5 dining tables that are crazy awesome

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Having your own home means you can decorate it in your own way. Having a unique home means that your home reflects your personality, your hobbies, style, and wishes.

You can achieve that with interesting decorations like photos on the walls or one of a kind decorations on the night cabinet. Or, you can do something bold and treat yourself to an amazing dining table which is everything but boring.

If you believe that you are that person, a person who wants to present themselves with amazing pieces of furniture, I have something that will stimulate your creativity. Nothing is bolder than having crazy awesome dining tables and here is one of the best ones.

Millennium Bontempi

Millennium Bontempi is everything one modern minimalistic person wants. If you are surrounded by clean lines and modern furniture, I believe that this dining table is the one for your home.

There is not a single thing on this table that is an excess. There are no decorations, no holes, no waves, and no bolts. The table is one clean line, made from one material – wood. It may sound boring, but the table is far from that, it is elegant; it is simple and extremely impressive.

The table may not have decoration on it, but there are things which will catch your guest’s attention. The legs are located in the middle of the table, they are made from metal and they are placed so that they play decoration on the table.

You don’t trust me?

Just look at the picture and you will get it.

millenium bontempi

Concrete dining table

Since I have started talking about clean and modern lines, I should continue in the same tone. Concrete was presented as cold and ugly materials back in the days, but today, it is getting more and more popular.

Concrete is not so simple to handle because it can easily have bumps and holes on the surface and that is something you don’t want on your dining table, right?

Due to that, leave the concrete mixing to the professionals and don’t try this at home (even though there are people who have tried it) Concrete is a great material because it has neutral gray color and its clean surface makes it easy to combine with other materials.

One of the best combinations is a rustic wooden leg for a concrete dining table.

concrete dining table

Driftwood dining table

I would recommend a driftwood dining table for two types of people – people who love rustic furniture and people who love nature. Driftwood has its own story to tell and it is definitely a feature which will leave your guests speechless.

The best combination for a driftwood dining table is a tabletop made of tempered glass. You want to be able to look at that amazing piece of wood even when you are sitting at the table.

driftwood dining table

Foosball dining table

Elegant and impressive tables are must-have features, but if you feel young at heart or you just don’t want to have a completely serious and adult home, the foosball dining table should be part of your home.

No, it is not a foosball table which has glass over the field; it is much more than that. It looks elegant and classy. The height of the table is adjusted for the dining purpose and the handles of the rods are elevated so that it won’t hit you in the stomach while you are eating.

Fancy one match before the dinner is ready?

No problem, let’s sit at the dining table!

Foosball dining table

Swing dining table

If you think that a foosball table is the only dining table I have found for an adult who is young at heart, think again. The swing dining table is exactly what that kind of person is looking for.

Now, I know it may sound weird, but trust me, it is far from it. It looks modern, fresh and absolutely user-friendly. The designer behind this table made it in two different shapes, for 4, 6, 8, 10 and even 12 persons.

You can choose the material for the table top, you can choose whether you want to put it in your dining room or your patio and you can even choose round or rectangle shape. The table is made like every engineer would do which means it is comfortable, good quality and completely safe.

swing dining table

Final Words

It doesn’t matter whether you choose one of the tables from the article or you find something completely different. The most important part is the fact that now you know that you have a choice to choose something unique and different, something that suits you completely.


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