21 Lighting Ideas for Rooms Without Ceiling Lights

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How can you add a light to a room that doesn’t have a ceiling light? If your house was built a long time ago, there might be no overhead light fixtures. 

I recently moved into a house and found it had no ceiling lights, but I decided not to worry much about it. As a matter of fact, I was happy it gave me the chance to add a personal touch to my home and get creative.

Whether you own a house or live in a rental, you should check out these innovative lighting ideas for rooms without ceiling lights, as they can help you customize your space the way you see fit. 

Check out these interesting ideas and choose the one that suits your style.

What about Allen+Roth?

The Allen+Roth brand offers a great collection of decorative items that will help you add special character to every corner in your house. 

I’ve incorporated a few of the signature pieces from their unique lighting collection into my home and they’ve perfectly enhanced the décor. The good news is that you can do this, too!

In my opinion, the best thing about buying these Allen and Roth products is that you will never have to compromise on your style and taste because there is something for everyone. 

By opting for innovative ideas from Allen+Roth, you won’t have to sit in the dark anymore, even if you don’t have an overhead light.

Every piece from Allen and Roth is designed to deliver a special effect while adding the needed lighting to your room. You can use several pieces to add light and shade, make a room look bigger, or draw attention to a signature furniture piece.

Here are some cool lighting ideas for rooms without ceiling lights.

Cozy String Lights

Budget-Friendly Wall String Lights

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Image credit: texasls.org

Even if you don’t have much money to spend, string lights will help you make a room a lot brighter. Installing the lights is easy and requires no special preparation.

You can customize the way the light looks by spreading them throughout the various walls in your room, to create a signature sense of decor. Learn more about the different ways to decorate and style any room at texasls.org.

Arrange String Lights To Build A Safety Net

Ceiling speakers are so in, but they leave no room for light fixtures. However, you can still have overhead light by installing this net. This is a romantic way to lighten up your bedroom, so you can enjoy some quality time with your partner. Check out how to use string lights to decorate your bedroom at newport-international-group.com.

The Game Of Wood And Light

string lights wrap around bed frame branches #homeDecor #interiorDesign #lightIdeas #homelighting #lightingdesign #lamp #light #lightfixture #architecturallighting #pendantlight #stringLights
Image credit: pinterest.com

If you have a special ceiling that you want to draw attention to without incurring high costs, you can always choose string lights to do the job. The string lights in this overhead canopy will make your bed the most relaxing place in your home.

The lights bring out the special rustic nature of the wood and add more richness to your room. Get inspired and make your bedroom feel warmer and cozier at pinterest.com.

Small Bulbs On A String

We just love how versatile small bulbs are. They can be arranged in several ways and they suit people who have no time for sophisticated decor. Use them in the living room or bedroom to make the colors pop.

This idea can be used to add more light or create a special effect, even if you already have ceiling lights. The best part? The bulbs are extremely budget-friendly. Check out how to enhance the décor of your room at savannah-wallace.squarespace.com.

Let Your Furniture Pieces Play A Part

dinning area string light bulb set up #homeDecor #interiorDesign #lightIdeas #homelighting #lightingdesign #lamp #light #lightfixture #architecturallighting #pendantlight #stringLights
Image credit: marielydelrey.com

When you don’t have overhead fixtures, you can use every piece of furniture to help add more light to your room by supporting your string lights. 

Increasing or decreasing the number of strings and readjusting the position of the bulbs will help you control the light intensity. Learn how to customize the lighting intensity in your room at marielydelrey.com.

Creating Special Spots Using Pendant Bulbs

Soften Your Surroundings With Pendant Bulbs

string pendant light bulb on the ceiling below the bed #homeDecor #interiorDesign #lightIdeas #homelighting #lightingdesign #lamp #light #lightfixture #architecturallighting #pendantlight #stringLights
Image credit: digsdigs.com

Your industrial-style room can be softened up using pendant bulbs. These can be either be arranged far away or close to each other, to add a special effect to any room.

