunate to be able to spend so much of our time outdoors. When outdoors, we spend much of our time in our beautiful gazebo! It’s a gorgeous gazebo with a tiered, beige polyester fabric Allen Roth gazebo canopy that features an air vent. It’s versatile and comfortable, and which we absolutely cherish it.

A Story Of a Bluebird

So, we were a bit devastated January of last year when we had a mishap Repair Allen+roth gazebo canopy - a story of bluebirdthat caused a tear in our gazebo canopy. We had some unusually strong storms move through; these were the kind of storms that involve tornados. For those who aren’t familiar with West Coast weather, thunderstorms are very rare here in SoCal, never mind tornados! (You may have heard about this weather event on the news.) But, before the storms even arrived, we had a mishap that took over our day.

This sweet little bluebird kept flying into our window.

Over and over.

The poor thing must have hit that glass one time too many because it stunned itself. When the little dear recovered its senses, we realized that it had injured its wing.

Concerned for the little bird, we rushed it to the nearest vet in hopes of saving it. With all that excitement, we completely forgot to prep our yard for the coming storm. It’s recommended that you remove your gazebo canopy during strong storms to prevent damage like tears.

In the midst of our bird excitement, we completely forgot to remove our gazebo canopy and a major tear is exactly what happened to ours. Luckily, we were able to repair our canopy with the help of a lovely product.

Saving Our Gazebo

With our beautiful gazebo sanctuary in jeopardy, I scoured the internet to find a solution that would save our canopy while not breaking the bank. We were so relieved to find the amazing Tear-Aid patch.

TEAR-AID unisex Fabric Repair first aid kits, Fabric Repair (Pack of 1), Pack 1 US
  • Country Of Origin : United States
  • The Package Height Of The Product Is 5.5 Inches
  • The Package Length Of The Product Is 3 Inches

This awesome product is the easiest and cleanest way to patch holes or tears in your canopy. Made from a miraculous elastomer, it actually resists rips and punctures. It’s also transparent, so it works with literally any color fabric. The Tear-Aid patch cuts to any size with regular scissors, and also adheres with no messy glues or the need to sew. This patch was clean and simple to apply to our canopy, and it’s as if the tear never happened. The patch comes with a PDF detailing the very clear and easy-to-follow instructions for applying the patch.

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How To Apply Tear-Aid Patch

The directions go something like this:

  • First, I cut the patch to the needed size with my scissors. I made sure to include a one-inch border around all sides of the tear as I cut, and then round the perpendicular corners.
  • Next, I peeled the patch’s paper liner back one-half inch, carefully separating the lining from the patch as I went.
  • Lastly, I correctly positioned the patch into position and –avoiding air bubbles—I placed the patch over the tear. Once I’d aggressively rubbed (yes, the instructions really say that) all the edges to seal, I repeated the exact same process on the bottom side of the canopy.

And, voila! Our Allen+Roth gazebo canopy was a good as new! The pdf directions also provide instructions for repairing a tear that goes to the outer edge of the canopy. This allows you to repair any conceivable tear to your outdoor canopy. This product is so versatile and easy to use. You can learn more about the fantastic Tear-Aid product at their website

All’s well that ends well in our wounded bluebird, huge tornado weather event mishap. Happily, the sweet little bird survived, and the Tear-Aid patch helped us to repair Allen+Roth gazebo canopy and saved us from unnecessary expenses.

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  1. Crappy crappy products by allen and roth. The 10 x 13 gazebo is poorly designed. Snap buttons break, so far three of them; nothing fits together when you go to put last piece in for each section; pillars, small top, and large top cannopies 3inches off!!!! Do not buy unless plan to cut metal.


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