7 Easy Landscaping Tips For Small Yards

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The size of your lawn is one of the important and obvious factors you have to consider when landscaping your yard.

If you have a large lawn, for instance, you can select from a wide range of landscaping ideas and you won’t have any problems bringing your chosen design to life.

In case you have a small yard, on the other hand, your options may be limited, but it doesn’t mean you can’t design your outdoor space according to your desires. With the right tips and techniques, small backyards can be landscaped and transformed into something much more appealing and functional that you can enjoy all year around.

Here are some excellent tips for landscaping small yards:

Cut corners

Instead of having a traditional square or rectangular garden, go for a circular or round one.

This is because corners can make your yard look boxed in and smaller.  A yard without corners, on the other hand, makes for a more spacious area.

Create areas or zones and outdoor rooms

Even if your lawn isn’t big, you can create a feeling of vastness by carving out specific garden areas and outdoor rooms.

You can designate an area for outdoor dining by having a small patio installed, or have wooden lounge chairs and a fire pit placed in another area. Having an ornamental border along the street or road also adds curb appeal to your yard.

These outdoor rooms can help make your yard functional. In addition, they keep from visually revealing the whole place at once, thereby giving it a sense of expansiveness and discovery as you move through these areas.

Did you know that the outdoor kitchen is a big trend in outdoor spaces of luxury homes? You can use this to your advantage and add a bit of luxury feeling to your yard by organizing a fully equipped kitchen area – even if it is small.

Opt for a vertical garden

Vertical gardening means using vertical space to grow flowers, vegetables or herbs, or flowers.

For a vertical garden, climbing plants such as beans, squashes, roses and other vines are often planted with the use of trellises. You can also use containers for your plants which you can hang on a wall or fence.

You can use any kind of vertical plant to create privacy and add depth to your lawn without taking up too much space.

Use containers for your plants

Aside from using trellises and a wall for growing plants, you can also use containers to save space. You can use planters, hanging baskets, flower boxes and other types of containers to grow your choice of plants.

Growing container plants, though, will require some additional work on your part. You need to move plants to bigger containers as they grow. You will have to regularly water, fertilize, and perform other gardening chores as well because the plant is not rooted in the earth.

Grow small shrubs

Shrubs, such as dwarf evergreen, boxwood, and dwarf spruce are also great plants for small yards. This is because they don’t grow too high and are easy to maintain, with most shrubs requiring only regular watering.

Use colors wisely

Your choice of plants can also help your yard appear like a much bigger space than it actually is.

Plants with cool colors are effective in giving the illusion of distance, and therefore, more space since they tend to recede in the background. Warm-colored plants, on the other hand, draw attention to themselves and therefore create the effect of having less space.

To get this great effect on your yard, place warm-colored plants in or near the center of the garden and cool-colored ones along the border.

Avoid over-decorating your lawn

It can be tempting to go overboard when shopping for garden fixtures and features since you will think a lot of them will look great on your lawn.

However, you need to maintain a careful balance when decorating your yard so that it does not end up looking even smaller because of the additional fixtures.

Over-decorating your yard can destroy the illusion of spaciousness. In addition, the numerous decorative elements will only make your lawn look cluttered and unappealing.

Final words

If you’re having a hard time coming up with the right design for your small lawn, get in touch with a trusted landscaping company.

Seasoned professional landscapers can put together the perfect landscape regardless of the size of your yard. With their years of experience, they will know how to work with and transform your lawn to make it truly attractive and functional.

For more ideas for small backyards, check out this awesome post by gardeningcalendar.ca.

7 Easy Landscaping Tips For Small Yards

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