Your Complete Guide to Choosing the Perfect Patio Awning

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Awnings give your patio that certain charm that seems to beckon you to relax and enjoy yourself.

They are also must in warmer climates, or areas where the summer sun tends to be overwhelming. There are countless types of awnings, small or big, fixed or mobile, and in various colors and materials.

They can transform your patio, by adding a personal and unique touch to your home, and they can also help you reduce the cost of electricity in the summer. But choosing the perfect awning for your house can prove quite confusing simply because there are so many options out there to select from!

Your Complete Guide to Choosing the Perfect Patio Awning - Awnings

Worry not, we’ve got your back! In today’s article, we’re going to give you a complete guide to selecting the perfect patio awning. So read on and enjoy!


Let’s begin with size.

The size of your awning depends on its function. If your patio is small, and you also want a small awning, then know it might just serve a decorative purpose. It will look good and offer little or no protection from the sun and rain.

But if you want a larger awning, to cover your entire patio, know that their purpose of protecting against the elements is indeed maximized. Do you want something truly special?

Then get a bespoke patio awning that will ensure your patio look stunning.


Awnings are generally made from acrylic, polyester, vinyl, or a combination of any of those synthetic materials. Depending on the needs of the client, they can be coated to be water resistant, or in most cases, to offer protection against the sun’s harmful rays.

If you live in a warm environment, where the sun is almost always shinning in the sky, then we recommend adding any type of UV protection to your awning.

Awnings can also be made out of natural materials, such as wood or various other natural fibers, or metal, which are the studier option, but may be less visually pleasing.


The classic choice for your patio is a stationary awning.

They’re the less costly choice, and do almost everything that a retractable awning does. With that in mind, know that some of the best types of awnings for patios include the retractable type.

Their mechanism that allows them to be extended and retracted whenever needed, makes them easy to use, and also very useful. If you’re willing to invest a little bit more on your patio awning, the electric retractable ones make an excellent choice.

There is also another option for your patio: freestanding awnings, but they tend to be less sturdy that the stationary or retractable ones.

Also, you should keep in mind that awnings facing south should have a size of drop of 50-60%. And for west or east facing awnings, a drop of 70-80% is best.

Your Complete Guide to Choosing the Perfect Patio Awning - curtains


Let’s begin by saying that you should buy your patio awning in accordance to the style of your house. With that in mind, there are so many styles of awnings to choose from! Open sided, closed sided, waterfall, semi-circular, dome, etc.

We recommend you look at the style of your house, the elements already present on your patio, as well as the trees or any other vegetation on your property.

Everything needs to blend together, so take your time and do your research before you choose the one for you.

Another thing you need to know about patio awnings is that, in order to minimize the amount of heat that enters the house, there needs to be a gap between the top of the awning and the side of the house. This way, the heat will escape through there and won’t be forced to come inside.

We’re certain that the professionals who will install your awnings will know and explain all this to you, but it is important to do a bit of research beforehand, so that you are as knowledgeable as possible.


Here is where you can go wild and truly express your style.

We recommend you chose a color and pattern that flatters your house and patio. For example, if you prefer that classic, colonial-style look, then stripes are the gold standard of awnings.

You simply can’t go wrong with a striped awning. If your house is a modern masterpiece, then maybe choose a minimalistic awning, in a neutral color.

Some great colors for awnings include, green, beige, dark red, salmon, ochre, and even white.

Keep in mind, that if you live in a warm state, you will want to focus you attention on selecting light-colored awnings, so that they block and reflect the sunlight, keeping your patio as cool as possible.

Final Words

We hope we’ve managed to shed some light on patio awnings and we’ve helped ease your job of choosing the perfect patio awning for your house!

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