21 Impressive Yet Elegant Walk-In Closet Ideas For Your Home

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Do you dream of having a large closet where all your clothes, jewelry, and shoes fit? Well, you’re not alone. 

Before I invested in a walk-in closet, it always seemed like I had too many clothes and not enough space. The things inside my closet were jammed together and my clothes kept getting wrinkled. 

Thanks to a walk-in closet though, I’ve been able to keep my clothes, shoes, and accessories well-organized. I no longer spend so much time looking for outfits to wear. 

Do you need more space for all your items? You will love these walk-in closet ideas. You can also learn more tips on how to store your clothes here

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Walk-In Closet Ideas

Think Vertical 

Two-Story Closet With Bronze Chandelier

Two-Story Closet With Bronze Chandelier #closet #storage #organization #allenrothCloset #allenAndRothCloset #closetShelves
Image credit: hgtv.com

While most people would never consider building a two-story walk-in closet, this is actually a very economical option since it costs less to build up than out. Looking to save money and space in your bedroom remodel project? If so, a two-story walk-in closet is the way to go. 

Get some inspiration from this luxurious two-story closet at hgtv.com. The closet is decorated with an enormous bronze chandelier to match the surrounding decor.

Go With White

two-story white walk-in closet #closet #storage #organization #allenrothCloset #allenAndRothCloset #closetShelves
Image credit: donpedrobrooklyn.com

When designing a two-story walk-in closet, one of the things you need to choose carefully is the color. White is a color that works well for both the walls, built-in shelves, and island. Together, with a clear light fixture, life and light is brought into the closet.  

This walk-in closet on donpedrobrooklyn.com shows how to match a white color scheme with a lighting fixture, like a chandelier. 

Add Furniture Pieces

Think Of Antique Style Accent Furniture

walk-in closet with antique style accent furniture #closet #storage #organization #allenrothCloset #allenAndRothCloset #closetShelves
Image credit: thisisglamorous.com

You don’t have to break the bank when designing your walk-in closet. Sometimes, all it takes is adding that one element that completely transforms a closet’s look. For instance, a wooden storage unit adds instant warmth to the coldest-looking place. 

Whether you choose a light shade or rich and dark, wood adds a certain elegance that cannot be achieved with other materials. Check out how a rich mahogany cabinet can warm up the walk-in closet space on thisisglamorous.com.

Organize Thoughtfully

walk-in closet with built in shelves and furnitures #closet #storage #organization #allenrothCloset #allenAndRothCloset #closetShelves
Image credit: thisisglamorous.com

If you’re limited on space, you’ll need to get creative and make the most of what you have. When redesigning your walk-in closet, incorporate furniture pieces that not only add to the aesthetic appeal, but also increase the functionality of the space. 

For instance, you can add a make-up table or install your clothes racks where they make the best use of the space. For example, if you have built-in shelves, consider hanging your blouses, tops, and skirts above them. 

You can then hang long dresses and pants on a stand-alone clothes rack, where there’s nothing underneath.

Want to learn how to organize your walk-in closet? Check how thisisglamorous.com does it. 

Slide In A Sofa

Large walk-in closet with storage shelves, cabinets and cozy sofa #closet #storage #organization #allenrothCloset #allenAndRothCloset #closetShelves
Image credit: hadleycourt.com

Do you have a large walk-in closet that looks a bit empty, even after installing storage shelves and cabinets? Try adding a bench, daybed, or reasonably-sized sofa, rather than leaving that area underutilized. 

Yes, this may feel like you’re going to the extreme. But think about it this way, you’ll have a cozy place to relax. Plus, you won’t have to worry about that awkward space in the middle of the room. 

Looking to fill up an empty spot in your walk-in closet? Get expert advice from hadleycourt.com.

Go Neutral By Painting White

Go Big

If you’re planning to add a walk-in closet to your home, one of the factors you need to consider is the number of people who will be using it at any given time.

