The Color Psychology of Spring Infographic

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The choice of color in a person’s home should not be arbitrary.

Color is a powerful thing that can instantly evoke a specific mood in a person, hitting the subconscious mind before the active brain is engaged. Therefore, when selecting a color palette for your home, carefully consider the mood that you want to set and choose colors accordingly.

The colors that appeal most to you will probably give a strong indication of your personality.

In the 1970s, color psychologist Angela Wright identified four psychological types that align with seasonal color palettes, with certain personality types naturally gravitating towards a particular color palette.

Springtime personalities are perceived as energetic and creative, bursting with ideas and eager to share these with the world.

Spring is a season of invigoration and optimism, as encapsulated by the phrase ‘green shoots of recovery’, alluding to the increasing vividness of nature after a hard winter. Green is the ultimate springtime color, so it’s most likely that a creative, optimistic person with an outgoing, bubbly demeanor will lean towards this color choice.

If you fit these character traits and have a preference for green, there are numerous ways in which you can style your home accordingly.

Lighter shades of green excellently capture the essence of springtime and brighten a living space, with further radiance from the maximization of natural light accented by glass surfaces. The central green template can be complemented ideally with uplifting patterns such as spots and stripes, as well as natural greenery from plants and shrubs.

You might be wondering what Allen+Roth products would match this color pattern?

For your outdoor room, you can several Allen and Roth patio umbrellas that come either in solid green or with a relaxing palm leaf pattern. You can also match the umbrella color with Panama deep seat patio cushions in green or an Allen Roth Gatewood set that comes with cilantro cushions.

If you want to “green up” your Allen Roth gazebo, check out this replacement canopy that comes in camouflage green: Here’s one for a 10x12 gazeb  and here’s another one for a wicker gazebo 

For the indoor, the brand also offers many products including these pretty Sullivan curtain panels and Crystal curtain panels. Throwing up new drapes makes it an easy update of your interior. Compliment the curtains with a green glaze ceramic planter and voila, you just added cheerful spring vibes to your room!

If you’d like to find out more about the color psychology of spring, check out the infographic below, which was created by EZ Living Interiors.

Colour psychology infographic: Colour psychology for spring

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