Allen And Roth Chandelier Reviews: Get The Lighting You Deserve!

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Are you planning to remodel your house? An Allen and Roth chandelier might be the right accessory you need to change how your room looks and feels. 

A chandelier provides illumination and acts as a focal point that brings all the other pieces of furniture together, as it sheds the needed light on them, and a well-made chandelier by Allen and Roth might be what you need. 

These light fixtures are industry favorites, and here you’ll find relevant information about the best ones. 

18-Light Chandeliers – More Light For Bigger Rooms

More illumination will make your room bright despite the absence of natural light. If you have dark walls or furniture, a chandelier with 18 light bulbs will be precisely what you need. 

Dystra Chandelier

This dimmable chandelier features a soft gold finish for an elegant look. It comes with 18 white G2 bulbs, but you can change them for any other 40-watt bulbs if you want colder or warmer light in your room. 

Due to its versatility, this can be an excellent choice for any room in the house, but it might be too bright for some users if you don’t install a dimmable switch. 

It comes with an adjustable rod that allows you to change the chandelier’s height and comes with all the tools needed for installation. 


  • Elegant.
  • Stylish gold finish. 
  • Bright. 
  • Adjustable height. 


  • Bulbs that come with the chandelier can emit too much heat. 
  • Too bright for some without dimmable switch. 

Other Lights

How can you make a bigger room pop out? More light will bring life to a bigger room, highlighting every aspect and detail. 

The Worldwide Lighting Cascade 18-Light Polished Chrome Glam Crystal Chandelier provides maximum illumination thanks to its unique design and can save energy when you install candelabra E-12 base LED bulbs

The chrome finish blends with any décor, while the crystals provide more illumination and brightness to a living or dining room. The polished 30 percent lead oxide crystals, which are above the industry standard, reflect more light from its 40-watt bulbs. 

In addition to its 18 light bulbs, the crystal pieces sparkle and create a magical ambiance in any room when the lights are switched on. 

For more warmth, you can take a look at the Maxim Lighting Majestic 18-Light Gold Leaf Glam Chandelier. It’s made of steel and glass, and the gold finish will add a sense of luxury while providing enough illumination to a stylish seating area. 

Although it uses 18 40-watt bulbs like other models, the 3-tier design provides more illumination to light up a bigger room. The glass is a little cloudy to diffuse the light. As a result, you’ll have better illumination without making the room too bright. 

In this YouTube video, Julie Khuu shares some amazing chandelier styling tips. 

9-Light Chandeliers – For Those Who Don’t Need Their Light To Be Too Overwhelming

A 9-light chandelier can work for small or medium-sized rooms. You can also install it in a bigger space if you don’t want the light to be too overwhelming. 

Latchbury Chandelier

No products found.

Made from nickel and glass, this two-tier chandelier will add the perfect amount of illumination to your room. It requires 60-watt candelabra base bulbs, so it is an excellent choice for a bigger area. 

The clear yet textured glass diffuses the light without affecting the illumination of the chandelier. It’s an excellent choice for a modern room and comes with all the tools needed for installation. 

If you need more lighting, you can incorporate this light fixture with other statement pieces from Allen+Roth. The light is dimmable, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance in every room. 


  • Modern-style nickel finish chandelier.
  • Two tiers for layered illumination. 
  • Textured glass to diffuse the light. 


  • Attaching the glass components is a bit challenging. 
  • Can be too bright for a smaller room. 

Other Lights

What is the best light fixture for a vintage-style room? 

Adding the right light fixture to your rather classical room can be a little challenging. Still, the Tinsley 9-Light Brushed Bronze Transitional Chandelier has an elegant bronze finish to enhance the look of a vintage room. 

Bringing back the aesthetics of ancient palaces, this can be the right addition to any stylish room if you want to add a luxurious light fixture. The soft angles and sophisticated curves resemble ancient statues’ curves that left everyone in awe centuries ago. 

The timeless design is enhanced by the open candle design to enhance illumination in bigger rooms, thanks to its 60-watt bulbs. This could be the right chandelier to install in a hallway, entry, living room, or dining room. 

