Stunning Lights That Match Allen and Roth Eastview Lighting Collection

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Have you searched for the Allen and Roth Eastview collection of lighting, only to find it is no longer available at Lowes?

Perhaps you’ve got some Eastview pieces by Allen+Roth  already and are looking for some that match, or maybe you’ve seen the Eastview collection elsewhere and want to recreate this look in your own home.

Fortunately, there are lights on the market which almost perfectly match this collection brilliantly and won’t look out of place with the design you have planned. We’ve collected some of the best matching lights which, used correctly can give a stunning look to your home.

Vaxcel Vine Collection

The Vaxcel Vine collection is very similar and provides a consistent look with the Allen and Roth Eastview pieces. These are classical and decorative lights have a vine design feature, and give a grandiose feel to virtually any space.

The warm amber shade which is used throughout the collection is very warm and gives the lighting a luminous and welcoming glow making you feel more peaceful at home.

Warm lighting can be used for achieving a cozy feel and is popular in more relaxed spaces. Think home lighting vs office lighting. It is easy to see why this is associated with traditional home decor as opposed to modern looks.

Stunning Lights That Match Allen Roth Eastview Lighting Collection: A lamp beside the fireplace
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All of the collection comes with an “oil shale finish”. This is an interesting brown finish with streaks of a rusty brown color. It slightly resembles sedimentary rock which is perhaps the origin of why they call it oil shale. This is one of the ways the collection is very consistent with the Eastview designs. The shades have a very similar color which, from afar is hard to distinguish between.

Another similarity is the vine and leaf design which is visible in both the Eastview lighting collection and the Vine collection. The two are perfect companions now that the Eastview products are harder to get.

The Vine collection is relatively simple to get your hands on. It is available on Amazon, marketed as simply the Vine Collection within the Vaxcel lighting brand. It is available at Lowes also, where it is referred to as the Cascadia Vine Lighting Collection. Be warned that not all of the items in the range are available at Lowes.

Some of the lights below are suitable for use as a primary light, but many are better suited to being secondary or accent lights. 

Remember that using multiple lights is a great way to make your room appear larger.

Stunning Lights That Match Allen Roth Eastview Lighting Collection: Hanging light bulb in the living room
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Things To Consider Before Purchasing

Who are these products best suited to?

The Eastview collection proved very popular, and if you need a replacement light or are looking to complete a certain look within your home then these lights are no longer an option. There is little doubt that the Vine collection is the best alternative out there.

The effect of consistent light fittings throughout a home should not be understated. Even one light which doesn’t match will stand out and prove to be quite an eyesore. A classy finish with a jumble of different design themes is almost impossible.

Fortunately, the Vine collection and the Eastview collection can more or less be mixed and matched. Thankfully, the vine and leaf design is very similar and to walk from one room with an Eastview light to one with a Vine light, you probably wouldn’t know they were from different brands.

The Vine collection also has a lot of different styles within, from wall lights to ceiling lights and even chandeliers. This makes it easier to choose a consistent look.

This also means that you should go into the purchase knowing exactly which type of light you are looking for, and considering what will best suit your space. To be safe, measuring the space you are lighting, and comparing the power of the previous lights is a good way to judge what you need from your new light. This guide is a great way to calculate how much light you need.

Stunning Lights That Match Allen Roth Eastview Lighting Collection: Light bulb Idea
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The design style on offer here is not what you would call modern.

The warm light and decorative look are best suited to a home which has been styled in a classical way.

Modern, clean-lined design will not fit the theme of the Vine collection.

Semi Flush Mounts

Semi-flush mounts are partially mounted on the ceiling, and therefore they don’t hang down like a pendant or chandelier. These are popular in a variety of different settings and can be used in pretty much any room you wish, including bathrooms.

Vaxcel CF38815OL Vine Semi-Flush Mount 

With its beautiful leaf and flower pattern, the Vaxcel Vine mount is sure to direct every homeowner’s attention upward. So if you’ve always been a fan of Allen and Roth Eastview collection, this lighting fixture is as good an option.

In terms of brightness, the semi-flush mount generates 100 watts. This is a decent amount of light to light up small to large sized rooms.

One of the benefits of such a semi-flush light is that the gap between the fixture and the ceiling allows part of the light to illuminate the ceiling. This brightens up your room even more. The Vaxcel Vine has a height of 7.5 inches, so you can be sure it will light up your room brightly.


