How to Declutter Your Home in 21 Days Infographic

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You have spent a lot of time decorating your home with the prettiest items by Allen+Roth. But it’s not enough. Clutter can ruin its appearance very quickly if you do not pay attention to it.

Luckily this infographic from HappyCleans takes you through how to get rid of clutter in just 21 days.

One issue that many houses face is the amount of paper that seems to pile up and this tends to include bills, receipts, or junk mail. The reality is 90% of this stuff can be thrown out so that’s all you have to do on Day 1 of the challenge. Sort through all your random bits of paper and dispose or recycle what you don’t need.

On Day 2, it’s time to clear out the fridge and freezer. If food items are left in there for too long the fridge will start to smell or you might even make the mistake of cooking something that is long past its expiry date. Sort through everything and put items near their expiry date to the front so you know to eat them soon or throw them away.

If you have a closet by Allen and Roth, on days 12 and 13 you may appreciate how it helps you to stay more organized with your clothes.

Check out the full infographic now and begin your decluttering journey today.

Be sure to take before and after pictures so you can see how your home has been transformed.


decluttering infographic

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