If multiple people are using the closet simultaneously, ensure there’s enough space or width between the wardrobes. This way, each individual can freely access any part of the closet they wish to. 

For inspiration, check how this white-themed walk-in closet on livforinteriors.co.uk is spaced. 

Utilize The Corners

Painting your walk-in closet white makes it look bigger than it is. However, this doesn’t mean that the closet will get any bigger, which means that every inch of space counts. Setting up a shoe storage area in one of the corners of your closet is a smart way of utilizing limited space. 

Find out more about making the most of small closets at architectureartdesigns.com.

Add Cabinets

Walk-in closet with white cabinets and wooden flooring #white #closet #storage #organization #allenrothCloset #allenAndRothCloset #closetShelves
Image credit: hackthehut.com

Apart from increasing visibility, white cabinets paired with the right lighting fixtures can make a walk-in closet look vibrant. The white contrasts nicely with the wooden flooring and makes for a glamorous design. 

The best part is: the closet is equipped with a chest of drawers to work with. So, whether you want to store jewelry, linen, or ties, you’re spoilt for choice. 

If you want to nail this look, check out the illustration on hackthehut.com

An Island With A Twist

Walk-in closet with a mini sofa at the end if the closet islands #white #closet #storage #organization #allenrothCloset #allenAndRothCloset #closetShelves
Image credit: houzz.com

Islands are one of the most popular features of walk-in closets. But, if your closet is a neutral white color, you might want to take things up a notch to make the room stand out. One way to achieve this is to add a mini sofa to the end of your island. 

Not only does this make the closet look very sophisticated, it also adds storage space if you can lift the seat. Looking for a well-designed island to spruce up your walk-in closet? Check out this illustration on houzz.com

Use Darker Tones

Keep Items Organized

stylish walk-in closet for men with dark color closets and sofa #dark #closet #storage #organization #allenrothCloset #allenAndRothCloset #closetShelves
Image credit: issuu.com

Stylish and well-organized walk-in closets aren’t only for women. Men can also benefit significantly from a well-designed storage space. But, when it comes to their needs, men are sometimes different than women and may prefer more neutral tones to bright colors. 

They also prioritize easy accessibility over style or aesthetics. If you’re not sure how to design a walk-in closet for the guy in your life, this black-themed closet on issuu.com will serve as good inspiration.

Think Of Footwear

You know those clothing items that you forget to wear because they’re a bit hidden? Well, a nicely-built walk-in closet puts everything in plain sight, including your footwear.

Some walk-in closets force you to keep your shoes with your handbags and other accessories. But a spacious one will have several shelves specifically reserved for shoes.

Looking for the ideal closet with enough room to store your shoes? Have a look at this idea by inboundmarketingsummit.com.

Accentuate With Lighting 

Dark color theme walk-in closet with vanity and sofa #dark #closet #storage #organization #allenrothCloset #allenAndRothCloset #closetShelves
Image credit: bocadolobo.com

Finding a practical way to illuminate your walk-in closet is vital, especially if it has a dark color theme. You don’t want to search for your clothes for hours or keep your items poorly organized because of poor lighting. Luckily, there are dozens of lighting fixtures you can choose from.

Bocadolobo.com demonstrates how you can keep your closet well-lit. 

Soften With Shades Of Blue

Steel blue walk-in closet with wooden flooring and furniture #dark #closet #storage #organization #allenrothCloset #allenAndRothCloset #closetShelves
Image credit: photos.hgtv.com

If you don’t want to choose dark colors for your walk-in closet, you can lighten up the mood by choosing a nice shade of blue, like steel blue. The best part is that this color works perfectly with wooden flooring and further adds richness to your interior. 

If you want to pull off this look, check out how hgtv.com does it. 

Use Contrasting Colors 

There’s just something about combining black and white that gives a space an elegant and sophisticated look. The black creates a focal point and the white helps soften the mood. 

This color scheme is particularly recommended for smaller walk-ins, where you want the space to appear larger than it is. 

