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I hope this will be your favorite source of information on Allen Roth products! While home remodeling can be a huge pain for many, it is definitely worth it if you are looking to give your home a new look and feel.

Home remodeling is an ordeal that I personally went through. I first conceived the idea to remodel our home when I was pregnant with my first son and we agreed with my husband to start the project as soon as I gave birth. At first, I had envisaged that the project would take three months or less to complete. However, we ended up spending the next five years changing different aspects of our home to suit our new needs and tastes. By the time we were through, my son was already going to pre-school!

We tried many different products on the projects – we purchased many as a result of friend’s recommendations – and some of those products just couldn’t fit our exact needs. Luckily, we stumbled on a company called Allen and Roth while looking for a supplier of reliable lighting fixtures.

Allen and Roth have built a reputation for supplying products with a unique, modernistic feel. During our project, me and my husband tested numerous Allen and Roth products ranging from lighting to closets to gazebos. Their website definitely has something you will need for your home restyling project! Here are some of the Allen and Roth products you should check out:

Allen and Roth lighting for a modernistic interior

When Allen and Roth broke through the interior design market for the first time, it was by specializing in lighting based products. This breakthrough came when they signed a retailing deal with Lower and their unique, modernistic lighting too the interior design marketplace by storm. My husband and I had tested a few different lighting plans for our new house before we came across Allen and Roth lighting. Everything they had was just right for the new look we wanted of our new home. Apart from the modernistic silver feel of the products, the craftsmanship is simply phenomenal, and the fixtures will continue looking like new long after you have unboxed.

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Allen+Roth Outdoor Furniture

I love spending time in the outdoors! Do you? I bet you do, too! I also like to enjoy seeing great design in my backyard. That’s why I chose Allen and Roth patio furniture. Not only are these pieces gorgeous and ideal for entertaining my guests outside, they also last a while. Thanks to their durability, these pieces are able to stand up to any sort of weather we may have in our Californian climate (some winters are less fun than others.) Allen Roth furniture will also provide you with space as well as the atmosphere.

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Need to replace your old ceiling fan? Look no further than Allen and Roth!

While Allen Roth are known among all and sundry for their presence in the lighting marketplace, not many are aware that they also sell ceiling fans. They only ventured into this niche recently, but the products they have on offer are just incredible. They are made from high-quality materials, so you can expect them to serve for a long time. What’s more, they are available in a variety of styles ranging from the modernistic to very traditional moods so everyone can always find something that fits their needs. With all these different types fans available, you need to find out exactly what you want in a fan: its length, the number of blades, and its style.

I will provide you with the best possible information on ceiling fans so that you can make the right choice first time, when you go shopping for one.

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Replacing your old closet? Why not try out an Allen Roth Closet?

I was pretty much through with all the essential stuff in our home remodeling project when I noticed that I needed a new closet to complete the new look and feel, and I couldn’t look further than Allen Roth when time came to shop for one. Allen Roth closets are among the first products they branched out to when they decided to expand on their lighting business. We took a few notes before making our choice and didn’t the new closet give the room’s look a whole new transformation! You will be impressed by the range of closets designs and sizes in their inventory. Everyone will get something for their needs and tastes: from giant closets for those with great storage and organization needs to smaller ones designed to give your bedroom a modernistic feel.

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They offer many different types of designs so choosing the right one can be pretty daunting. I will be doing unbiased reviews of all Allen Roth closets so that you can have an easier time selecting one.

Consider investing in an Allen Roth Vanity

Bathroom upgrades can be pretty daunting projects. It may be necessary to rip all the pipes out, replace the toilet, repaint the whole room and even redo the tile floor. Me and my husband’s budget couldn’t accommodate any of these new things so we settled on a cheaper, and better option; instead of replacing our old sink with a similar one, we decided to buy a new vanity. Luckily, we found an Allen Roth vanity that not only had the look we wanted, but also impeccable craftsmanship. We visited our local Lowes and simply started looking at the available vanities. We were overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices. I have used several different vanities in my life but none of them can beat this one. It is well crafted and based very close to the design we originally sought. It was enough to give our bathroom the modernistic feel we sought. It is a slick oak vanity that looks like it was specifically designed for our bathroom.

There is a lot you should know about vanities before you can buy the ideal one for your needs. Here are a few tips that will tell you all you need to know about vanities.

