Allen and Roth Patio Furniture: Enjoy Summer In Full!

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Do you love spending time in the outdoors?

If so, there aren’t many feelings like being able to enjoy them comfortably and practically whenever you want. To make this dream a reality, I turn to Allen and Roth patio furniture.

Not only are these pieces gorgeous and ideal for entertaining all of your guests outside, but they last a while. These durable pieces will be able to stand up to any sort of weather. They will also provide you with space as well as the atmosphere.

If you are looking to furnish your own patio, the options you have for design choices are nearly limitless.

The most simplistic choice is a basic set of patio chairs. However, you can mix it up by adding tables, soft, cushioned seats, or even some love seats! My personal choice in set up is a pair of chairs, a love seat, and a table, so I have plenty of room for me and my guest. Whether you want something similar or something completely your own, Allen + Roth patio furniture offers you plenty of options for you! No matter what your preference, they have you covered!

Allen and Roth Deep Cushion Patio Chat Set

Remember the set-up I mentioned a minute ago that was my personal favorite?

Well, here it is!

Allen and Roth Deep Cushion Patio Chat Set offers me plenty of space to entertain as well as allows me to sit for hours there with no complaints.

When you are looking for a patio set, there are generally two main types; the kind that is deep-seated and cushioned and the type that is bare metal; usually aluminum or iron.

This type of set comes with two light green, deep seat cushioned chairs and a matching love seat (with two accent pillows) that are easy to sink into and enjoy for hours on end.

For both entertaining and convenience, it comes with a table as well.

The table itself, as well as the framework of the chairs and love seats, are created from solid hardwood with a teak oil finish. From personal experience, I can say that this Allen Roth patio furniture will last you a long time and look beautiful along the way.

Allen and Roth Aluminum Patio Dining Set

While I can’t say I personally own this one, I can say I have admired its beauty and craftsmanship more than once.

This falls under the other type of patio sets that I mentioned earlier; bare metal rather than a more casual, deep-cushioned variety.

This specific set is not made by Allen+Roth; it’s made by the brand called Darlee St. Cruz. I still like it since it has the same style.

It is made out of cast-aluminum with a multi-step hand finish, which is not only beautiful but extremely resilient when it comes to weather.

The set includes eight chairs, a table, and a Lazy Susan to place on the table for your ease. If you are worried about the aluminum being uncomfortable, don’t be! Each chair comes with a soft chili-colored cushion for extra comfort made of 100% polyester.

The table measurements reach 64-in by 64-in by 29-in, so it’s perfect for hosting your friends and family.

If you find the sun is in your eyes when you sit on your patio, this table has a hole for an umbrella. This way, if the sun becomes a problem there is room for fixing it.

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This Is Prettier than Allen Roth Safford Bar Table

If you are looking for the Safford bar table by Allen+Roth, well, you are out of luck.

The table is no longer sold at Lowe’s.

However, I found a similar table that is actually prettier than the Safford one. Check out this Hоmе Stylеs outdoor dining table:

No products found.

It is round and has measurements 39.5” x 39.5”. The height is slightly below the hight of the original Safford table and concludes 30”.

The table top is made of tile that comes in a slate finish and does not have a protective glass. it also has an umbrella hole so you can use your outdoor umbrella with it.

The color of the table top is gray that may appear in natural grey stone color variation. So, each table top is pretty much unique in terms of the pattern.

No products found.

If you like the look but need a bigger table, check out this one, also by Home Styles:

This table is less suitable as a bar table due to its height. It has the same characteristics as the above one with the only difference is the size.

The table measures 51 1/4” width by 51 1/4” depth and is 29 1/2” tall.

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How About A Patio Umbrella?

If you are like me and enjoy having a patio party on a sunny day that lasts into the night, this umbrella is a must-have!

When I first saw it, I got very excited. An umbrella that stores solar power to light built-in LEDs at night? It simply screams “all-day all-night party”!

What else is good about it is that:

  • the LED lights can run up to 7 hours
  • several cool colors to choose from
  • big enough to cover 6-seat rectangular party set with 120″ diameter and 96” height
  • good quality and customer service by manufacturer
  • the head is tiltable

The customers who bought it liked how easy it was to assemble it and how bright the LED lights are.

As of the downsides, the umbrella seems to be not designed for strong wind so it’s better to fold it if bad weather is coming. if not, the umbrella may break at the tilt joint.

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Outdoor Cast Aluminum Swivel Barstools

If you enjoy the outdoors and a couple casual drinks, then these seats are probably the perfect thing for you.

They provide you with a patio with a relaxing atmosphere and can finish off the casual, personal bar of your dreams if that’s how you choose to use them.

In truth, though, Allen and Roth isn’t responsible for these chairs.

A similar company named Best Choice manufactures them, which is almost just as good as Allen and Roth. I bought these chairs when their unique, antique European design caught my eye. In the whole time I’ve owned them, I’ve found them to be comfortable. I also haven’t had any issues with them as far as breaking or wearing down.

No products found.

These barstools are:

  • cast aluminum, allowing them to be durable, with an antique copper finish that is absolutely gorgeous:
  • come with a cushion each of 100% solution-dyed Subrella acrylic, so you don’t have to worry about comfort.
  • 29.5 inches high as well as 17.5 inches wide at the base making them a perfect size.

