How To Choose Allen Roth Outdoor Furniture

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We spend a lot of time outdoors in the spring, summer, and early fall.Our outdoor space is an extension of our home. It’s a living space all its own.

We’ve hosted garden parties, barbecues, and birthday parties in our outdoor living space. Also, we enjoy relaxing, reading, and meditating there.

We get the most out of our outdoor space with our Allen Roth outdoor furniture. And I have some tips that will allow you to choose great Allen Roth pieces for your outdoor space, too.

Make a List

First of all, decide about the function of your outdoor space.

What are you looking to do in the space?

Do you want to create a peaceful area for resting, meditating, or reading?Are you looking for a place to entertain and host friends and family? Perhaps you’re wanting an outdoor dining area for when the weather is cooperative?

Generate a list of all the functions you’d like for your space. Once you do, you will then know what specific Allen+Roth outdoor furniture pieces you need.

Shop Around

Also noteworthy: you don’t want to just buy the first outdoor furniture set you encounter.

Shop around at various stores.

Sit down and try out any pieces you are interested. Just as with your indoor furniture, you want your Allen Roth outdoor furniture to be comfortable and perfect for you—otherwise you won’t use it!

Take the time to try out differing pieces and find the ones that work best for your comfort, your needs, and your wallet.

make sure you know who makes the furniture and what warranty comes with it.

Choose Smart Materials

Allen Roth Outdoor furniture: Lovely get-awayNext, pay attention to materials by researching those that are easy to care for.

While there are many beautiful outdoor pieces available, some are a nightmare to maintain—you don’t want that headache!

Because you just want to be able to enjoy your outdoor space, consider woods like cedar and teak, faux rattan, and most metals suffer virtually no affects from various weather conditions.

Consequently, it’s just as important as choosing outdoor-friendly materials is off-season storage.

Therefore, find a safe, dry place to store your Allen+Roth outdoor furniture from late fall to early spring, such as a basement, garage, or secure shed.

Don’t Be Afraid of Color

Another aspect to consider is color.

While your backyard flora provides lovely scenery, don’t be shy about buying pieces with color! You don’t have to stick to the usual beiges, white, or black. These days there are many choices for furniture colors.

Or, if you do prefer one of the standard furniture colors, don’t be afraid to make cushion and pillow choices that pop with color. In addition, there are so many wonderful, durable fabric choices in beautiful patterns and shades in the line of Allen Roth outdoor furniture.

You Get What You Pay For

Finally, say yes to quality outdoor furniture pieces!

Sure, it seems tempting to go for the cheap deal. While less expensive, those sets are made from inferior materials.

As a result, they will need replacing long before the sturdier, solidly made Allen Roth outdoor furniture. So, it is cliché, but there is absolutely something to glean from the adage “you get what you pay for”.

Therefore, take the time and the bit of extra money to invest in well-made, quality outdoor furniture pieces that you last you a lifetime.

In conclusion, you want your cherished outdoor space to be an extension of your home as much as a place for your family to create memories. With a little planning, research, gusto for shopping around, you will find the perfect Allen+Roth outdoor furniture for your outside living area.

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Allen Roth Outdoor furniture: 5 Tips

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3 thoughts on “How To Choose Allen Roth Outdoor Furniture”

  1. Michelle,
    Here is the table info: item # 730885. Model # 110219002
    Allen +Roth round dining table 60” w x 60” l

    I blew up the picture and my coworker pointed out that the pattern changed in the middle indicating there was indeed a hole for an umbrella.
    Wish the descriptions were more descriptive! Ha.

    I purchased the table – wait time almost 4 ( four!) months. Yikes

  2. There is an allen + roth 60″ anodized metal table I like but I cannot tell if it has a hole for an umbrella.
    Who can tell me?
    It is sold at Lowes (on line so I can’t tell from the picture) for about $600
    100% ingot aluminum with a premium quality material
    Powder-coated finish resistant to corroding and scratching
    Low maintenance and easy to clean


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