The warm light of the bulbs offers the needed balance, so your industrial bedroom can still feel cozy and comfortable. Take a look at how pendant bulbs can enhance your décor at digsdigs.com.

A Cluster Of Light In The Middle Of Your Room

3 pendant light bulb for a living room area #homeDecor #interiorDesign #lightIdeas #homelighting #lightingdesign #lamp #light #lightfixture #architecturallighting #pendantlight #stringLights
Image credit: etsy.com

Gathering a few bulbs in the middle of your room is an affordable alternative to buying a chandelier. This will help you customize the amount of light in any room, even if you’re on a tight budget.

Oversized bulbs will add the needed effect and require minimum DIY skills. Check out how to create a customized centerpiece of light at etsy.com.

Adding Light To The Corners

string pendant light as a side bed lights #homeDecor #interiorDesign #lightIdeas #homelighting #lightingdesign #lamp #light #lightfixture #architecturallighting #pendantlight #stringLights
Image credit: ukshop.plumen.com

You might not have enough space to add a side lamp to make your room more luminous. Pendant bulbs will do the job, as they can be used to create light without occupying any floor space. Learn how to create customized lighting at ukshop.plumen.com.

Enjoy The Lighting On The Wall

It’s easy to create an eye-catching wall in your house using pendant bulbs. This will be the most sought after spot on special occasions when everyone is trying to take a memorable photo.

Spreading the light over a wall will make your photos look much better than a concentrated light from an overhead chandelier. See how to make your walls look more unique at rockymountainbride.com.

Pendant Bulbs Using Rope

pendant lights hanging on the wall to light up market produce #homeDecor #interiorDesign #lightIdeas #homelighting #lightingdesign #lamp #light #lightfixture #architecturallighting #pendantlight #stringLights
Image credit: shakemyblog.fr

Naturalists can use rustic elements, like ropes, to support bulbs and complement other natural elements, like wood and stone. If you’re using wooden planks to cover your walls, adding pendant bulbs will make them pop.

This is an interesting idea for a rustic or antique kitchen that works for DIY enthusiasts. Learn how to customize any room with simple DIY ideas at shakemyblog.fr.

For more rope lighting ideas, go to the post by houseyardlove.com.

Stand Lamps For A Cozy Corner

Minimalist Stand Lamp In A Modern Room

minimalist stand lamp #homeDecor #interiorDesign #lightIdeas #homelighting #lightingdesign #lamp #light #lightfixture #architecturallighting #pendantlight #stringLights
Image credit: outdoorclick.info

A minimalist stand lamp is a crucial piece if you don’t have ceiling lights. Not only will it add the needed luminosity to any room, but it’s also versatile and can be placed anywhere you like. Take a look at more stand lamps at outdoorclick.info.

Enhance Your Space Using A Stand Lamp

simple stand lamp #homeDecor #interiorDesign #lightIdeas #homelighting #lightingdesign #lamp #light #lightfixture #architecturallighting #pendantlight #stringLights
Image credit: a2048.com

By using a simple stand lamp and a plain, light-colored wall, you can make a smaller room look a lot bigger. I’m a big fan of the game of light and shade, as it can draw attention to special spots in your house and it takes nothing but a little bit of creativity. See how light can change the way a room looks at a2048.com.

Overhead Stand Lamp

dinning area stand lamp with bent top to reach the dinning table #homeDecor #interiorDesign #lightIdeas #homelighting #lightingdesign #lamp #light #lightfixture #architecturallighting #pendantlight #stringLights
Image credit: allenrothhq.com

A long and arched stand lamp can do the job of ceiling lights without the cost of overhead fixtures. Place it on the floor and move it around as you see fit, to shed light on a table or a couch. Check out all the different ways to add light to your room at allenrothhq.com.

Keep your Dining Table Lit

stand lamp arching towards the table #homeDecor #interiorDesign #lightIdeas #homelighting #lightingdesign #lamp #light #lightfixture #architecturallighting #pendantlight #stringLights
Image credit: houseandhome.com

Why keep your dining table idle until dinner time? By using a stand lamp, you can transform your modern dining table to the perfect home office or study space for your kids. Allen+Roth offers several suitable options

Use an arched stand lamp to cast overhead light to help you see more clearly, whether you’re working, sewing, or finishing a science project for the little ones. It will also create a cool dining spot for special occasions. Learn about better ways to use light in your house at houseandhome.com.