I would suggest these chairs to anyone who wants a relaxed, well-designed patio. This is a promise they stand by as well. They are also incredibly easy to assemble, so even if you usually struggle with assembly you won’t this time! All in all, these chairs and the other Allen + Roth patio furniture on this list stunning, pleasant, and durable.

No products found.

Covers For Allen+Roth Patio Sets, Chairs & Tables

Summer passes by quickly and after having tons of fun with your patio set, you now need to store it somehow.

The easiest way (and the most stylish one) is to put the patio set under covers. The covers will not only protect your furniture from the harsh weather but also decorate your backyard in a new refreshing way.

We even do it with our son, it’s a great activity to do with children!

Look, here I collected for you some of the Allen Roth patio sets, chairs, and table covers that my friends and I have been using.

Find a Cover For Your Furniture

Here are the chair covers:

Here are the table sets and benches covers:

If you are looking for matching covers for other things in your backyard, such as to hide an outdoor AC unit, check out this table:

Preview Product Rating Price
Wood Lattice Air Conditioner Screen (White) Wood Lattice Air Conditioner Screen (White) No ratings yet

Choosing Outdoor Furniture Cover

After buying a great piece of outdoor furniture, you need to protect it while it’s not in use. The best way to do so is to buy a good quality patio furniture cover.

Read here how to choose patio furniture cover.

Gatewood Furniture Set

If you enjoy entertaining a small, intimate group of friends, then I would highly suggest Allen and Roth Gatewood furniture.

This piece is made just for that, to offer a setting for small, casual groups. For these sets, generally, the seating is two love seats with deep cushions for comfort. They also tend to come with a coffee table or footrest for extra comfort and space to place things.

Owning a set like this allows you to enjoy the outdoors in comfort with a friend or loved one. While I don’t use this set much for parties, I enjoy sharing an afternoon with my husband on this set.

Allen and Roth Patio Furniture: Gatewood furniture set

The Allen and Roth Gatewood furniture set has a welcoming style that would compliment almost anybody’s patio.

The craftsmanship of Allen Roth patio furniture is almost unparalleled and this their Gatewood set shows it. Not only are the pieces beautiful, but durable as well. Even being exposed to the elements as they are, they will last you a long time. My set is going two years strong and they look the same as the day I bought them. Better still, I think they’ll last me many years to come.

Allen+Roth Patio Sets

Your patio should be a part of your home that you come to and instantly relax.

You shouldn’t worry about how it looks all the time! Rather, you should be able to know that your patio is the perfect place for you and your friends to relax. With Allen Roth patio furniture, you can make your patio a sunny haven to entertain and rest in.

There are plenty of options for your patio as well, so no matter what your style is you have options.

Whether you want a grassy, natural look or you’d prefer plenty of brick walkways, there are options for you. From spicing up an already existing patio to completely designing a new one, you’ve come to the right place! In my own time designing my home, I have learned quite a bit.

I have made this page and others to share all of the tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way. Especially if you want to build or remodel your patio, I have just the article for you.

<Article is coming soon!>

Indoor Outdoor Patio Set by Allen+Roth

Did you know what Allen Roth makes patio furniture that can be used both outdoor and indoor?

Take a look at the Fox Briar patio set presented in this video by Lowe’s:

Too bad they do not make it anymore. I really like their shape and classic look.

If you are wondering who makes Allen and Roth patio furniture, read this post that also talks about the warranty offered for the patio sets made by this brand.

Allen Roth Patio Cushions

Patio cushions can help add design and color to otherwise bare wood and metal.

These cushions can be used not only as a design addition, though! Nothing adds a little comfort to your patio quite like some comfortable cushions! However, it can be difficult to keep up with the trends and styles that are currently “in”. Don’t worry, though, because you don’t have to! To help you out, I have done all the research you might need to create the most comfortable and stylish patio!

If patio cushions are on your shopping list, don’t forget to take a look at my page! It is sure to help you find the perfect cushions you want.

Allen Roth Patio Chairs

Designing a patio, while rewarding, can be a stressful process.

There is plenty to worry about when completing this task. A big piece of this is patio chairs; what’s a patio if you can’t relax and sit in it, right? They come in a variety of styles as well.

Whatever you want, it is sure to exist. But, once again, keeping up with current trends can be stressful. However, once again, I’m here to help! I am putting what the knowledge I’ve gained in your hands! This way you can have the perfect patio you’ve always dreamed of. I even have a whole article dedicated specifically to patio chairs. If you are planning on getting some soon, you should check it out!

<Article is coming soon!>

Choosing Outdoor Furniture

Do not know what furniture you need for your backyard?

I so understand – I have been in the same situation. That’s why I decided to write a post dedicated to how to choose outdoor furniture.

The post is based on my personal experience of choosing Allen Roth branded stuff but it can be helpful to anyone struggling with the choice – even if you are not a fan of my favorite brand.

Read here how to choose outdoor furniture

Replacement Parts

If you need replacement parts for your ourdoor furniture got broken, call Allen and Roth Customer Line to find out how you can get them. The phone numbers listed on that page are good for not Allen and Roth support in general (and not only for the lighting replacement parts).

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