For a more luxurious look, you can take a look at the Charismatic 9-Light Chrome Traditional Crystal Chandelier. It’s the perfect choice for a fairytale design, with its sophisticated look and stunning details.

The shiny chrome finish looks elegant, and the crystals reflect the light from the 40-watt bulbs. You can adjust the height of the chandelier based on the height of the ceiling and the other pieces in your room. 

If possible, hang it a little higher to create better illumination in a dining room or living room. It can also be the right choice for a palace-like bedroom when combined with the right furniture. If you have a 70s-inspired conversation pit, this will be the right light fixture for you. 

Learn how to avoid the most common lighting mistakes by checking out this YouTube video by CapitolLighting. 

6-Light Chandeliers – Create The Perfect Ambiance

Are you not that fond of extremely bright light? Having a fewer number of bulbs doesn’t necessarily mean a room with poor illumination. You can use a 6-light chandelier incorporated with other indirect light fixtures to create the perfect ambiance. 

If you have a bigger room, you can experiment with several light sources, as this will allow you to draw attention to different corners in your area. Hanging two or more chandeliers is possible, as you can enhance the illumination and create the right atmosphere in any room, regardless of its area. 

The Windsor 6-Light Brushed Nickel Transitional Chandelier is a functional yet straightforward chandelier for modern homes, so it could be the right choice for a living room, dining room, or bedroom. Thanks to its nickel finish, this chandelier will blend beautifully with any décor. 

Unlike other chandeliers, this one comes with clear glass cylinders to showcase the decorative 40-watt bulbs. This chandelier is also damp-rated, so it can be used in your kitchen. 

Adding a little warmth combined with proper illumination is possible if you have the right chandelier. The Yosemite Home Decor Six Light Chandelier features a hand-painted mahogany-finished frame to blend with warmer hues

Thanks to its stylish design, this chandelier is the perfect centerpiece for any room with any décor, from rustic and industrial to contemporary. 

You can adjust the chain’s height to create the perfect amount of illumination, and the cage design blocks some of the light from the 60-watt bulbs for a softer effect. This chandelier works in any room, including your kitchen or hallway. 

Brick Building Kids share some installation tips in this YouTube video, so check it out to make sure that your chandelier is properly installed. 

5-Light Chandelier – Fewer Bulbs For Smaller Rooms

With fewer bulbs, the design of a 5-light chandelier plays a significant role in providing the right degree of illumination to any space. 

Winnsboro Tiered Chandelier

This Allen Roth chandelier features an oil-rubbed bronze finish to complement your contemporary décor while adding a sense of warmth. 

The champagne marble glass diffuses the light with a warmer effect to enhance the neutral and earthy colors in your room. Thanks to the adjustable chain, you’ll be able to customize the height. 

You can install this chandelier in a foyer, living room, dining room, or even in a damp location, like your kitchen. 

The light is dimmable, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance whether you’re enjoying a romantic dinner or celebrating a special event with a loved one. Do note, however, that another source of light might be needed if you have a bigger room. 


  • Stylish.
  • Champagne marble glass diffuses light. 
  • Adjustable height.
  • Dimmable.
  • Can be used in kitchen. 


  • Installation can be a little tricky. 
  • Might not be bright enough for a bigger room. 

Lynlore Vintage Chandelier

This chandelier will enhance the look of your industrial décor with a little twist, thanks to its quilted mercury glass shades. It reflects light from the five 60-watt bulbs to add elegance to any room without being too bright. 

The rich old brass finish blends beautifully with your avant-garde or classical style furniture because it’s so versatile. Moreover, the simple design will draw attention to your other pieces, bringing out the shades and patterns in your living or dining room. 

You can change the height of this chandelier to create the perfect amount of light in your room. Moreover, you can dim the light depending on your preferences. 

Do note that you might struggle while trying to pass the wire through this fixture and attaching it to the ceiling, so the help of a professional might be needed. Also, due to the amount of light, it might not work for a bigger room. 