Minimalist Stand Lamp With Great Aesthetic Value

contemporary stand lamp arching to reach the table #homeDecor #interiorDesign #lightIdeas #homelighting #lightingdesign #lamp #light #lightfixture #architecturallighting #pendantlight #stringLights
Image credit: homyfeed.com

I love contemporary, fuss-free style, but it needs special pieces to complete the whole picture. When your furniture is made of wire and simple pieces of wood, the right light will bring the needed warmth to make your room feel more comfortable.

Luckily, you can find lots of options offered by Allen Roth lights that will complement the look of your industrial minimalist room. Check out how a stand lamp can make your living room look more elegant at homyfeed.com.

State-Of-The-Art Wall Lights

Long Arm Wall Lamp

long arm wall lamp #homeDecor #interiorDesign #lightIdeas #homelighting #lightingdesign #lamp #light #lightfixture #architecturallighting #pendantlight #stringLights
Image credit: myparadissi.com

The light bulb at the end of a long arm can be easily directed as desired to cast light wherever you want. Placing it high enough will add the effect of an overhead light without having to install a chandelier. 

As a bonus, you can always change the angle and height of the bulb, to shed light where it’s needed. See how it’s done at myparadissi.com.

Antique-Like Wall Fixtures

The look of this wall bulb is similar to what you might find in a 17th-century European painting. Today, you can easily install an elegant wall lamp in any rustic kitchen or living room, to add the needed warmth.

I absolutely love the fact that adding a simple element like this doesn’t cost much and will have a huge effect on the way your kitchen looks. Check out how you can make your kitchen look more special at antiquekitchenideas.com.

Wall-Mounted Light For Late Night Reading

There’s no need to drill into the wall or hire a professional to install your light fixtures, as this wall light will do the job. Hanging it next to your bed is enough to create the perfect light for late-night reading, even if you don’t have ceiling lights.

This is an excellent idea for rentals where you can’t make extensive changes. Learn other ways to make your room brighter at light-ideas.seoveri.com.

Warm Wall Lights

warm wall light #homeDecor #interiorDesign #lightIdeas #homelighting #lightingdesign #lamp #light #lightfixture #architecturallighting #pendantlight #stringLights
Image credit: ikea.com

Wall lights might not cast strong light, but they’re enough to create the right effect in your bedroom. Installing wall lights in a bedroom or living room will be enough to keep you relaxed at the end of a long busy day when you need to disconnect.

Just switch your wall light on, close your eyes, and enjoy your favorite warm drink while stretching your legs before bedtime. See how you can make your bedroom more relaxing at ikea.com.

Decorative Wall Lights

decorative tree wall light #homeDecor #interiorDesign #lightIdeas #homelighting #lightingdesign #lamp #light #lightfixture #architecturallighting #pendantlight #stringLights
Image credit: pinterest.com

Feeling a little festive? A wall tree motif acts as a centerpiece that will draw attention to your living room or entrance when you’re entertaining guests. Without ceiling lights, this design can be the only source of light, creating a special ambiance that everyone will admire.

The tree light is complemented by pendant bulbs that can be switched on or off, depending on the desired light intensity. Check out how other people get creative at pinterest.com.

Unique Wall Sconces

If the cost of installing overhead lights is tremendous, you should consider adding multiple wall sconces. These are designed to make the surrounding pieces pop and burst with life, so it’s recommended that you install them next to a painting or a unique piece of furniture. Learn how other people use different types of light in their rooms at architectureartdesigns.com.


Have you enjoyed these cool ideas? Forget about the traditional ways to install a light source in every room and learn how to add a special effect using these new lighting ideas for rooms without ceiling lights. 

You won’t only add a special effect to your house, but these light fixtures are also cheaper to maintain and change. 

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