How to Use Neon In Your Kitchen Décor: This Year Trends

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Neon is making a strong comeback and it looks like the trend is here to stay at least for some time. Neon clothing and makeup already dominated the runways and even street style enthusiasts and fashion influencers didn’t stay immune to the trend.

Now, neon is making its way into our homes! As weird as it sounds, neon can actually transform your place into a trendy bright place.

You might be one of those people who just think that neon might be too harsh on the eyes. That can be true, but only if you exaggerate! Using neon colors to the right extent in a combination with more neutral colors can actually make your kitchen look like it came out from a cover of a magazine.

As you may already know, Allen+Roth does not make any neon colored kitchen cabinets. However, they do provide cabinetry in neutral colors.

If you are looking to spice up your kitchen and make it a more pleasurable and livelier space in your home, here are some of the best tips on how neon can help you make that happen!

Neon Furniture

Neon furniture is one of the favorite trends of interior designers this season. If you get the right pieces for your kitchen, you can end up with a bright and spacious looking place that you would enjoy spending time in!

However, the trouble with neon furniture in the kitchen is the fact that it is easy to overdo it. When getting new elements for your kitchen, you usually look for matching items that are made in the same style and from the same material. However, with neon, having every kitchen element in on single neon color might turn out to be a bad idea.

Still, you can simplify things – and choosing a base color such as white or black and replace a few cabinet doors with neon ones. Even such a small adjustment can be the difference between a normal kitchen and a funky kitchen!

With neon colors, it is important to choose the underlying base color. If you decide to go for neon pink, for example, navy blue would be a perfect contrasting base for your kitchen that you can work with. Choosing to paint the walls white, the countertops navy blue and modify a few doors to be neon pink will make your kitchen so trendy that you wouldn’t want to go out of there!

You can also paint your chairs or bar stools in a neon pink shade, or if they are metal chairs with cushioning, you can add an extra layer of fabric. In that way, you can always go back to how the chairs were if you ever get tired of the neon vibe!

Let’s see how Allen and Roth can help you with establishing the base background palette for your neon accents.

You can choose Blue Pearl granite countertop, Oyster White paint (or Dark Night one if you would like to opt for a more dramatic effect), and chrome or silver hardware. Allen+Roth definitely got you covered in this part.

If you are up for a remodeling project, make sure to check out our kitchen cabinet refacing tips!

How to Use Neon In Your Kitchen Décor 2019 Trends: Yellow green kitchen furniture and decor
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Experiment With Lights

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when neon lights are mentioned? Is Vegas, isn’t it?

Vegas is the city of lights where the neon signs are something that you will not see. They are literally everywhere, shining from miles away.

Neon lights are even old days nostalgia items. They look amazing and bring in an old school feel. How about spicing your kitchen up with neon signs?

Placing a neon sign in your kitchen is probably the easiest and the most hustle-free way of striking a neon decor jackpot. It will not disrupt your current decoration and style and it doesn’t require for you to make any changes to fit it in.

Plus, everyone will agree that your new neon kitchen sign just looks awesome! If you have a small drinks display or a bar section in your kitchen, a flashy neon sign will make you feel like you are in a fancy bar every evening!

You can also install some neon lightning below the counters. It is a cheap and easy way to add depth to your kitchen space and it is very easy to do it. Also, in this case, it won’t clash even with classical design that Allen Roth lighting fixtures are all about.

Paint it Bright

You would probably agree that painting your entire kitchen in a neon shade will be a bit too much. But how about painting one wall only?

If you paint even the smallest wall of your kitchen in a neon color, you will instantly get a vibrant pop that will make your kitchen much more contemporary. And of course, if you get tired of it (which we highly doubt!) painting over the existent color is a very easy fix.

Alternatively, you can look for wallpapers with interesting patterns that involve a bit of neon. Geometric patterns are usually the first pick since they are modern and complement kitchen areas well.

Again, you can paint a wallpaper if you like its pattern but cannot find it in neon. For example, Allen & Roth white textured paintable wallpaper can be a perfect base for the paint.

How to Use Neon In Your Kitchen Décor 2019 Trends: Kitchen Wall painted in White to compliment Neon Furniture
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The Small Things (and Effort) Count

Bringing neon to your kitchen doesn’t even need to require any changes at all. Think of decorative items and think bright colors!

Introducing new items such as neon plates, cups, trays, coasters, and napkins is a good and cheap place to start.

If you want more of that neon vibe, go for wall art such as vinyl stickers or framed pictures. However, if you decide to get multiple small neon items, stick to the same neon color or choose two that are complementary.

Also, don’t forget that DIY is always the best solution if you have an artistic spirit. Why throw away old decorations when you can give them a complete makeover with few strokes of the brush and make them look fabulous! For example, try to paint the frame of your old Allen Roth mirror in neon!

You don’t need to be an interior designer to make your kitchen a contemporary piece of art. Using the power of neon, your kitchen can turn from the place where you cook to the place where you enjoy to be! And the best part is – it will look amazing when the lights are off!

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