  • Decent amount of brightness
  • With the leaf/flower design, it doubles up as a decor item
  • Adheres to UL, CUL safety standards


  • Needs regular cleaning- dust often accumulates, due to the gap between the fixture and ceiling

Vaxcel LK38812OL Vine 12-Inch Light Kit

This is a simple yet striking 12 inch light which doesn’t take up a huge amount of space.

Installing this light is relatively simple and everything you need to do so comes with it due to it being sold as a ‘kit’.

As well as being used as a semi-flush light, it can also be used as a fan light kit, meaning you can convert your fan into a decorative piece perfectly matching the Eastview design properties.

Some people who have bought this light kit have commented on the photographs and the fact that these are lighter in color than the product when you see it in person. This lighting collection is quite diffuse anyway, so don’t expect bright and clean light from the Vaxcel LK388120L.

The light is relatively small at 12 inches, though it does have a larger 15-inch model, too. Because of the fact that it mounts on the ceiling and isn’t the biggest light in the range, it is perfect for small spaces such as bathrooms and hallways.


  • Easy to install, even in small spaces.
  • Can be used as a fan light kit.
  • Gives a warm and subtle lighting ambiance.


  • Color may vary slightly from the product photographs.


Chandelier designs tend to give a more grandiose feel to your home decor. They are known for being decorative and consist of multiple lights on a hanging frame. These are normally mounted on ceilings and make for wonderful statement pieces in living rooms and dining rooms.

When you hear the word ‘chandelier’ you may instantly think of five-star hotels and the costs associated with them! Some of the most decorative chandeliers can be rare and expensive, but the ones in the Eastview and Vine collections are more reasonably priced.

Vaxcel CH38805OL Vine 5 Light Chandelier 

Stunning Lights That Match Allen and Roth Eastview Lighting Collection: Vaxcel CH38805OL Vine 5 Light Chandelier

Featuring tulip-shaped shades, Vaxcel CH38805OL looks fairly similar to Allen + Roth Eastview lighting collection- specifically the Allen+Roth 5-Light Oil-Rubbed Glass Chandelier. The primary difference between them is that Vaxcel Vine 5 is a little pricier. But for the higher price tag, you’ll get a magnificent chandelier that complements both antique-inspired and modern interior decor beautifully.

The chandelier measures 25” wide by 22” tall. So since it’s wider than it is tall, it makes an excellent lighting option for living rooms, medium dining areas and any other room with a low ceiling.

You can also decide to use the Vaxcel CH38805OL chandelier creatively, by placing it in an unexpected location. Is your laundry room in dire need of a style boost? Does your kid’s playroom look dull? By hanging this chandelier in such areas, you completely transform the way they look.


  • Has five light sources to provide ample illumination
  • Certified by UL and CUL
  • Ideal for rooms with low ceilings


  • A little difficult to assemble

Vaxcel CH38809OL Vine 9 Light Chandelier 

If you have a large indoor space that demands a big chandelier, the Vaxcel CH38809OL 9-light chandelier is the perfect option.

Each of the nine shades has the same shape and size and hangs from a spiral-shaped base. The shades land at different heights, providing ambient light throughout the room. In terms of size, this Vaxcel Vine chandelier is 30.5” in length by 31.5” in height by 30.5” in width.

To make this chandelier the focal point of your room, you should ensure that you hang it correctly. For instance, if you’re installing it right above your dining table, then it’s recommended that you hang it 30 to 36 inches above the table. But if you’re installing it in a hallway, then this chandelier should not hang lower than 7 feet.


  • Has the highest number of light sources
  • Suitable for large spaces


  • Pricier than other Vaxcel Vine chandeliers
  • Assembly can be a bit difficult and may require you to hire a professional

Vaxcel PD38808OL Eight Light Pendant 

Give your living room a vibrant look with the Vaxcel Eight Light Pendant. With this lighting fixture, you can create a luxurious yet warm feeling in your home.

Featuring both a traditional and modern style, the Vaxcel Pendant needs eight candelabra bulbs of 60 watts. This is a certified light pendant made of amber flake glass. It has oil shale finish and comes fitted with a 108-inch rod.

When it comes to application, one of the best places to hang the Vaxcel pendant is over a kitchen island. It provides good illumination for the working area while also making your kitchen look attractive.

Alternatively, you can install the fixture over your nightstand. This is a clever lighting solution as it eliminates the need for a table lamp. This way, you have more space to work from or add a couple of picture frames.