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Not getting enough outdoor time? Consider Allen Roth patio furniture

If you like hosting social gathering like barbeques, you understand how important the patio can be. It is a great place to chat and mingle, especially when the weather agrees. This means that it is a good idea to create the perfect patio for those rare party occasions. In this regard, acquiring stylish and well-fitting patio furniture should top of the list of things to do. Allen Roth have a wide range of patio furniture that is durable enough survive in the outdoor weather so you won’t have to replace it every year. Our patio isn’t the biggest one around so it was hard to find a table that would fit without taking up nearly all the space in the patio, but we did find a smaller sectional table as we as some matching chairs.

Here are some real, self-written reviews of the Allen Roth patio furniture I bought plus a few other pieces I only tested out.

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Get an Allen and Roth Gazebo to upgrade your backyard

If like us, your patio is a tad small, you can still create more space for people to gather in your backyard. There are several ways of doing this, but I think the best option is to invest in a good gazebo. Gazebos, have been in use for thousands of years now, and they are still a good option today! The market has quite a few types of gazebos, but overall, they consist of a canvas ceiling that does not have any walls. This makes them a great addition to any backyard because they provide people with room to mingle while staying protected from the sun. Gazebos are now available for a variety of applications, and these range from those designed for public parks to smaller, stylish looking ones that can fit nearly any house.

I will be providing more information on these gazebos to help you along with your purchase.

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Spark your walls to life with Allen Roth wallpaper

You’ve bought the perfect furniture, gave your home the ideal design layout…. But you still feel that theirs is something missing. It could be the case that you need some color variation in your house, and this may mean an entire overhaul of your interior color design. Painting a few rooms seems to be the most obvious solution, but this can be an enormous undertaking. The easier option is to set up some new wallpaper. With wall papers, you will be able to give your walls some designs and patterns that you simply can’t achieve with paint. What’s more, it is a lot cheaper and far less labor intensive than repainting rooms so you can always peel off the present one and replace it with that better suites the style and mood you want to set in your house.

Here are unbiased and in-depth reviews of all the Allen Roth wallpaper I personally tested and used in my remodeling project.

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Want to accessorize your rooms? Try Allen Roth Curtains!

You probably replaced a few windows in your house for your home remodeling. Well, what now? Does this mean that your windows have to remain bare forever? Maybe it is time to go shopping for blinds and curtains. I wanted most unique blinds and curtains for our home, and boy, was I surprised at the many crazy options in the market! In the end, I settled for a few pieces of Allen Roth blinds and curtains and I have never looked back since. Setting up the curtains was actually among the easiest things – it took a few minutes to set each curtain up.

With the high number of variations in the design of windows accessories, I had to do a lot of research to ensure that each choice I made was perfect. I settled on adorning my downstairs windows with a few elegant curtains while used modernistic blinds for the upstairs. I had to find out a lot about the importance of length and materials when picking these curtains.

I am going to help you a make more educated choice so that you will never regret your purchase. After reading this article, you and your partners will never have those Mr. and Mrs. Smith style arguments on curtains anymore!

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Use Allen Roth mirrors to give your bathroom a new shine

Allen Roth may have started out by producing lighting products and a few other home appliances, but you can now also rely on them for many other different products. During my bathroom remodeling, I wanted something that would give my bathroom a new feel and look without pushing the budget sky-high, and that’s why I settled on Allen Roth mirrors.

There are different sizes and style variations or these mirrors but all of them have one thing in common: they are the easiest way to give your bathroom that elusive modern feel. The mirrors are encased in aluminum, exactly what you need to complete the shiny faucets and accessories in your bathroom.

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What do you think about Allen Roth flooring?

Is your floor in a dilapidated state? Or do you simply wish to replace your flooring with better materials? Well, this is something I have had to do quite a few times and it was always a major pain. But the result is always worth it? It is one of the most important upgrades you can give your house. The market has thousands of different flooring providers, and you can choose from many types of flooring. You will literally be spoilt for choice in this regard. But I did a lot of research on various flooring companies and I found out that Allen Roth was the best providers.

One of the things that caught my eye while I was doing my research was the modern look the hardwood floors provide. I have stuck with them whenever I have had to overhaul my present flooring and I routinely use them for my customer’s homes. I especially like Allen Roth laminate flooring since it is protected from water damage and will last considerably longer than other types of wood flooring.

If you are looking to use these floors in your under-construction house, then you’ll also need to use Allen Roth floor registers beneath them to ensure that the entire house looks up to date.

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What other Allen Roth products are there?

Lighting fixtures are what come to the minds of most people when Allen Roth gets mentioned. But since the remodeling project I undertook 5 years ago, I come to learn that they have virtually hundreds of home appliances in their inventory that do are not necessarily connected with lighting in any way. During my research, I dug up a host of new, unique products that I wouldn’t otherwise have associated with Allen Roth. In this sections, you will find all those miscellaneous products, that cannot be classified under the other pages.

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