Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Tips Infographic: What Are the Different Cabinet Doors?

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Kitchen cabinets are one of the fixtures exposed to moist, cooking, and different activities done in your kitchen. Kitchen cabinet doors may seem less important when you are considering refacing your kitchen. However, this is the part of the cabinetry that you should think about first when you create a durable and aesthetically wise kitchen.

So what are different kitchen cabinet doors that are available for you to choose from? Which ones does Allen and Roth have?

Let’s take a look at the two major types of door surfaces.

Flat panel cabinet door: If you would want a clean and minimalist aesthetic for your kitchen cabinet doors, flat cabinet doors might be a good choice for your kitchen. Benefits of installing this kind of doors are that you can choose any material between lumber and stainless steel. Allen+Roth does not provide this type of doors in their cabinetry line.

Shaker cabinet door: These particular cabinet doors have slightly elevated stiles, rails, and flat, recessed panels. Solid wood materials like maple, cherry, and walnut work best for shaker cabinets. This is the style in which Allen Roth specializes and you have plenty of options to choose from.

Often, homeowners have a hard time choosing what’s best for their refacing project.

However, you can have all the assurance that their project will be successful if you hire a professional contractor that can help them throughout the project.

The contractor can suggest appropriate materials for the refacing project to eliminate increases in cost and vulnerability that may happen later. BTW, if the refacing project is a part of your bigger goal to fix and then flip your house, you can hire a company that does exactly that

If you are doing it for your own pleasure, check out the infographic below created by in order to have a successful refacing project with your kitchen cabinet doors!

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