  • Gives your room an elegant look
  • It’s UL-certified meaning that it meets the standards given by Underwriters Laboratories


  • It’s quite heavy so it should be handled with care

Vaxcel CH38803OL Vine 3 Light Chandelier

Lights That Match Allen Roth Eastview Lighting: Vaxcel CH38803OL Vine 3 Light Chandelier

This 22 inch, three light chandeliers with the signature vine and leaf design is an interesting feature to add to almost any room, and a good alternative to the Allen Roth Eastview Chandelier.

These three lights give off plenty of brightness with a wattage of 100. This is relatively high, and the lights are nicely diffused by the oil shale finish. Some users have further harnessed their control over the power by adding a dimmer switch to control the brightness.

The 22-inch width of the light is relatively large, so it is better in dining rooms, entryways or living rooms. One great feature is the fact that it has an adjustable drop length so you can change this to suit your ceiling height and make sure the chandelier doesn’t hang too low.


  • Plenty of brightness to light up even large rooms.
  • Adjustable drop length to fit the chandelier to your space.
  • Some of the vine decorations are removable if you want to take them off.
  • Generally simple to assemble.


  • The socket rings can be difficult to attach to the sockets.

Sconce Lights

Sconce lights are lights which are attached to the wall and use only the wall as support rather than hanging from the ceiling or having a stand.

Sconce lights can be vanity lights too, and often face upwards and light toward the ceiling.

if you want to achive a quirky look, you can try to combine the sconces with rope as presented in our post about rope lighting ideas.

Vaxcel WS38865OL Vine 2 Light Wall Sconce 

The Vaxcel 2 Light Wall Sconce is evidence that you don’t need to spend a fortune to find a statement light from Vaxcel collections. Going for slightly over $100, this sconce is one of the most versatile and affordable lighting options.

Vaxcel WS38865OL has two light sources and it’s suitable for home wall, office, porch, and other lighting occasions.

Before installing any sconce, you should first determine whether it’s a plug-in or hardwired. A hard-wired sconce does not have noticeable wires, and it’s usually connected to your home’s electrical system permanently.

On the other hand, a plug-in sconce is one that is attached to a wall but has an extension cord that has to be plugged in an outlet. This type of sconce is easier to install and often cheaper than the hard-wired one. But its drawback is that the extension cord hangs down and is very visible.


  • Cheaper than other lighting fixtures in the Vaxcel Vine collection
  • Versatile- can be installed in a variety of places
  • It’s great for highlighting a particular area like a reading area


  • Not the brightest of the bunch

Vaxcel VL38841OL Vine 1 Light Vanity Light

This sconce light can be fitted anywhere in your home, but is well suited to small spaces and is a popular light to use in bathrooms. As a sconce light, it attaches to the wall and doesn’t require any ceiling or floor connection, meaning it takes up very little space.

Though this light can give up to 100W of power, it is a single light, and the fact that the Vine collection diffuses the lights slightly anyway means that this isn’t a huge source of light. While suitable for spaces such as small bathrooms, it may be better used as accent lighting in other, larger rooms. The VL38841OL lights function brilliantly as secondary, bedside lights.

This light has removable vine rings which can’t be seen in the photograph. The vine decorations which can be seen are also removable, so you can either add to or take away from the vine leaf style design.

The safety listing of this product means that it can be used in wet spaces, so you don’t need to worry about safety when putting it into your bathroom or wet room.

This is the most popular place for this design and you can see why, especially if you have a rustic or classic design and bathroom fittings. The relatively low light is usually enough to brighten up a small bathroom.


  • Can be used in spaces where it is exposed to water, so it is fine for bathrooms.
  • Removable decorations allow you to choose your own preferred look.


  • Doesn’t give off a large amount of light.

Vanity Lights

Vanity lights are named this because they are normally used in tandem with a mirror. This can mean in the bathroom, bedroom or even a specific dressing room. These lights are almost never used as the primary light source and are more for illuminating your face for grooming and makeup purposes.

Vaxcel VL38843OL Vine 3 Light Vanity Light 

If you can’t find a vanity light from Allen Roth Eastview collection, the Vaxcel Vine 3 Light is the perfect replacement.

As you might have guessed, Vaxcel VL38843OL is designed for bathroom use. It uses three bulbs so it’s perfect for spacious bathrooms that might require more light. In fact, its maximum wattage is 100 watts.

The vine ring embellishments on this vanity light are detachable. You can use these rings to heighten the vine theme in your bathroom or any room where it’s installed.


  • Suitable for bigger bathrooms
  • Comes with detachable vine decoration rings


  • More expensive than other brands of vanity lights

Vaxcel VL38842OL Vine 2 Light Vanity Light

This vanity light is very similar to the Sconce light, however, it has two bulbs and therefore provides twice the power.

