How to Create A Perfect Party in Your Backyard: 8 Tips Right To The Point

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Backyards are made for entertaining. Whether you love having regular barbeques or garden parties with your friends or plan on hosting a large event like a wedding, planning is essential. 

Here are the tips and tricks you need to plan the perfect party in your backyard.

Make a List of Maintenance To-Dos

Having a regular maintenance to-do list can help you stay on top of annual, seasonal, and weekly tasks. However, hosting a backyard event is an excellent reason to be proactive and get things done ahead of time.

Stand in the middle of your yard and take a look around. 

Consider things like gardens that need edging, siding that could use a wash, and other odds and ends to be addressed. 

From there, make a list of things to get done and prioritize them accordingly.

Depending on the nature of your event, you may decide not to make too many upgrades or changes. For example, if you’re having a family barbeque for your birthday, a few broken stones or unpruned hedges might not be a concern. However, if your daughter plans on putting on a wedding dress and walking down the aisle at your home, those finer details become more important.

Crunch the Numbers

Many people decide to host a large event, such as a wedding or anniversary party, at home to save on renting a venue. However, this often leads to surprise expenses that can blow the budget.

Start by creating a guest list and getting a rough idea of numbers. This exercise will also help you estimate how much food and beverages you’ll require. Work from your guest list to create a budget or spending plan for your party. Include the costs of tools and maintenance for your home and the area where the event will take place.

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Have a Weather Plan

Regardless of the type of party you’re hosting, you should have a weather plan. Maybe that plan is to party on, rain or shine. Or maybe not. Letting guests know your intentions can help them prepare accordingly.

If you regularly host events in your backyard, it’s worth investing in a few canopies. Most department stores have easy-snap canopies in their seasonal section. For a larger event with more guests, such as a wedding, you can leverage your gazebo or rent a large tent that can, at the very least, provide a bit of shelter.

Plan for Seating and Surfaces

When hosting an event, it’s your job to keep your guests comfortable. It is very likely that just using your regular outdoor furniture won’t be enough (even if your furniture is by Allen+Roth). 

For casual events, you can request that attendees bring lawn chairs as seating is limited. For more formal occasions, renting chairs might be a necessity.

If you plan to have a relaxed hippie-style party, you can create extra sitting places by throwing one or a few outdoor rugs on your lawn.

The same theory applies to having surfaces for people to set their drinks and eat. Unfortunately, “bring your own table” isn’t as socially acceptable as asking guests to bring a chair. Look at investing in a few large picnic tables or renting cocktail tables to scatter throughout the yard.

Consider the Food

Eating al fresco is great in theory, but can be a nightmare in practice. When planning to eat outdoors, do your due diligence to protect the food. Ensure that everything is refrigerated in advance, and temperature control practices are put in place.

When eating outside, you also have to consider pests. Keep food covered until the last minute and use natural pest deterrents to keep bugs away from the eating area. Having a canopy or gazebo for over the food will also help protect your display from the elements. Rain and heat are common concerns, but don’t forget about the wind!

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Provide Entertainment

Sometimes it takes a while for people to warm up to one another. As the host, you might be busy getting things ready and welcoming guests. Rather than allowing for awkward silences, provide some simple entertainment options for your guests.

Plan on having light background music playing for the duration of your event. Offer outdoor game options like washer toss, bocce or giant Jenga to get the party started. Consider having kid-friendly activities like a pinata, bean bag toss, or badminton.

Consider the Environment

Be conscientious of the environment when taking your party outside. Using paper napkins and cups that will biodegrade if they happen to blow away is a simple way to be eco-friendly. Focus on enhancing the natural elements rather than buying single-use decorations. 

Be proactive in giving your guests places to dispose of their garbage, compost, and recyclables. Let them know the protocols, as their actions at home may be different. 

Take Safety Precautions

Keep your party fun by taking safety precautions ahead of time. Ensure that the area is well lit, using tiki torches and string bulbs or landscape lights to keep the shadows at bay as the evening wears on. Doing so doubles as a safety feature and a beautiful decor element.

Read this post to understand how Allen and Roth brand can help you with lighting up your outdoor space.

If there are any ponds or dangerous areas, be sure to outline these to the guests, both verbally and visually. Try to keep wires and extension cords out of the main party area, ensuring that they’re secured to the ground. You can purchase u-shaped metal pegs that go over your wires and hammer them into the dirt for this purpose.

When hosting a large event, protect yourself as well. Consider getting event insurance, especially for big events where you might not know all of the guests. Also, look at local licensing requirements to cover all your bases. 

Did You Like Our Tips?

By following these tips, you’ll have a perfect backyard party. You might like the experience so much that you make it happen regularly. Remember to sit back, relax, and have a good time when the work is done.

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