  • Traditional-style.
  • Versatile. 
  • Warm old brass finish.
  • Quilted mercury glass shades for more warmth. 
  • Adjustable height and dimmable. 


  • Installation can be a little tricky. 
  • Might not work for a bigger room. 

Other Lights

What about a smaller room? Lowes offers several options for those who want to enhance their homes with the right light fixtures. 

Whether you’re looking for a chandelier for a smaller room or need to install multiple light fixtures in a bigger one, a 5-light chandelier might be the right choice for you. 

One of the perks of having a chandelier with fewer light bulbs is that you can adjust the illumination in your room based on your needs. 

For example, you can switch on one chandelier at the side of the room and leave another source of light switched off. You can also use a chandelier to create a focal point in your room. 

The 5-Light Antique Bronze Transitional Chandelier combines warmth with style in a simple yet elegant design. The antique bronze finish will enhance the look of your furniture and make all the other pieces in your room stand out. 

The linen diffuses the light of the 60-watt bulbs for an indirect effect. The light can be dimmed, so this chandelier will work in multiple rooms, including a bedroom or cozy living room. 

The hues and shades in a modern-style room will be enhanced with a simple chandelier like the 5-Light Brushed Nickel Traditional Chandelier. The brushed nickel finish makes it an excellent choice for every room, including a modern kitchen, since this chandelier is rated for dry application. 

The chandelier is corrosion-resistant, so it will retain its shiny finish for a long time, regardless of the weather conditions. As a result, it will be an excellent choice for islands, foyers, living rooms, as well as other indoor areas. Moreover, the light from the 60-watt bulbs is dimmable, allowing for maximum versatility. 

Buying the right chandelier can be a little tricky. The experts at Lamps Plus share these valuable tips in their YouTube video. 

4-Light Chandeliers – Light For Small And Medium-Sized Rooms

How many bulbs are too few? Don’t be fooled by a chandelier that has a fewer number of bulbs, as it might be exactly the light fixture you need to illuminate your room. A chandelier with 4 bulbs can be the perfect choice for a small or medium-sized room, especially if you have another light source. 

Combining multiple light sources allows for more creativity when you’re following a rustic style design, as you can draw attention to multiple pieces in the room. You’ll be able to flood your area with light and warmth without being too overwhelming, bringing out every piece in the room. 

Since a rustic decor style brings out earthy colors and natural hues for a rugged look, you need to pick a chandelier to enhance these colors. The warm yet practical light of a 4-light chandelier enhances the look of wood and brick, which characterize this style. 

A chandelier with an oil-rubbed bronze or gold finish will be the right addition to a rustic style room. It brings out the natural beauty of rustic elements to add warmth and enhance the organic beauty of your furniture pieces and walls. 

Since this style is characterized by raw and elegant materials, you need to stick to traditional designs, as they complement the warmer hues. 

A 4-light chandelier can be combined with a fireplace in a living room to provide better illumination and enhance your rustic décor. It will also go well with paneled walls and floors. 

In this YouTube video, Home Décor // Best Sellers Collections lists some of the best chandeliers for rustic-style rooms. 

3-Light Chandeliers – Amazing Illumination Without Being Too Bright

While you’re enjoying dinner or relaxing in your cozy living room, bright light can be annoying. This is where a 3-light chandelier might be the right choice for you. 

Latchbury Aged Bronze Chandelier

This chandelier looks extremely stylish, in spite of its smaller size. With only three 60-watt bulbs, it still provides amazing illumination, thanks to the clear glass.

At the same time, the textured glass diffuses some of the light to reduce the brightness. It is perfect for dry areas in your kitchen and the antique finish blends with almost every décor. 

You can adjust this chandelier’s height and dim the light to create the perfect ambiance in your room. 

When installed alone, this chandelier might not provide enough illumination, depending on your room. As a result, getting a bigger chandelier could be a more cost-efficient option. You can find more options that fit bigger areas in the Allen and Roth Latchbury Line


  • Good illumination for its small size. 
  • Clear glass for more brightness. 
  • Works in multiple rooms. 
  • Antique finish that blends with any décor. 