The VL38842OL is another example of a light not always used as a primary light, as a vanity light it is good for above a vanity desk.

It is also often used in bathrooms, where it can be the primary light as it has enough lighting power. The safety rating makes it suitable for use in rooms where it may be exposed to wet conditions.

One very clever design feature is the fact that this can be mounted facing downwards or upwards depending on personal preference and where you plan to use the light. For instance, some suggest that uplighting can make a room feel more spacious.

Like some of the other Vine collection lights, it comes with a removable vine feature that is not shown in the product photos. This is optional and can be used if you wish. It depends how much of a feature you want to make of your light.

While this is marketed mainly as a bathroom light, it can be used effectively as a secondary, accent light. It can look great at your bedside or lighting up a mirrored vanity area.


  • Can be used facing either up or down to suit your space and preference.
  • Can light up small rooms as the primary light.
  • Great as an accent light in bedrooms, dining rooms, and other spaces.
  • Vine decorations are removable.


  • Some buyers have reported the metal finish starting to come off after time.

Other Lights for Your Allen and Roth Eastview Collection

There are many other lights in the original collection, and in the matching Vine collection too.  For example, the Allen Roth Eastview floor lamp or their ceiling fan with light.

This section is for all the types of lighting that don’t fit into the specific categories above.

Vaxcel PD38807OL Vine Mini Pendant

Lights That Match Allen Roth Eastview Lighting: Vaxcel PD38807OL Vine Mini Pendant

A mini pendant light gives you a lot of different options and ways to experiment with light placement. The Vaxcel PD38807OL is a beautifully decorative pendant light which can be used in many rooms and in many different ways.

This pendant light is relatively small, but many people use more than one to brighten up their room and provide a feature. This is easy to do above a kitchen surface or a dining table and can give a very rustic and classy look. For more experimental ways of hanging your pendant lights, you can look here for some inspiration.

One of these can give off a decent amount of light. The bulb points downwards and doesn’t go through the glass, so it doesn’t have the diffusion of some of the other lights in the range. 100W of power are on offer which is certainly not insignificant and can be great as a spotlight or feature light.

The standard length of this light is 22 inches, but it has a totally adjustable drop. You can alter it to your own preference which is extremely useful when you are hanging above tables and other surfaces and need control over how much space you have.

The drop of this light gives plenty of space for the decoration of this light to shine through. Be warned that some of the reviews have suggested that the shade is a little darker than it appears in the product photographs. This seems to be the case with a few of the lights within Vine’s answer to the Allen + Roth Eastview lighting collection.


  • Adjustable drop allows you to alter to your own space and ceiling height.
  • Unique and decorative pendant light.
  • Very easy to install.


  • May look darker in person than it appears in the photographs.

Want to use this pendant over your kitchen island? Read a post about how far apart should pendant lights be over an island.

Allen + Roth Eastview Floor Lamp

No products found.

The Allen Roth Eastview collection still has some products that you can purchase, and this durable and decorative floor light has a luxurious look including side lights to complement the main light.

The three light design isn’t just for decoration, it has a lot of functional use. The light at the top is designed to uplight the ceiling. The sidelights are designed originally for reading but can be used for other purposes. This design is called a torchiere. The top light has 100 watts of power while the lights on either side have 40.

Being from the Allen and Roth Eastview collection, it will perfectly match any other Allen and Roth Eastview lights you have fitted in your home.

The floor light design is really easy to fit as you don’t have to worry about any difficult hardware fitting. There’s no compromise in terms of looks, though. This light has a lot of interesting decoration including a vine look similar to the Vaxcel Vine collection.


  • Extremely interesting and luxurious design at a reasonable price.
  • Multiple lights, meaning this can be used as a primary or accent light.
  • An original Allen + Roth design, not just a design which matches.


  • Sidelights aren’t adjustable as is the case with other torchieres.


Did you enjoy our list of lights to match the Allen and Roth Eastview Collection?

These classy and warm lights are extremely popular for their design, and they are designed to fit the spirit of Alan and Roth lighting fully. It is a shame that they aren’t so readily available. However, there is no reason you can’t enjoy continuity throughout your home lighting even though the Eastview lights are hard to come by.

Let us know in the comments if you have any more thoughts, or if you have had to find other lights to match the Eastview collection, such as the Vaxcel Vine collection.

Feel free to share the article to help others looking for stunning lights in this style!

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