Planning to use contrasting colors for your room? Get inspired by this idea from  stunningexpressions.com.

Use Mirrors

Think Rich Tones

If you have rich wooden tones throughout your walk-in closet, you can extend this pattern to your mirror frame. A framed mirror offers endless opportunities for decorating. You can embellish it with lights or a garland to add seasonal decorations to your walk-in closet.

Not sure of the specific wood color that will work in your walk-in closet? Check the illustration on aprilwiens.tumblr.com.

Consider Mirror Strips

Walk-in closet using mirrors as cabinet doors #mirror #closet #storage #organization #allenrothCloset #allenAndRothCloset #closetShelves
Image credit: decorpad.com

The best thing about using mirrors to decorate is that they duplicate a room twice or even infinite times. Mirrors on both walls and a mirrored island make a space look huge and creates the illusion of an endless amount of space. 

This idea by decorpad.com shows a creative way of using mirrors to decorate a walk-in closet.

Add A Metallic Touch

Luxurious walk-in closet with mirror and metal cabinet doors #mirror #closet #storage #organization #allenrothCloset #allenAndRothCloset #closetShelves
Image credit: instagram.com

Adding a metallic touch to your island and wardrobes will give your walk-in closet a luxurious, fancy, and expensive look without spending too much. 

For a more dramatic effect, you can mix your metals and combine gold and silver elements. However, using either one exclusively works just fine. 

If you’re considering a metallic finish for your closet, check out this gorgeous closet on instagram.com.

Decorate With Glass Doors

Use Glass Wardrobes For A Contemporary Feel

contemporary walk-in closet with glass doors, chairs and island table #glass #cabinets #closet #storage #organization #allenrothCloset #allenAndRothCloset #closetShelves
Image credit: bocadolobo.com

If you want to add a contemporary flair to your walk-in space, consider using glass doors for your closets. Not only do they contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the room, but they also increase their functionality by giving you a good view of what’s stored on each shelf. 

This way, you can save time when looking for the perfect outfit, shoes, or accessories to wear. 

Not sure of how to use glass in your walk-in closet? Check out how bobcadolobo.com achieves this look.

Combine Glass With Wood

For a glamorous look, you can combine glass closet doors with dark wood. In particular, black wood goes well with glass and combining the two adds a cozy yet rustic vibe to your closet. The glass also adds an airy lightness to the dominant dark wood. 

If you’re looking to build a walk-in closet with glass doors and wooden islands, consider this example on losangeleshomes.eu.

The Case For Open Shelving

Keep It Neat

Walk-in closet with wood flooring, open shelves for shoes, bags #glass #cabinets #closet #storage #organization #allenrothCloset #allenAndRothCloset #closetShelves
Image credit: nextluxury.com

If you’re looking for a way to show off all the different colors of your shoes, bags, and outfits, you should consider an open shelving system. In addition to brightening up your room, open cabinets give you easy accessibility to your clothes, helping you save time. 

Nextluxury.com shows you how to neatly organize your different items of clothing in open cabinets. 

Complement With An Ottoman

Walk in closet with grey tone shelves and cabinets and pink chair #glass #cabinets #closet #storage #organization #allenrothCloset #allenAndRothCloset #closetShelves
Image credit: pinterest.com

The good thing about using open cabinets is that they add more color to a room using the different hues of your shoes and outfits. To complement this style, you can add furniture pieces with corresponding colors. 

See how you can incorporate a pink ottoman to match your closet’s style on pinterest.com.


Installing a walk-in closet in your home can help you add a variety of storage options, making it easier to store and access your clothes, shoes, and jewelry. What’s more, this provides a way of keeping all your belongings neatly organized. 

That said, this space should be treated as an extension of your bedroom. Essentially, it should be organized in a way that not only adds aesthetic appeal but also makes the room functional. A closet serves a great deal when it comes to having an organized bedroom.

Did you enjoy our decorating ideas for your walk-in closet? If you found this post informative, don’t forget to share it. You can also share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below. 

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