  • Too dim for bigger room. 
  • Installing multiple chandeliers is not as cost-efficient. 

Other Lights

Do you think a 3-light chandelier will make your room too dull? 3-light chandeliers work for smaller and slightly bigger rooms when styled right. Whether you go for indirect or direct light sources, a smaller chandelier can be the right centerpiece for your room. 

Luckily, Lowes carries several amazing options that you can explore if you’re interested in a 3-light chandelier. The Soho 3-Light Brushed Nickel Industrial Chandelier is an excellent choice for a room with industrial and contemporary décor, thanks to its nickel finish

The clear mouth-blown glass shades diffuse the light and can be removed if you want to add more illumination to your room. You can add any 60-watt A19 or vintage-style bulbs for the perfect ambiance in your room. 

With the ability to adjust the height and dim the light, you’ll be able to customize the light in your room based on your needs. 

In this YouTube video, Edvivi Lighting explains how to remove links from a chandelier chain to adjust its height. 

This chandelier is also damp-rated, so it can be used safely in your kitchen or bathroom. 

If you need something warmer and more stylish for your living room, bedroom, or dining room, you can take a look at the Cirrine 3-Light Antique Bronze Transitional Chandelier. It features hand-formed arching elements to alleviate the ambiance in a classical room

The antique bronze finish adds the needed elegance, while the etched white glass diffuses the light softly from the 100-watt bulbs. As a result, spending a long time reading a book or watching TV with this chandelier on will never be an issue. 

Other Types of Allen+Roth Chandeliers – Explore Your Options

Allen+Roth offers multiple chandeliers and light fixtures for every room, allowing you to pick the right one for your indoor or outdoor area. 

Candle Chandeliers

Candle chandeliers feature a simple yet traditional design that enhances the look of a classical room. 

6-Light Distressed Iron Chandelier

This 6-light chandelier brings back an ancient aesthetic in a stylish light fixture that enhances a classical room’s look. The antique bronze finish is the right choice for a rustic-style room, as it brings out the beauty of natural elements. 

It’s easy to mount, and a dimmer can be installed to adjust the light output from the 60-watt bulbs. The height of the chain can also be fixed. 

However, in a bigger room, this chandelier might not provide the needed illumination and it doesn’t work in damp environments, like a kitchen or bathroom. 


  • Stylish chandelier for a rustic style room. 
  • Antique bronze finish. 
  • Dimmable. 
  • Chain can be shortened. 


  • Not bright enough for a bigger room. 
  • Not damp rated. 

Wintonburg 3-Light Candle Chandelier

This modern addition from Allen Roth features an elegant nickel finish that complements every décor and style. The chandelier provides the needed illumination and brightness to a small or medium-sized bedroom, living room, or dining room. 

Due to its simple design, you can combine this chandelier with other light fixtures and it has a clean design that blends beautifully with other pieces in the room to create harmony. 

You can dim the light of the 60-watt bulbs and adjust the height of the chain, depending on your preferences. It also comes with all the needed hardware for easy installation. 

Despite being a versatile chandelier, it’s not rated for damp environments, so it won’t work in your kitchen or bathroom. Moreover, its light output probably won’t work for a bigger room. 


  • Stylish nickel finish. 
  • Blends well with different décor. 
  • Adjustable chain height and light output. 


  • Too dim for a bigger room.
  • Not damp rated. 

Outdoor Chandeliers

If you’re looking for a light source to illuminate an outdoor area, Allen and Roth offers multiple versatile products you can check out. 

These light fixtures aren’t designed for damp environments but they are wireless and resistant enough to be installed outdoors, as long as they don’t get in contact with water. 

Contemporary LED Chandelier

No products found.

To illuminate your patio or gazebo, this light fixture is the right choice, thanks to its simple yet functional design. The black powder-coated design and metal construction make it an excellent choice for outdoor installation. 

It’s powered by two lithium-ion batteries and can be remotely controlled for maximum convenience. The LED light will provide the needed illumination for your outdoor setup. 

It comes with a built-in speaker, but the volume might be too low for an outdoor area. The cord is also not retractable, so it can be a little limiting. 


