8 Ways To Make Your Home More Peaceful

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The Corona Virus has changed how we live that we would have never thought possible. We have to maintain social distancing for protecting our health as well as that of our communities and loved ones; we have to perform office work from the confines of our home. 

No doubt, there are certain exceptions like visiting the grocery store to purchase our day-to-day requirements; they are not the most relaxing or peaceful activities. 

Those who live in apartments that have only two bedrooms and a living room find it impossible to find a peaceful place for working. The constant talking of our family members and the joyful bark of our pet dog makes mental relaxation an impossible task after a day’s worth of hard work. We would all love to relax at the end of the day in a peaceful surrounding.

The only way to achieve this goal is through noise reduction. Although soundproofing our room might not be feasible, being intentional about our living space can help reinstill a bit of relaxation and peace into our home. 

Here are some of the ways through which you can create a peaceful environment in your home.

A gorgeously decorated bedroom

1. Uncluttering your home

You can achieve a calm and clear state of mind by uncluttering your home. You give yourself a way to focus by cleaning knick-knacks off the kitchen counter or just tidying up your bedroom

It provides you with a calmer and clearer state of mind. Settling our mind becomes easy when there is less clutter around us. When several people are living in the room, a bit of organization plays a huge role in a peaceful abode.

2. Create rituals and routines

Maintaining routines such as sleeping on time, cooking healthy meals, or getting dressed for the day motivates us and reminds us of normalcy, which is vital in times of uncertainty. 

Those working from home might find it difficult to concentrate. A ritual of tea breaks, afternoon stretches, or walking in the fresh air helps you refocus. Also, new routines like video chatting with friends or taking time to check in on friends and relatives are vital ways to remain connected.

3. Use aromatherapy

You can achieve an immediate sense of peace of mind with aromatherapy. A woodsy, sweet, and fresh scent, apart from boosting your mood, also soothes your spirit. 

You can purchase from a wide range of aromatic candles from online stores for this purpose. You can also opt for aromatherapy oils. The best part about them is that there is one for every mood. Try frankincense to lift your mood or sweet orange to help calm a busy mind or raise a smile. 

For the unexperienced, the soothing properties of lavender oil evoke deep relaxation, calm an overactive mind, as well as reduce stress. Apart from filling your home with a beautiful scent, you can always create a comfortable feeling in your home by lighting a fragrant candle in it. 

Choosing a high-quality soy wax candle made with essential oils allows you to feel the natural benefits of aromatherapy.

4. Bring nature inside your home

Indoor plants, apart from being a beautiful visual to view, add a touch of life and energy inside your room. You can put them near the bedside, in the living room mantle, or on the coffee table. 

Also, the greenery, while bringing in soothing colors, helps to purify the air you breathe in. 

Every newly grown flower bud and green leaf provides you with a reason to appreciate the bounties of nature. 

However, this does not mean that you have to choose from green plants. Introduce plant pieces into your homemade from natural materials like wood or search out for low maintenance plants, for example, a calathea plant. All of them help bring the outdoors inside your room.

A house plant automatically livens up a room

5. Include natural light

Let natural light flow inside your room by opening the windows. 

Instead of installing florescent lights, go for warm light as the latter has a peaceful effect on our mind. 

Turning on a small lamp, a rope light, or lighting a candle in rainy days or on later evenings generates a much welcomed cozy feeling of comfort. After a seemingly infinite day of toggling between work and kids, including candlelight to the dinner table helps calm the kids too.

6. Find a sanctuary

We all deserve a small place of our own where we can de-stress and unwind. You can rest your body and mind on a cozy upstairs knitting nook, the porch during the morning when it is quiet, or a bathroom converted into a temporary spa

The knowledge that this tranquil retreat is waiting for you every time you need it provides you with relaxation.

Our favorite brand  Allen and Roth has a lot to offer when it comes to a relaxing stress-free environment in your favorite rooms, be it a bathroom, living room, or kitchen.

7. Designate spaces

You can easily free up your thoughts by designating a home office zone, especially when you are spending time with the members of your family. 

This small practice, especially in times of stress and unfamiliarity, makes it easier to balance work and life. 

Make it a habit to religiously keep your laptop and piles of papers out of sight as this prevents your mind from wandering back to the worries of life. Also, you will feel much more present and calm when it’s time to cook and share a meal.

8. Soundproofing your room/office

Soundproofing your room is easy with Sonex acoustic foam ceiling. You can use them to contribute a unique design element to any space. 

Easy to install and light in weight, they provide fantastic sound absorption with a modern cloud design. You can use the in large open spaces, especially when there is hardly any space for acoustic wall treatments.

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