Insulating Windows For Summer: What, Why, And How

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Insulating your windows may seem like a task you’re not ready to take on.

You may think to yourself that you have no idea how, or even where to
start. Understanding why your home is losing heat in winter, and getting
way too hot in summer, is the best place to start.

Insulating Windows For Summer: What, Why, And How

What is insulation?

Our homes are not fortresses of steel. There are many air leaks and gaps
around entrances and exits in our homes that are so small we would never
have paid them a second thought. When it comes to air, the smallest hole or
gap can be the most costly to your heating and cooling bills each month.

Where and how should you insulate?

Finding where your home’s weak spots are is the best way to go about
starting your own home inspection to find out why insulating would be your
saving grace. Walk around your home; try to find the origins of any drafts,
breezes or areas that seem to stay colder than others. Once you find those,
try to find out where it is coming from. Look for areas around windows that
are not properly sealed between the frames and the moldings, windows that
do not close properly, even doors that have gaps around the jams or do not
close properly and allow cold drafts in when the wind blows. Anything in
these lines would be the culprits that many look for first.

When it comes to the windows themselves, a single-paned window is often the
first thing any professional would suggest getting changed; these are often
referred to as the most inefficient in heat/cool moderators. Having
insulated windows allows you to help regulate your home’s temperature. It
helps with humidity and maintains air quality without any risk of
condensation or radiations on and from the panes. So whether you change out
your windows or find ways to keep heat in or out, insulation is the answer.

Why insulate?

Window insulation is a complete pro when it comes to both summer and
winter. In summer, insulation helps keep the hot air out and keeps the cool
air in. Helping stabilize your home’s climate and reduces your energy usage
by a substantial amount. In today’s DIY world there are so many different
ways any homeowner, with the right advice, can save time and money
insulating their own homes. Methods such as bubble wrap, (not the most
sightly method, but works none the less), to cell shades and blinds,
weather stripping to reflective film and shutters. There is a method that
would suit your home style and taste.

What insulation is there?

When looking at the bubble wrap option, this does distort your view and
should not be used on windows that you have to see through. So putting this
up behind closed curtains is the way to go. Cell shades are very
aesthetically pleasing as they are designed in a honeycomb pattern trapping
the air in each of its pockets keeping your home from changing the
temperature in any drastic way.

Weather stripping seals any spots where air flows freely such as gaps and
slits where heat can slip through. These can be found in many materials
such as vinyl or even metal. The best type is shutters. These seal
completely, and due to the thickness, prove to be the best temperature and
air trap for any window.

Is insulation the best option for you?

For those who feel the only option would be upgrading their windows, it
takes a lot more understanding of the makeup of windows and what their
ratings are. In the best case, going to a professional for this would be
the wisest of choices to save money and get exactly what your home needs.

The Californian sun can be your friend or it can be the reason you have no
extra cash at the end of the month because of your energy bill. Everybody
is finding creative ways to keep cool and save a few extra dollars. Find a
creative way that suits you. You never know what you might come up with.

Have fun finding the best fit for you. Insulating your windows can be like
a facelift for any room. The good shade, blind or shutter can add dimension
and depth to any room while keeping you cool and saving heaps on both
energy and money.

Always remember to do your research properly before tackling any major
insulation projects and always get professional advice before you tackle it
yourself. Some methods are easy to do and can be done on your own, but good
advice is always good to have. Especially when you are changing anything on
your home’s structure.

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