  • Simple black powder-coated design. 
  • Metal construction. 
  • No electrical outlet is needed. 
  • Built-in speakers. 


  • Speaker isn’t very loud. 
  • Cord isn’t retractable. 

Contemporary Battery-Operated Globe LED Chandelier

This could be the right choice for a bigger outdoor area, as it features 4 LED lights for more illumination. Thanks to the straightforward operation and sturdy steel frame, this light fixture is a good choice for your gazebo or patio. 

Unlike other models, this one will provide enough illumination for a bigger area. You can mount it if you want to organize an outdoor dinner, thanks to its stylish design. 

Despite the elegant design, the dark brown powder finish might not work for all décor styles. It doesn’t have a remote control but it can be switched on and off using the chain. Do note, as well, that the built-in speaker isn’t of the best quality. 


  • 4 LEDs for decent illumination. 
  • Suitable for a bigger area. 


  • No remote control.
  • Might not complement every décor.
  • Built-in speaker isn’t that impressive. 

Other Chandelier Fixtures

Are there any more options? Allen and Roth is one of the biggest names in the world of light fixtures and illumination, but some models are no longer carried by Lowe’s. 

Unfortunately, you can’t get Allen Roth 14-light chandeliers or 8-light chandeliers if you’re interested in buying a product from Lowe’s. 

Lowe’s offers only Allen Roth chandeliers with the number of light bulbs mentioned in our article, but this doesn’t stop users from choosing their products. This brand stands strongly behind each product sold, and you can receive assistance if you need replacement parts or help

In this YouTube video, Marylou Channel takes us on a store tour to explore the Allen and Roth models carried by Lowe’s.

How To Choose And Style The Best Allen And Roth Chandeliers

A chandelier is a functional and decorative item that should be chosen carefully. Here are a few things to consider before buying your next chandelier. 


There are lots of styles available to match every décor and taste. Look for a finish that complements your furniture and brings out the beauty of your chosen colors and patterns. 

Some designs are contemporary, so they will work for a modern home, while others are best for a luxurious vintage style and can work for bigger and more elegant rooms. 

Number Of Bulbs

The number of bulbs will determine how bright your chandelier will be. In most cases, you can choose between cold and warm-colored bulbs to create the perfect illumination in any room. 

Position Of Bulbs

Bulbs that face down will provide more illumination, which is great for a bathroom vanity, but glass fixtures that point up can diffuse light to make a room more comfortable and cozy, like in a living room. 

You should also consider a chandelier that allows you to adjust its height according to the height of your ceiling. 

Styling Ideas

  • Study the other elements in the room to make sure that the chandelier complements the overall look. 
  • When installing a chandelier in a dining room, make sure that it’s not too close to the wall.  
  • Illuminating a bigger room can be achieved by hanging two or three smaller chandeliers together to distribute light more evenly
  • Placing multiple chandeliers at different heights can provide more illumination and draw attention to various spots in your large room.
  • Keep your chandelier clean and remove dust regularly to make sure that it provides adequate light. 


How far should a chandelier hang over a table?

As a rule of thumb, a chandelier should hang about 3 feet far over a table to provide better illumination.

Does my chandelier have to be centered over table?

If you’re hanging a chandelier in a dining room, it should be centered over the table, which acts as the centerpiece in your room. However, in other rooms, like a living room, a chandelier should be centered in the middle of the room.

Can you hang a chandelier from an 8 foot ceiling?

You can hang a chandelier from an 8-foot ceiling, making sure that it hangs about 3 feet or between 30 and 34 inches above the centerpiece. If your ceiling is higher than 8 feet, you can mount the chandelier at 3 inches higher for every foot of ceiling height

Allen and Roth Chandeliers Will Light Up Your Life

Choosing an Allen and Roth chandelier will bring the needed illumination to every room in your house, regardless of its size. These light fixtures come in various models and styles to complement every room’s décor and style, so you’ll definitely find something that works for you. 

Moreover, there are different wattage options to create the perfect ambiance whenever you need it. Without a doubt, Allen and Roth brand delivers what it promises.

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